SAP Certified Technology Associate - SAP HANA (Edition 2015) v6.0

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Exam contains 158 questions

Which of the following can you use to update SAP HANA (SPS06)?

  • A. SAP HANA lifecycle manager
  • B. SAP HANA update wizard
  • C. SAP HANA on-site configuration tool
  • D. Software update manager (SUM) for SAP HANA

Answer : A

When does SAP recommend that you execute the first system backup?

  • A. After completing the post-installation steps
  • B. After the first data load
  • C. After a complete load of master data
  • D. Before updating the system

Answer : A

Where do you specify the instance number during the installation of SAP HANA?

  • A. In the installer execution file
  • B. In the installer configuration file
  • C. In global.ini
  • D. In a dialog box prompt

Answer : B

Which of the following update scenarios can be selected for execution in the SAP HANA lifecycle manager?

  • A. Apply support package stacks
  • B. Update SAP HANA replication technologies components
  • C. Update SAP HANA lifecycle manager (HLM)
  • D. Update the SAP HANA studio on local machines

Answer : AC

You need to replicate data from an SAP ERP production system to SAP HANA.
Where does SAP recommend that you install the productive SAP Landscape
Transformation (SLT) instance?

  • A. With the SAP Solution Manager system
  • B. On the SAP HANA server
  • C. On a dedicated server
  • D. With the SAP ERP system

Answer : C

Which of the following are pre-delivered template roles?


Answer : CD

A long-running SQL query issued by an SAP NetWeaver work process also seems to use a lot of system resources.
How can you find out which ABAP module and which SAP NetWeaver user called the query?

  • A. - Open Transaction Process Overview (SM50) in the SAP NetWeaver system - Sort the list by CPU time - Select the top entry - Check the User and Report columns
  • B. - Go to the Performance tab of SAP HANA studio - Check the System load diagram
  • C. - Open Transaction Global Work Process Overview (SM66) in the SAP NetWeaver system - Sort the list by CPU time - Select the top entry
  • D. - In SAP HANA studio, check the session overview - Identify the logical CONNECTION ID for the SAP NetWeaver work process - Check the columns APPLICATIONSOURCE and APPLICATIONUSER

Answer : D

Which operating system commands show the SAP HANA processes?

  • A. HDB proc
  • B. HDB version
  • C. HDB admin
  • D. HDB info

Answer : A,D

If you want to create or drop tables in a schema, which privilege type do you need?

  • A. Analytic
  • B. SQL
  • C. System
  • D. Package

Answer : B

You have SAP HANA and ABAP content that is exclusively used by ABAP for SAP HANA.
You want to transport this content together. Which of the following options can you use for this transport?

  • A. SAP HANA Application Lifecycle Manager (SAP HALM)
  • B. SAP HANA Transport Container (SAP HTC)
  • C. Enhanced Change and Transport System (CTS+)
  • D. Export and Import of the Delivery Unit (DU)

Answer : BC

Which of the following are functions of the DB trigger within SAP Landscape
Transformation (SLT)?

  • A. Ensure that replicated changes are kept within the logging tables.
  • B. Record relevant changes in logging tables.
  • C. Decluster table classes into a transparent format.
  • D. Include only relevant tables for DB recording.

Answer : CD

Which of the following sequences of steps is used to implement SAP HANA with SAP

  • A. SAP HANA system setup Modeling Data Provisioning Consumption
  • B. SAP HANA system setup Data Provisioning Consumption Modeling
  • C. Data Provisioning SAP HANA system setup Modeling Consumption
  • D. SAP HANA system setup Data Provisioning Modeling Consumption

Answer : D

Which component of SAP HANA Database is used when you query an SAP HANA information model to populate a pivot table in Microsoft Excel?

  • A. The Log Volumes
  • B. The Calculation Engine
  • C. The Transaction Manager
  • D. The SQL Interface

Answer : B

In the SAP HANA studio, where can you check the throughput performance of SAP HANA backups?

  • A. Administration Console Diagnosis files Backup.log
  • B. Backup Editor Backup Catalog Backup Details
  • C. System Information Database Information
  • D. Administration Console Performance Job Progress

Answer : B

Which of the following template roles allows a user who has been assigned this role to grant the privileges of this role to other users?


Answer : A

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Exam contains 158 questions

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