Monetize Android Applications v5.0

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Which of the following cannot be done using the Developer Console?

  • A. Monitor your sales
  • B. Control who downloads your applications
  • C. Learn about the users’ feedback.
  • D. Live testing of an application.

Answer : D

Approximately how much time it takes for an application that is published to be available to the users?

  • A. It will be available within minutes to users.
  • B. It takes around one week to be available to the users.
  • C. As soon as Google Play finishes the application review process.
  • D. It takes a day for an application to be available to the user.

Answer : A

Which of the following type of accounts is required to upload paid applications on Google

  • A. Google Wallet Merchant Account.
  • B. Google Wallet Account.
  • C. Wallet Merchant Account.
  • D. Google Wallet Payment Account.

Answer : A

Which of the following is not recommended to promote your paid application?

  • A. Promote your application using demo videos on the Play store.
  • B. Listen to the users suggestions in the application reviews.
  • C. Always ask for users review when the application starts up.
  • D. Prepare a good marketing campaign for your application.

Answer : C

Which of the following are issues you must consider when placing an Ad in your application? (Choose three)

  • A. The advertisement must be placed at the bottom of the screen.
  • B. The advertisement should be placed where the user can see
  • C. The advertisement must not overlay useful content
  • D. The advertisement should not be next to UI inputs.

Answer : B,C,D

Under Eclipse, to add a library to your application’s build path, you should:

  • A. Use the import statement.
  • B. Use the package statement.
  • C. Add an external JAR from the project properties.
  • D. Set the project’s Java compiler to the latest version.

Answer : C

Which one of these methods makes the ADT emulator a testing device? Note that request is an instance of class AdRequest.

  • A. request.addTestDevice(AdRequest.TEST_DEVICE);
  • B. request.addDevice(AdRequest.TEST_EMULATOR);
  • C. request.addTestDevice(AdRequest.TEST_EMULATOR);
  • D. request.makeTestRequest();

Answer : C

How do you avoid requesting invalid impressions in an application’s ad?

  • A. Request a test ad - which is always available.
  • B. Create object AdTestRequest of Google Ads SDK.
  • C. Load a an HTML file saved in a testing device
  • D. Remove the android.persmission.INTERNET permission.

Answer : A

What modification should be made to an application’s manifest file to enable AdMob ads?

  • A. Add android.persmission.INTERNET only.
  • B. Add required permissions and the activity
  • C. Add required permissions and a service tag <adMobService> to create an Ads service
  • D. Add <receiver> tag to enable a Broadcast receiver in the application.

Answer : B

Which of the following is a requirement to use In-App Billing service on Google Play?
(Choose three)

  • A. A Google Wallet merchant account.
  • B. A publisher account.
  • C. A published application.
  • D. Google Play License Verification Library.

Answer : ABC

Which of the following are administrative tasks a developer might perform when using
Google Plays in-app billing services? (Choose two)

  • A. Setting up the products list.
  • B. Register test accounts.
  • C. Adding marketing material on Google Play.
  • D. Adding products images in the application.

Answer : AB

What Google helper class is used to setup communication with Google Play’s in-app billing in your activity’s onCreate method?

  • A. InAppBillingHelper
  • B. IabHelper
  • C. IABHelper
  • D. InAppBilling

Answer : B

What does this keyword refer to in the following line of code?
IabHelper mHelper = new IabHelper(this, base64EncodedPublicKey);

  • A. The Context of the activity.
  • B. Another instance of IabHelper.
  • C. The current IabHelper.OnIabSetupFinishedListener interface.
  • D. The Google Play developer console activity.

Answer : A

Which of the following is valid usage of Google Play Licensing Service? (Choose two)

  • A. Verify user has paid for an application.
  • B. Allows an application to install APK extensions.
  • C. Add encryption to communication between your application and the internet.
  • D. Improve the application performance and decrease memory usage.

Answer : AB

Which of the following is required to set a testing environment for licensing services?
(Choose two)

  • A. Signing in to your testing account from your devices’ browser.
  • B. Set static responses returned by the licensing server.
  • C. Adding test accounts.
  • D. Disable all accounts syncing on your device.

Answer : BC

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Exam contains 82 questions

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