Cisco Customer Success Manager (CSM) v1.0

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Exam contains 94 questions

Which definition of a use case is true?

  • A. comparison of the marketing description of what a product does to the customerג€™s experience
  • B. list of actions or event steps that a customer uses
  • C. list of actions or event steps that typically defines the interactions between a role and a system to achieve a goal
  • D. list of instructions that customer uses for their software

Answer : C

Refer to the exhibit. What does this health score indicate?

  • A. The customer is unlikely to renew this license.
  • B. The customer is unlikely to advocate for this product.
  • C. The customer needs to consume more of this product.
  • D. The customer needs to purchase more licenses.

Answer : B

Which element evaluates a customer outcome?

  • A. key performance indicators
  • B. milestones
  • C. metrics
  • D. benchmarks

Answer : A

Which action should be taken when new company leadership is forcing a competitorג€™s solution?

  • A. Recheck the value realized by the current solution.
  • B. Demonstrate how the current solution is a lower-cost solution than competitors.
  • C. Hold an executive briefing to evaluate risks of the proposed solution.
  • D. Tell the new leadership about the long-standing relationship between two companies.

Answer : A

Your client, the Director of IT Policy and Governance of Easternbank, has just informed you that the CIO is dissatisfied with the current level of utilization of the collaboration solution that was deployed 3 months ago. The client has requested a meeting to improve the situation. Which reports are critical to the success of the meeting?

  • A. number of users registered, bandwidth utilization, number of training sessions user joined
  • B. number of users registered, service logs, number of users
  • C. number of users registered, number of meetings user initiated, number of meetings user joined
  • D. network utilization, number of meetings user initiated, number of users

Answer : C

What are two barriers of adoption in an organization? (Choose two.)

  • A. new product sales motion
  • B. lack of knowledge on solution
  • C. organizational announcements
  • D. implementation issues
  • E. hiring practices

Answer : BD

Which statement describes an end user adoption barrier?

  • A. There are insufficient licenses for additional staff from a newly acquired company to use the solution.
  • B. The CIO insists on conducting training for all heads of department before deploying the new Collaboration solution.
  • C. The budget is insufficient to implement the solution for a new branch of the business.
  • D. Staff refuses to change their habits and continues to use a noncompliant social media application to conduct business communications.

Answer : D


Customer A has 120.000 employees and a meeting booking system that is 20 years old. It provides a personalized service that arranges all aspects of video conference meeting. This service includes 21 staff people globally. Customer A has invested in a video conferencing solution. Their desired outcome is to create a cost-savings, self-serve approach to achieve business innovation through face-to-face communications. Which two main barriers to adoption does the customer face? (Choose two.)

  • A. technical barrier
  • B. cultural barrier
  • C. process barrier
  • D. product barrier
  • E. cost barrier

Answer : BC

Which sources should be used to uncover customer barriers?

  • A. data, health score, intuition
  • B. conservation, data, health score
  • C. observation, conversation, data
  • D. intuition, observation, data

Answer : C

Who does a Customer Success Manager work with to overcome a technical solution adoption barrier encountered by a customer?

  • A. Customer Success Specialist
  • B. Technical Engineer
  • C. Sales Engineer
  • D. Solutions Product Manager

Answer : B

A customer purchased 500 licenses for its cloud-based collaboration solution. During a customer meeting, they complain to the Customer Success Manager that they cannot verify who and how the licenses are being used. Which two types of adoption barriers are occurring? (Choose two.)

  • A. process
  • B. people
  • C. tools
  • D. platform
  • E. application

Answer : DE

Which action should a Customer Success Manager take to identify and remove barriers when a customer moves from the Implement to the Use stage in the lifecycle?

  • A. Provide break-fix support for technical problems experienced or observed by the customer.
  • B. Provide a detailed cost structure for the management team.
  • C. Provide training content to address current and existing barriers.
  • D. Provide direct and in-depth technical expertise upon customer request.

Answer : D

During the past few months, the Customer Success Manager has been working on adoption sessions with all Network Security Staff from Company ABC. They had significant progress in how administrators are using the solution, implementing best practices, and reducing by half the time they spend performing a repetitive task. However, in a recent conversation, upper management questioned the renewal of the solution subscription. Which barrier must the CSM overcome?

  • A. data
  • B. operational
  • C. business
  • D. technical

Answer : B

Refer to the exhibit. Which action must be taken by Customer Success Manager?

  • A. Recommend expansion opportunities.
  • B. Review the financial index.
  • C. Develop a customer testimonial.
  • D. Identify the adoption barriers.

Answer : D

What are two barriers to adoption within an organization? (Choose two.)

  • A. solution implemented by partner
  • B. agile development model
  • C. inadequate knowledge and skills
  • D. centralized IT organization
  • E. organizational silos

Answer : CE

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Exam contains 94 questions

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