Axis Network Video Exam v6.3

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Exam contains 152 questions

Which of the following are outdoor rated products? (Choose two)

  • A. AXIS M3114-R
  • B. AXIS P3304-VR
  • C. AXIS P1344-E
  • D. AXIS P3344-VE
  • E. AXIS M1031-W

Answer : CD

Which of the following are common ways to protect video while using a wireless network?
(Choose two)

  • A. VPN
  • B. WPA2
  • C. IEEE 802.1x
  • D. IEEE802.11N
  • E. HTTPS

Answer : B,E

Which of the following actions can be taken using the AXIS T8414 Installation Display?
(Choose two)

  • A. Power up a PoE camera
  • B. Make snapshots
  • C. Access a camera's home page
  • D. Reset a camera to factory default values
  • E. Read user documentation for cameras

Answer : AB

What type of camera is recommended to be used in an extremely hot environment?

  • A. Cameras that end with -E
  • B. Cameras that end with -V
  • C. Cameras that end with -R
  • D. Cameras that end with -C

Answer : D

Using AXIS Camera Management, which of the following can be performed? (Choose two)

  • A. Apply templates to devices
  • B. View recorded video
  • C. Upgrade firmware
  • D. Set motion detection windows
  • E. Configure crossline detection

Answer : AC

A camera is positioned where backlighting is a problem. What would be the preferred action?

  • A. Use a lens with a polarized filter
  • B. Axis P-iris technology will solve your problem
  • C. Increase the shutter speed to more than 1 /100 s
  • D. Add additional light sources to counter backlighting

Answer : D

This image represents an enlargement of an actual surveillance image. How could you improve the overall quality of the image? (Choose two)

  • A. Decrease image compression setting
  • B. Increase the gain setting in the camera
  • C. Increase the image compression setting
  • D. Decrease the gain setting in the camera
  • E. Change to a camera with higher resolution

Answer : AE

A customer is not getting the storage retention they had expected while using H.264 with an AXIS Q6034-E PTZ camera on a continuous guard tour. What is the most likely cause of the problem?

  • A. The estimation was only planned for a 720p HDTV PTZ
  • B. Using continuous guard tour does not let H.264 save as much on the compression
  • C. Because most of the areas in the guard tour are empty. H.264 cannot save as much on the compression
  • D. The estimations were done in MPEG-4 and they should change the AXIS Q6034-E to run in MPEG-4 instead of H.264

Answer : B

In a network surveillance installation, the purpose of a switch is to

  • A. Forward the video stream between networks.
  • B. Forward the video stream to the correct receiver within a network.
  • C. Disconnect malfunctioning cameras from the network.
  • D. Disconnect devices with invalid IP addresses from the network.

Answer : B

A customer wants his video surveillance system to completely cover the perimeter of his property. For the installer to ensure that the camera system is not subject to sabotage, he should

  • A. Install more low-priced cameras to cover the complete site.
  • B. Make sure each camera is seen by at least one other camera.
  • C. Use PoE, and not a PoE splitter.
  • D. Install thermal cameras.

Answer : B

When viewing live Motion JPEG video from an Axis camera, if the image looks pixilated with no digital zoom, which of the following settings would best address the issue?

  • A. Adjusting the Group of Video (GOV) length from 32 to 4
  • B. Increasing color saturation
  • C. Adjusting the image contrast
  • D. Decreasing the image compression

Answer : D

Match each product name with the right description. Drag each gray box from the left column to the matching blue box in the right column.

Answer :

An installer is upgrading an installation with several analog PTZ cameras using Axis Q-line encoders. Which of the following options should be checked before proceeding?

  • A. That the SD card is supported
  • B. That H.264 compression is supported
  • C. That both D1 and 4CIF resolution are supported
  • D. That the PTZ driver is supported

Answer : D

For which purposes would a thermal network camera be a viable alternative to a standard network camera? (Choose three)

  • A. Identification of a person
  • B. Detection at daylight
  • C. Detection at night
  • D. Detection in smoke and light fog conditions
  • E. License Plate Recognition

Answer : B,C,D

AXIS Design Tool is used for -

  • A. Estimating bandwidth and creating a bill of materials.
  • B. Determining camera coverage and creating a bill of materials.
  • C. Selecting the right cameras and choosing AXIS Camera Station licenses.
  • D. Plan network topology and determining camera coverage.

Answer : A

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Exam contains 152 questions

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