SAP Certified Associate - Utilities with SAP ERP 6.0 v6.0

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Exam contains 80 questions

What is the main purpose of the reconciliation key?

  • A. To record totals records and pass them to the general ledger
  • B. To group summary records and pass them to the general ledger
  • C. To enable the processing of invoices and pass them to the general ledger
  • D. To group transactions created by one agent and pass them to the general ledger

Answer : A

Before you executed meter reading order creation, you established the appropriate control functions to influence the order creation process.
Which control function can you specify for order creation?

  • A. Definition of parallel processing object
  • B. Meter reading document consistency check
  • C. Specification of meter reading reason
  • D. Meter reading interval check

Answer : D

Which of the following are valid relationships for technical master data creation?(Choose two)

  • A. The connection object and its associated functional location are created with sequential numbers.
  • B. The premise can be allocated to a device location.
  • C. The premise can be integrated into Logistics via the technical installation.
  • D. The service connection is allocated to an installation.

Answer : B,C

You have created the following master data:
Connection object
Point of delivery
Device location
Register group
Device category
Device info record
When you try to do a full installation, you receive a system error.
What would most probably be the cause of the error in this scenario?

  • A. The installation is not billing-relevant.
  • B. Technical installation is not possible.
  • C. There is no contract assigned to the installation.
  • D. A valid business partner is missing.

Answer : B

What information is contained in the general ledger items portion of the FI-CA document?(Choose three)

  • A. Posting date
  • B. Cost accounting information
  • C. Tax data
  • D. Receivables G/L account
  • E. Net due date

Answer : A,B,C

Which object requires you to define an outsorting check group?

  • A. Rate
  • B. Rate Category
  • C. Contract
  • D. Contract Account

Answer : B

Which of the following documents can be used to generate an individual invoice?(Choose three)

  • A. Simulated billing document
  • B. SD billing request
  • C. Print document
  • D. Manual billing document
  • E. Automatic billing document

Answer : B,D,E

When a device is replaced, which data of the old device is automatically transferred to the new device?(Choose three)

  • A. Rate data
  • B. Register group
  • C. Meter reading data
  • D. Register-related periodic consumption
  • E. Disconnection status

Answer : A,D,E

Which master data object enables electronic data exchange between market participants?

  • A. Point of delivery
  • B. Contract account
  • C. Connection object
  • D. Supply contract

Answer : A

Which SAP technical master data object can be influenced by the SAP regional structure?

  • A. Premise
  • B. Connection object
  • C. Point of delivery
  • D. Business partner

Answer : B

Which transactions support the FI-CA integration with General Ledger Accounting?(Choose three)

  • A. Maintain the alternative posting date
  • B. Transfer the reconciliation key
  • C. Run the open item report
  • D. Transfer the items to an account
  • E. Close the reconciliation key

Answer : A,B,E

Which of the following is a valid sequence for processing payment lots after they have been created?

  • A. 1. Post lot 2. Close lot 3. Change lot
  • B. 1. Change lot 2. Post lot 3. Close lot
  • C. 1. Post lot 2. Close lot 3. Postprocess lot
  • D. 1. Close lot 2. Post lot 3. Postprocess lot

Answer : D

Which factors can influence the returns process?

  • A. • Tolerance group • Returns history • Payment document • Returns category
  • B. • Creditworthiness • Returns amount • Returns reason • Clearing category
  • C. • Returns history • Creditworthiness • Tolerance group • Returns amount
  • D. • Returns reason • Returns amount • Returns category • Clearing category

Answer : C

In the attached image you can see a double-rate meter (Dev. 1), controlled by a ripple control receiver (ARCR). One of the registers in Dev. 1 has a relationship with a register in another meter (Dev. 2). Consumption in Dev. 2 is automatically deducted from consumption in the main register in Dev. 1 during the billing run.
What type of register relationship is described here?

  • A. Control relationship
  • B. On-peak/off-peak relationship
  • C. Serial switching relationship
  • D. Reactive/active relationship

Answer : C

Which SAP CRM process results in a product allocation in IS-U?

  • A. Move-In
  • B. Move-Out
  • C. Move-In/Out
  • D. Move Contract

Answer : D

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Exam contains 80 questions

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