Acme Packet Certification Certification Exams Boot camp & Braindump v5.0

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Exam contains 140 questions

Which two of the following scenarios about 503 Service Unavailable response codes on the
Net-Net 4000 are TRUE?

  • A. 503 Service Unavailable messages are never generated by the Net-Net 4000.
  • B. A 503 Service Unavailable will be originated when the Net-Net 4000 is unable to forward a request due to session agent constraint or lack of bandwidth.
  • C. The Net-Net 4000 will originate a 503 Service Unavailable when it has no call processing resources.
  • D. By default, when the Net-Net 4000 has reached 95% CPU utilization, it will originate 503 Service Unavailable responses for all calls.

Answer : B,C

Upon issuing the done command, you get an Error 409. What does this error indicate?

  • A. The element you are creating is corrupted.
  • B. The element you are trying to save doesn exist.B. The element you are trying to save doesn? exist.
  • C. You are trying to create an element with a unique identifier that already exists.
  • D. There is an internal server error.

Answer : C

A(n) __________ is an association between a globally unique SIP or SIPS URI and the user agent's contact address. This association is written by the registrar server to a database where it can be used by a proxy in the local domain.

  • A. location record
  • B. AOR
  • C. binding
  • D. public address

Answer : C

__________ are stored in NVRAM.

  • A. Logs
  • B. CDRs
  • C. Boot parameters
  • D. Backup configurations

Answer : C

RRQ, ARQ, DRQ, and IRR are all examples of __________ signaling messages.

  • A. H.225.0 RAS
  • B. SIP
  • C. MGCP
  • D. H.245

Answer : A

__________ establishes, modifies and removes CAM entries for packet forwarding.

  • A. MBCD
  • B. ACP
  • C. SIPD
  • D. APSD

Answer : A

Of the following configured local policy preferences that the Net-Net 4000 sorts through, which one of the four preference discriminators listed below would be ranked the second highest priority?

  • A. codec
  • B. lowest cost
  • C. next hop
  • D. realm

Answer : A

In high availability (HA) architectures, changes to the state of the Active Net-Net 4000 are queued in journals. Requests from the Standby node results in information about these changes being pulled by Standby from the Active node. The three checkpointed states are
__________, __________ and __________.

  • A. configuration state
  • B. alarm state
  • C. media state
  • D. signaling state

Answer : A,C,D

Examine below the output from the show sipd invite command.
Of the 600 Busy Everywhere messages sent by the Net-Net 4000, how many in the last
140 seconds did not originate from a downstream device?

  • A. 4
  • B. 161
  • C. 13
  • D. 0

Answer : D

The ____________feature instructs the Net-Net 4000 whether to locally store all bindings for endpoints not located behind a NAT.

  • A. Registration caching
  • B. Reverse latching
  • C. Adaptive NAT traversal
  • D. Hairpinning

Answer : A

The Net-Net 4000 will release media between SIP endpoints that are located in the same realm when the ____________parameter is set to____________.

  • A. msm-networkdisabled
  • B. mm-in-realmdisabled
  • C. mm-in-networkenabled
  • D. mm-in-realmenabled

Answer : B

Which one of the following statements about the Net-Net 4250 is FALSE?

  • A. There are two fans, each with configurable speed control.
  • B. The fan module is field upgradeable.
  • C. The fan speed is automatically adjusted to the appropriate level based on the current operational status and system environment.
  • D. The fan module can move the air a total of 30 cubic feet per minute.

Answer : A

Examine the H323 stack configuration below.
Based on the information above, which one of the following IP addresses should be configured as a hip-ip-address in the appropriate network interface?

  • A.
  • B.
  • C.
  • D.

Answer : C

What component is responsible for rewriting RTP header information as it traverses the
Net-Net 4000?

  • A. network processor
  • B. host processor
  • C. CAM
  • D. traffic management subsystem

Answer : A

The __________ parameter allows for multiple network interfaces to be bound to a single physical interface.

  • A. sub-port-id
  • B. vlan-id
  • C. hip-ip-addr
  • D. vlan

Answer : A

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Exam contains 140 questions

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