Windows Server Administration Fundamentals v1.0

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You work as a System Administrator for company Inc. You have deployed a workstation and roll it out to production, but you find some issues with the video display.
The display worked in the beginning when you first set up the system. The video has degraded to standard VGA 640x800 and its performance is badly affected after applying several system and driver updates.
What is the most likely cause of this issue?

  • A. The video adapter is not properly placed on the system board.
  • B. The video card is not enabled on the system.
  • C. You need to upgrade RAM according to the video driver.
  • D. You have installed an unsigned video driver.

Answer : D

In the given scenario, the video problem occurred because of the installation of an unsigned video driver. For better performance, you should always use a device driver that is signed by Microsoft. Unsigned drivers are not compatible with all systems. They may be poorly written and may include viruses or malware.
Incorrect Answers:
A, B: If the video adapter is not properly placed on the system board or the video card is not enabled, you do not get the video clip in the beginning when you first set up the system.
C: It is not required to upgrade RAM.

Which of the following provides a minimum server environment?

  • A. Virtualization
  • B. Windows PE
  • C. BareMetal Server
  • D. Server Core

Answer : D


You work as a Network Administrator for Bluewell Inc. The company has decided to install a version of Windows Server 2016 Server Core onto a new machine.
Your manager has asked you for a list of the server roles that can be installed on a Server Core installation.
Choose the server roles from the column below that can be installed on the Server Core installation.
Select and Place:

Answer :

Following is the list of server roles that can be installed on a machine with the help of Windows Server 2016 Server Core installation:
Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS): It allows administrators to perform routine maintenance tasks on domain controllers without affecting the required services (for example, DHCP).
Active Directory Lightweight Directory Service (ADLDS): This is a Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) directory service. It provides the Active Directory services to directory-enabled applications. It provides Active Directory Domain Services without requiring the deployment of domains or domain controllers.
DHCP Server: This server is used for running the DHCP services. DHCP is the server on the network that assigns TCP/IP information to your computer dynamically.
DNS Server: DNS Server has the DNS services running on it. DNS is a named resolution service which turns hostname into TCP/IP address (process known as
Forward Looping). DNS also has the ability to turn a TCP/IP address into a name (known as reverse looping).
Hyper-V: Windows Server 2016 Hyper-V is a server virtualization technology. Hyper-V allows users to configure multiple server roles on a single computer as virtual machines (VMs). Hyper-V enables users to run multiple, different operating systems such as Windows, Linux, etc., in parallel on a computer.
Web Server IIS: Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS) is a Web and application server for the Internet and private intranets. IIS receives requests from users on the network using the World Wide Web (WWW) service and transmits information using the Hypertext Transport Protocol (HTTP). IIS uses Microsoft
Transaction Server (MTS) to provide security, performance, and scalability with server side packages.

What program should you run if you decide to clone a hard drive of Windows Server 2016?

  • A. Sysinfo
  • B. Sysconf
  • C. Sysprep
  • D. Format

Answer : C

If you create a cloned copy of Windows and apply it to multiple computers, each copy cloned to a target computer using the same image has the same parameters, including computer name and security identifier (SID).
To overcome this problem, run the system preparation tool (sysprep), which removes the security identifiers and all other user-specific or computer-specific information from the computer before you run the disk-cloning software to make the cloned disk image.

What type of installation requires little interaction?

  • A. unattended installation
  • B. pre-build installation
  • C. deployment installation
  • D. hands-off installation

Answer : A

An unattended installation requires little interaction to install. To perform an unattended installation of Windows, use an answer file, an XML file that stores the answers for a series of graphical user interface (GUI) dialog boxes.

What technology allows you to perform network-based unattended installation of Windows operating systems, including Windows Server 2016?

  • A. WDS
  • B. RIS
  • C. SMB
  • D. HTTP

Answer : A

Windows Deployment Services (WDS) is a Microsoft technology for network-based installation of Windows operating systems.
You can fully automate and customize the deployment of Windows through the use of unattended installation scripting files.

Which of the following image file formats can be deployed using Windows Server 2016? (Choose three.)

  • A. GHO
  • B. WIM
  • C. PXE
  • D. VHD
  • E. VHDX

Answer : BDE

Windows Server 2016 WDS supports WIM, VHD and VHDX files.

What type of driver is tested and includes a digital certificate?

  • A. published
  • B. certified
  • C. compliant
  • D. signed

Answer : D

A signed device driver includes a digital signature, which is an electronic security mark that can indicate the software publisher and information that can show whether a driver has been altered. When Microsoft signs it, the driver has been thoroughly tested to ensure that it will not cause problems with the system's reliability or cause a security problem.

Which of the following is true about drivers and Windows Server 2016?

  • A. Drivers must be signed.
  • B. Drivers must be registered by the PnP Society.
  • C. Drivers must include 32-bit and 64-bit support.
  • D. Drivers must be multilingual.

Answer : A

Drivers included on the Windows installation DVD or downloaded from Microsoft's update website are digitally signed. A driver that lacks a valid digital signature or was altered after it was signed cannot be installed on 64-bit versions of Windows. If you have problems with a device driver, download only drivers that are from
Microsoft's update website or the manufacturer's website.

For each of the following statements, select Yes if the statement is true. Otherwise, select No.
NOTE: Each correct selection is worth one point.
Hot Area:

Answer :


You install Microsoft SQL Server 2016 on a computer that is running Windows Server 2016 Standard.
Which type of application service does this provide?

  • A. Email
  • B. Collaboration
  • C. Database
  • D. Network monitoring

Answer : C

What is one advantage of application virtualization?

  • A. reduced network traffic
  • B. hardware consolidation
  • C. improved collaboration
  • D. fewer operating system updates

Answer : B

You replace the power supply in a computer running Windows Server 2016. You power on the computer. The power supply passes the Power-On Self-Test.
Which step in next in the start-up process?

  • A. System hardware is detected and configured.
  • B. The boot sector is accessed and executed.
  • C. The BIOS code is loaded.
  • D. The Master Boot Record (MBR) is accessed.

Answer : C


Which two components are required to configure a TCP/IP connection? (Choose two.)

  • A. Subnet mask
  • B. MAC address
  • C. IP address
  • D. Domain name

Answer : AC

An IP address and a subnet mask.

Windows Server 2016 is running as the guest operating system on a Hyper-V virtual machine.
You want to enable enhanced keyboard and mouse functions.
What should you install?

  • A. Microsoft Updates
  • B. Hyper-V Server
  • C. Keyboard and mouse drivers
  • D. Hyper-V Integration Components

Answer : D

To get a virtual machine (VM) to work properly, it's critical to install the Hyper-V integration components. These integration components install agents into a VM that enable a host to successfully back up a VM, recognize when it has gone down, copy and paste data into and out of a VM, and synchronize its clock to the host. These components are important to processing a VM's workload: In effect, their installation reconfigures an operating system to make it "aware" that it has been virtualized, resulting in an "enlightened" OS.

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Exam contains 400 questions

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