SAP Certified Application Associate - SAP Business Planning and Consolidation 10.0 v4.0

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Exam contains 105 questions

What do you need to consider when using journals?
Note: There are 2 correct answers to this question.

  • A. Journal authorizations are only governed by the task 'create journals'.
  • B. Journals are copied when you copy one appset to another.
  • C. Journals are supported in the work status configuration.
  • D. Journals can be posted either manually or automatically but not both.

Answer : BC

How do hierarchies in BPC for Microsoft differ from those in BPC for NetWeaver?

  • A. They must be balanced.
  • B. They are limited to a total of 12 per dimension.
  • C. They are kept as separate dimensions in the database.
  • D. They are time dependent.

Answer : C

What steps are required to save new members from the member sheet to the database of the admin console?
Note: There are 2 correct answers to this question.

  • A. Maintain dimension members.
  • B. Process dimension.
  • C. Save to server.
  • D. Change the flag 'Take system off-line'.
  • E. Maintain dimension property.

Answer : BC

What dimensions can be referenced to each other?
Note: There are 2 correct answers to this question.

  • A. Time to Category
  • B. Flow to Account
  • C. Account to Rate
  • D. Intco to Entity
  • E. Currency to Entity

Answer : AE

SAP guidelines recommend that you make what changes directly in SAP BW on BPC- generated objects?

  • A. Switch case sensitivity off.
  • B. Change the data lengths of characteristics.
  • C. Change no objects at all.
  • D. Switch hierarchies to time dependent.

Answer : C

How do you model cost center rollups by profit center when planning is done by cost center?

  • A. With a profit center property in the cost center dimension
  • B. With a user defined dimension for the profit center
  • C. With a profit center hierarchy by cost center
  • D. With a cost center hierarchy by profit center

Answer : D

Which property is optional for account type dimensions?


Answer : B

What implementation step is required to add a new hierarchy for a dimension member?

  • A. Insert 'PARENTH2' column after 'PARENTH1' within the dimension member sheet.
  • B. Insert the hierarchy name into the 'APPROVALORG' web application parameter.
  • C. Insert the hierarchy name to the 'TOPDOWN' web application parameter.
  • D. Insert 'PARENTH2' into the dimension property list.

Answer : A

What limitations exist for dimension properties in BPC 10.0 for NetWeaver?

  • A. Properties with more than 60 characters cannot be used for dimension member formulas.
  • B. No more than 20 properties can be created for a given member.
  • C. Property size can only be increased, not decreased.
  • D. Properties cannot be deleted once they are created.

Answer : C

What program can you use to validate the consistency of an application set after copying the standard application set?


Answer : A

Which application type is optional in BPC for consolidation of investments and currency translation?

  • A. Financial
  • B. Ownership
  • C. Rate
  • D. Consolidation

Answer : A

Which properties are required to carry out currency translation for legal consolidation?
Note: There are 2 correct answers to this question.

  • A. DIMLIST in the account type dimension
  • B. FX_DIFFERENCE_ONLY in the category type dimension
  • C. RATETYPE in the account type dimension
  • D. STORE_GROUP_CUR in the currency type dimension
  • E. CURRENCY in the entity type dimension

Answer : C,E

What currency type dimension is required for consolidation of investment?

  • A. rptcurrency
  • B. groups
  • C. inputcurrency
  • D. transactioncurrency

Answer : B

What object in SAP BW is an equivalent to an Application in SAP BPC for NetWeaver?

  • A. A real-time InfoCube that contains transactional data
  • B. A basic InfoCube that contains transactional data
  • C. A DataStore Object that contains transactional data
  • D. A MultiProvider that creates a join of different data tables

Answer : A

What dimension property is required for consolidation of investments?

  • A. FIRST_CONS_DATE in the groups dimension
  • B. INTCO in the entity dimension
  • C. ENTITY in the groups dimension
  • D. OWNER in the entity dimension

Answer : B

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Exam contains 105 questions

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