Applying Cisco Specialized Business Value Analysis Skills v7.0

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Exam contains 173 questions

Which option is used to help mitigate implementation risks?

  • A. best of breed products
  • B. Cisco validated designs
  • C. reduced number of implementationphases
  • D. Cisco discounts and incentives

Answer : A

How do technology capabilities relate to business capabilities?

  • A. Technology capabilities map to business capabilities using a technology mapping matrix.
  • B. Technology capabilities form one part of business capabilities, alongside people and process.
  • C. Technology capabilities form a subset of business capabilities.
  • D. A business capability defines how one technology capability relates to one or more business processes.

Answer : B

Which two options are generally part of the process for creating an implementation roadmap? (Choose two )

  • A. consider inter-dependencies of each building block
  • B. create a detailed bill of materials
  • C. break down the project into solution building blocks
  • D. Develop a stakeholder analysis

Answer : B,D

Which three options are recommended as steps in the seven step business process improvement process? (Choose three.)

  • A. Decide how to present the data
  • B. Define what you should measure
  • C. Take short, medium and long term measurements
  • D. Analyze the data
  • E. Authorize a responsible project manager
  • F. Gather the data

Answer : B,D,F

An implementation roadmap should be structured around which two items? (Choose two.)

  • A. The business case
  • B. Managing implementation risks
  • C. Opportunities to bundle changes together with other work items on the IT organization's calendar
  • D. Anticipated dates for vendor releases of new product versions
  • E. Quarterly backup and upgrade schedules for installed hardware or software

Answer : A,B

What is the benefit of turning a pain point into an opportunity?

  • A. Allows the customer to overcome a perceived issue with upside potential
  • B. Reduces IT costs to the business
  • C. Uses technology to raise efficiency
  • D. Raises IT spending and leads to higher return on investment

Answer : A

Which option is the recommended approach to gain access to additional key stakeholders within the customer organization?

  • A. Approach the stakeholder through their gatekeeper
  • B. Approach the stakeholder direct
  • C. External referral from a C level executive
  • D. Internal referral from an existing contact

Answer : D

Which two options describe the customer in an outcome-driven sales engagement?
(Choose two.)

  • A. Knows issue and desired outcome
  • B. Aware of opportunities and problems that need to be solved
  • C. Knows the value and benefits for change
  • D. Is sensitive to price

Answer : B,C

Who is responsible for ensuring that the right people are assigned to assess results in an infrastructure rollout?

  • A. Customer business or IT executive sponsor
  • B. Cisco / Channel Partner Account Manager
  • C. Customer purchasing analyst
  • D. Customer lead architect for the solution

Answer : A

Which option is a primary step in creating an implementation plan and gaining customer buy-in?

  • A. developing a plan for the executive summary
  • B. validating the plan and all assumptions with the customer
  • C. including an indexed glossary of all technical terminology
  • D. proving technical capability against business requirements

Answer : C

What should you do in identifying solutions that fulfill the capability needs of the customer?

  • A. First, look at the features available and then identify whether these exist in an available solution.
  • B. First, identify the relevant Cisco architectures and potential solutions. Next, move on to features.
  • C. Include only those offerings which the customer has requested information on in the past.
  • D. Place the most attention on new ideas or needs which have recently come up in project brainstorming sessions.

Answer : B

Which two post-sales activities can be used to identify new opportunities and capabilities to support the customer? (Choose two.)

  • A. as a way to learn about new or changed customer
  • B. as a forum for promoting Cisco architectures
  • C. as a mechanism for validating the ROI for technology
  • D. as a way to advertise current promotions and special offers

Answer : A,C

Which three options are Building Blocks within the Business Model Canvas? (Choose three.)

  • A. Customer Segments
  • B. Cash Flows
  • C. Key Customers
  • D. Customer Relationships
  • E. Key Partners
  • F. Partner Relationships

Answer : A,D,E

Which is a benefit from establishing credibility with multiple customer stakeholders?

  • A. You increase the odds of gaining an advocate for the largest cost alternative you can offer the customer
  • B. This shows your #1 priority is to build friends and allies
  • C. You build a basis for gaining insight into a range of customer viewpoints or priorities
  • D. You gain influence with the IT Executive, since they alone can help you displace a competitor

Answer : C

Assuming the customer is a retail store chain, which describes a business benefit from using technology?

  • A. A new video system with a strong track record for quality is implemented.
  • B. Store managers better understand their compensation plan, since wording is simpler.
  • C. Higher revenue per customer is possible, based on personalized tips being sent to shopper smartphones.
  • D. IT staff completes a performance management software tool upgrade on time.

Answer : C

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Exam contains 173 questions

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