Mastering The Cisco Business Architecture Discipline v1.0

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Exam contains 68 questions

With regard to customer journey mapping, which factor has the greatest impact on how a customer feels about an organization?

  • A. moments of truth
  • B. low price guarantee
  • C. best customer service
  • D. ease of doing business

Answer : C

Drag each item on the left to the appropriate category on the right.
Select and Place:

Answer :

A customer sees technology as an opportunity to enable the business. Which two engagement maturity levels most likely describe this customer? (Choose two.)

  • A. technology single domain
  • B. business solutions
  • C. technology architecture
  • D. technology multidomain
  • E. technology specific

Answer : CE

Consider customer touchpoints and interactions. drag each description on the left to its correct category on the right.
Select and Place:

Answer :

Which architecture considers cost and lifecycle management?

  • A. technology architecture
  • B. information architecture
  • C. business architecture
  • D. implementation architecture

Answer : C

When you write a business proposal, which two types of information must you consider? (Choose two.)

  • A. a business motivation model
  • B. the Seven Elements Framework
  • C. direct and indirect benefits
  • D. risk identification and risk management
  • E. a business model canvas

Answer : CD

Which two items must you consider when you develop an Industry Business capability target state? (Choose two.)

  • A. surgical service business priority in a hospital
  • B. SWOT analysis of a retail wayfinding service from a vendor
  • C. current online banking service capability
  • D. compelling business driver to automate a manufacturing warehouse
  • E. primary activities needed to deliver a teaching solution to a university

Answer : BD

The value proposition canvas is relevant to which two building blocks of the business model canvas?

  • A. value proposition and customer value
  • B. value proposition and revenue streams
  • C. value proposition and customer segments
  • D. value proposition and customer relationships

Answer : C


What do maturity levels help you to determine?

  • A. how much consideration to give to a stakeholder
  • B. only the level of customer maturity
  • C. if, when, and how to engage with a business-led approach
  • D. only the level of team maturity

Answer : C

Which tool do you determine priorities and sequencing for the business roadmap when you want to implement new capabilities and solutions?

  • A. business strategy value map
  • B. customer readiness index matrix
  • C. ability to execute matrix
  • D. business solution impact index

Answer : D

Which tool do you use to establish a process for communication planning?

  • A. Value Proposition Canvas
  • B. Seven Elements Framework
  • C. Business System Model
  • D. Business Proposal

Answer : B

An account team is working to link IT strategy with business strategy by establishing metrics and benefits realization. Enterprise architecture is part of the customer culture.
What is the engagement maturity level of this account team?

  • A. 3 "" technology architecture
  • B. 2 "" technology multidomain
  • C. 4 "" business solutions
  • D. 5 "" business transformation

Answer : A

When you consider a solution to position for a short-term investment, what are key considerations?

  • A. a low business solution impact index and high customer readiness index
  • B. the highest business solution impact index and high customer maturity
  • C. a low business solution impact index and low customer readiness index
  • D. a high business solution impact index and low customer maturity

Answer : A

Which type of engagement does a business architect pursue?

  • A. solutions to drive measurable business impact to the business
  • B. IT operations transformation engagements
  • C. large, complex, data-center architecture engagements
  • D. multidomain technology architecture engagements

Answer : A

Which aspect of a business do KPI measure?

  • A. regulatory compliance
  • B. the key priorities of an organization
  • C. the quality of how an organization performs
  • D. progress against tactical goals

Answer : D

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Exam contains 68 questions

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