SAP Certified Application Associate - SAP HANA (Edition 2016) v7.0

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Exam contains 224 questions

Which of the following selection types are available when creating a variable in an analytic view? (Choose three)

  • A. Single value
  • B. Direct
  • C. Interval
  • D. Range
  • E. Column

Answer : ACD

Which of the following are mandatory to create a decision table? (Choose two)

  • A. A condition
  • B. An action
  • C. ACE function
  • D. A parameter

Answer : AB

Which data provisioning method can you use to load data from SAP business content
DataSources into SAP HANA? (Choose two)

  • A. SAP Landscape Transformation (SLT)
  • B. SAP Landscape Directory (SLD)
  • C. SAP Direct Extractor Connection (DXC)
  • D. SAP BusinessObjects Data Services

Answer : CD

Which of the following is a characteristic of SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse (SAP
NetWeaver BW) when migrating it to run on SAP HANA?

  • A. The SAP NetWeaver BW Accelerator becomes faster.
  • B. The sizing of your current SAP NetWeaver BW application servers has to be re- evaluated.
  • C. The SAP NetWeaver BW application server can be co-deployed on the SAP HANA database hardware.
  • D. The usage of the SAP NetWeaver BW Accelerator becomes obsolete.

Answer : D

Which of the following information models does SAP recommend to combine fact table fields with the corresponding master data attributes? (Choose two)

  • A. Database view
  • B. Calculation view
  • C. Analytic view
  • D. Attribute view

Answer : BC

You create a role with the following command: CREATE ROLE "InfoUser"
When you try to assign this role to user PETER with the following command:
GRANT InfoUser to PETER you receive an error message "Invalid user privilege:
What must you do to avoid this problem?

  • A. Recreate the role with the command CREATE ROLE InfoUser.
  • B. Recreate user PETER with GRANT OPTION.
  • C. Grant the role the WITH ADMIN OPTION.
  • D. Recreate the role with the command CREATE ROLE INFOUSER.
  • E. Grant the role with the command GRANT "InfoUser" to PETER.

Answer : A,D,E

What is the function of an aggregation node in a calculation view?

  • A. It provides grouping of filter criteria.
  • B. It allows grouping of columns required for your information model.
  • C. It calculates the sum, minimum, or maximum values for selected columns.
  • D. It joins the result sets from different data sources.

Answer : C

In which tool can you create information spaces for reporting?

  • A. in the SAP HANA modeler perspective
  • B. in the SAP HANA SQL editor
  • C. in SAP BusinessObjects Explorer
  • D. in the Information Design Tool

Answer : C

What is the lowest level of granularity you can use in an analytic privilege?

  • A. An attribute
  • B. A view
  • C. An attribute value
  • D. A column

Answer : C

Which SAP HANA privileges are used for administration tasks, such as creating schemas?

  • A. Analytic privileges
  • B. Application privileges
  • C. Package privileges
  • D. System privileges

Answer : D

Which of the following properties of a derived attribute view can you modify?

  • A. Description
  • B. Description mapping
  • C. Calculated attributes
  • D. Filters

Answer : A

You want to create a graphical calculation view using the SAP HANA studio. Which steps are mandatory for this task?

  • A. Define a projection.
  • B. Write an SQL script.
  • C. Save and activate the view.
  • D. Define output fields.
  • E. Choose a data source.

Answer : C,D,E

You create an analytic view and want to restrict access to departments with specific values using analytic privileges. Which tasks do you have to perform to accomplish this?

  • A. Assign restricted values to the attribute view.
  • B. Assign values to be restricted. Choose at least one information model to assign restrictions.
  • C. Assign the analytic privilege to a user or role.
  • D. Assign values to be restricted to a content table.
  • E. Choose an attribute to define restricted values for it.

Answer : B,C,E

Which privilege type do you have to assign to a role, when you want to provide row-level access to data?

  • D. SQL

Answer : A

Which of the following sequences of steps is used to implement SAP HANA with SAP
Which of the following sequences of steps is used to implement SAP HANA with SAP

  • A. Data Provisioning ? SAP HANA system setup ? Modeling ? Consumption
  • B. SAP HANA system setup ? Modeling ? Data Provisioning ? Consumption
  • C. SAP HANA system setup ? Data Provisioning ? Modeling ? Consumption
  • D. SAP HANA system setup ? Data Provisioning ? Consumption ? Modeling

Answer : C

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Exam contains 224 questions

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