SAP Certified Application Associate - SAP BusinessObjects Access Control 10.0 v6.0

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Exam contains 80 questions

Which indirect provisioning types are supported in user provisioning? (Choose three)

  • A. Organization Type
  • B. Job
  • C. Position
  • D. Holder
  • E. User

Answer : ABC

Which agent purposes are available in MSMP workflow? (Choose two)

  • A. Approval
  • B. Notification
  • C. Forwarding
  • D. Routing
  • E. Rejection

Answer : AB

Which of the following objects can you customize for MSMP workflows? (Choose two)

  • A. Multiple initiator rule IDs for one process ID
  • B. Multiple paths for one process ID
  • C. Multiple agent IDs for one stage
  • D. Multiple notification templates for one process ID

Answer : BD

Which of the following owner types must be assigned to a user to receive the notification that a log report has been generated as the result of a Firefighter session?

  • A. Mitigation approver
  • B. Firefighter ID owner
  • C. Firefighter ID controller
  • D. Firefighter role owner

Answer : C

How are lines and columns linked in a BRFplus initiator decision table?

  • A. A column to a column through a logical OR
  • B. A column to a line through a logical OR
  • C. A column to a column through a logical AND
  • D. A line to a line through a logical AND

Answer : C

You want to create a connector to an SAP ERP client. You must therefore define the technical parameters for the Remote Function Call (RFC) destination. What does SAP recommend regarding the name of the RFC destination?

  • A. The RFC destination name must begin with the prefix "GRC".
  • B. The RFC destination name must be the same as the logical system name.
  • C. The RFC destination name must include the installation number of the destination system.
  • D. The RFC destination name must include the IP address of the target destination.

Answer : B

What are Business Configuration (BC) Sets for Access Control? (Choose two)

  • A. A collection of configuration settings designed to populate SAP tables with content
  • B. A set of system parameter settings
  • C. A collection of configuration settings designed to populate custom-defined tables with content
  • D. A set of predefined Customizing settings

Answer : A,D

What must you define in order to analyze user access for a critical transaction?

  • A. A critical mitigation control
  • B. A critical role
  • C. A critical profile
  • D. A critical access rule

Answer : D

Which prerequisites must be fulfilled if you want to create a technical role using Business
Role Management? (Choose two)

  • A. The role methodology must be defined.
  • B. Organizational level mapping must be created.
  • C. Role attributes such as business process and subprocess must be defined.
  • D. The workflow approval path and relevant approvers must be defined.
  • E. Access risk rules must be generated.

Answer : AC

Which of the following actions in Business Role Management require a connection to a target system? (Choose three)

  • A. Generation
  • B. Authorization maintenance (actions and permissions)
  • C. Risk analysis
  • D. Approval
  • E. Testing

Answer : ABC

Which combination of rule kind and rule type determines the path upon submission of a request?

  • A. Agent rule – BRFplus Flat
  • B. Routing rule – BRFplus
  • C. Initiator rule – BRFplus
  • D. Agent rule – ABAP Class-Based

Answer : C

Which transaction do you use to monitor background jobs in Access Control repository synchronization?

  • A. Schedule Background Jobs (SM36)
  • B. Test Background Processing (SBTA)
  • C. Batch Input Monitoring (SM35)
  • D. Overview of Job Selection (SM37)

Answer : D

Which type of user account does an emergency access user need to log on to a Firefighter session using transaction GRAC_SPM?

  • A. A user account in the User Management Engine (UME)
  • B. A user account in the Access Control system
  • C. A user account in the LDAP system
  • D. A user account in the target system

Answer : B

Which of the following IMG activities are common component settings shared across GRC?
(Choose three)

  • A. Maintain plug-in settings.
  • B. Maintain connection settings.
  • C. Maintain mapping for actions and connector groups.
  • D. Define a connector.
  • E. Assign a connector to a connector group.

Answer : BDE

What does assigning the Logical Group (SOD-LOG) type to a connector group allow you to do?

  • A. Run a cross-system analysis.
  • B. Use the connector group for transports to the target system.
  • C. Monitor the target system.
  • D. Use the connector group as a business role management landscape.

Answer : D

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Exam contains 80 questions

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