SAP Certified Application Associate - SAP for Retail with SAP ERP 6.0 v6.0

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Exam contains 85 questions

In what sequence are the price determination elements identified in order to determine the price of an item on a vendor order?

  • A. Schema groups - condition table - calculation schema - condition type - access sequence
  • B. Schema groups - calculation schema - access sequence - condition type - condition table
  • C. Calculation schema - schema groups - condition types - access sequences - condition table
  • D. Schema groups - calculation schema - condition type - access sequence - condition table

Answer : D

Which of the following two master records are mandatory for every site in SAP retail?

  • A. Site Master and Vendor Master
  • B. Customer Master and Vendor Master
  • C. Site Master and Article Master
  • D. Site Master and Customer Master

Answer : D

In the SAP Retail system of a company, the article master Bathtub is created in different variations (color and size).
Which of the following functions would you use to assign different prices for different variations of the bathtub?(Choose two)

  • A. You would use an appropriate pricing profile.
  • B. You would assign a separate price to each variant.
  • C. You would use the inheritance of the generic article price.
  • D. You would enter the price of the generic article in the price matrix.
  • E. You would use the price entry list.

Answer : AB

What happens in the requirements planning run for articles with the RP type Automatic reorder point planning in SAP Retail?
The requirements planning run:(Choose two)

  • A. Compares the expected warehouse stock with the reorder point
  • B. Uses consumption values to determine requirement quantities
  • C. Calculates the maximum stock level dynamically
  • D. Uses a lot-sizing procedure to calculate the net requirement quantity

Answer : A,D

Which of the following are the features of the organization set of a promotion price plan?(Choose two)

  • A. It can have the type organization, site group or site.
  • B. It specifies the price activation level.
  • C. It is assigned to the articles.
  • D. It is created automatically and it cannot be changed.

Answer : BC

At which point in time can accruals be posted in the context of vendor rebate arrangements?

  • A. Purchase Order
  • B. Shipping Notification
  • C. Goods Receipt
  • D. Invoice

Answer : C

You create a promotion price plan in the price planning workbench. Which one of the following steps generates the promotion?

  • A. Creating the price plan document
  • B. Transferring the articles
  • C. Saving the price planning document
  • D. Releasing the promotion price plan

Answer : C

Your overseas vendor informs you that problems have arisen during production and that the defined dates have shifted. The goods you have ordered will not be delivered by ship, as agreed, but by aircraft.
How can you take these changes into account?(Choose two)

  • A. In the dateline for seasonal procurement, select another transportation chain with a different dispatch method.
  • B. Use SAP Event Management to have the actual data updated for the relevant dates, which will mean that the forecast data is replaced with the current actual data.
  • C. Insert a new entry for the means of transport "aircraft" in the transportation times table.
  • D. If the delivery date is to be monitored, get the suggestion for a suitable activity in the active purchase monitor.

Answer : AB

Which one of the following assortment modules would be created automatically as a result of creating a layout module?

  • A. Profile Module
  • B. Shelf Module
  • C. Exclusion Module
  • D. Local Module

Answer : B

Non-prepacked goods are delivered to the distribution center and are completely unloaded from the truck. The aim is to load the goods onto the trucks ready for the numerous recipients based on outbound deliveries. Which is the suitable processing method?

  • A. Article-driven flow-through
  • B. Cross-docking / flow-through
  • C. Recipient-driven flow-through
  • D. Cross docking

Answer : C

Which of the following statements apply when you create sites using reference sites?(Choose two)

  • A. Reference sites are used as copy templates.
  • B. Data from the reference site of the initial screen overrides the data from the reference site of the site profile.
  • C. Articles that are listed for a reference site are listed for the new site you create.
  • D. General assortments that are assigned to a reference site are assigned to the new site you create.

Answer : AB

In which of the following ways are goods handled with SAP Retail in the distribution center for the flow-through procedure?(Choose two)

  • A. In recipient driven flow through, goods are posted to a storage location for putaway.
  • B. In article driven flow through, goods are moved from goods receipt directly to goods issue.
  • C. In recipient driven flow through, goods are picked using outbound deliveries.
  • D. In article driven flow through, goods are picked using distribution orders.

Answer : CD

Which of the following are prerequisites for using the whole scope of purchase order monitoring?(Choose two)

  • A. Define a vendor calendar.
  • B. Assign an activity profile to the vendor master.
  • C. Implement a BAdI to assign documents to an activity folder.
  • D. Implement SAP Event Management.

Answer : BD

Which item category can you use to group items that are ordered and delivered with specific packaging?

  • A. Generic Article
  • B. Pre-pack
  • C. Sales Set
  • D. Display

Answer : D

Which of the following features in SAP allows the tracking of packaged stock at a storage location level?

  • A. Handling Unit
  • B. Inbound Delivery
  • C. Outbound Delivery
  • D. Purchase Order

Answer : A

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Exam contains 85 questions

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