Avaya Mobility Networking Solutions Integration Exam v7.0

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Exam contains 66 questions

Considering IEEE 802.11ac wave 2, how many Spatial Streams can be supported per client?

  • A. 4
  • B. 6
  • C. 8
  • D. 11

Answer : C

What are two purposes of Predictive Site Surveys? (Choose two.)

  • A. Verify the RF noise coverage.
  • B. Configure Access Points.
  • C. Access point placement.
  • D. Estimate the area coverage.

Answer : B,C


Which three statements about Service Set Identifiers (SSIDs) are true? (Choose three.)

  • A. The decision to enable a new SSID should always be approached with extreme caution, and all redundant SSIDs have to be eliminated.
  • B. A SSID is the identifier used for logical grouping of VLANs.
  • C. A SSID is the identifier used for logical grouping of devices.
  • D. The decision to enable a new SSID should not be considered on the WLAN networks.
  • E. The number of SSID enabled on a radio will have a significant impact on the channel utilization and available bandwidth for wireless clients.

Answer : A,C,E


Which four steps are required to configure GRE Tunnels on WLAN 9100 Access Points?
(Choose four.)

  • A. Add a bridge to the tunnel.
  • B. Change the MTU size to 0.
  • C. Enter the Primary Remote Endpoint IP address (IGT inbound interface IP).
  • D. Select Type as “GRE” from the drop-down list.
  • E. Enter any Tunnel Name.
  • F. Enter the Local Endpoint IP address (leave blank Access Point address).

Answer : C,D,E,F

To avoid costly manual processes, you want to provide self-registration capabilities to visitors, but want to ensure that only legitimate guests, and invited/visiting specific employees, are allowed to have a guest access. Also for security reasons you need to keep track of guest devices and statistics of Internet usage.
To provide only self-registration capabilities, which IDE application should be used?

  • A. Ignition Analytics
  • B. Ignition Server
  • C. IDE Access Portal
  • D. Avaya Wireless Orchestration System
  • E. IDE Guest Manager

Answer : E

Which two statements about the Avaya WLAN Orchestration System (WOS) are true?
(Choose two.)

  • A. WOS scales from small to large networks and from one location to multiple locations, as well as large campus environments with thousands of wireless users.
  • B. WOS supports third party vendors to monitor and configure their wireless Access Points.
  • C. WOS provides centralized monitoring, configuration, reporting, and management functions for Access Points, either individually, by group, or for all Access Points.
  • D. WOS can be used to manage and configure more than 40,000 Access Points.

Answer : A,C

Referencehttps://www.avaya.com/en/documents/avaya-wlan-orchestration-system- dn7520.pdf?t=0(p.1)

Which Wi-Fi designer survey method is used to analyze measured signal strength, display heat map of RSSI strength, and to indicate whether the WAP placement meets the design?

  • A. SSID Centric Site Survey
  • B. Device Centric Site Survey
  • C. Wi-Fi channel based Survey
  • D. Generic Site Survey

Answer : B


Which statement describes an Ignition Server?

  • A. It is used for different types and kinds of guests account provisioning and management.
  • B. It is the virtual OVA Appliances based software Authenticator in form of a Web-Portal.
  • C. It is the virtual OVA Appliance and RADIUS based Policy Engine with Identity Routing to Directory Services.
  • D. It is the Configuration Software Tool for ID Engines Ignition Server.

Answer : C

Refer to the exhibit.
Which statement describes the exhibit?

  • A. It shows an Avaya Wi-Fi Designer Building Blueprint.
  • B. It shows an Avaya Wi-Fi Designer Floor Plan.
  • C. It shows an Avaya Wi-Fi Designer Heat map.
  • D. It shows an Avaya Wi-Fi Designer Radio Signal schematic.

Answer : B


What is the minimum RAM required to setup an Avaya WLAN Orchestration System
(WOS) version 8.2 Small deployment model?

  • A. 4GB
  • B. 8GB
  • C. 16GB
  • D. 32GB

Answer : B


What is the default roaming mode of WLAN 9100 Access Points?

  • A. Unicast
  • B. Tunneled
  • C. Broadcast
  • D. Multicast

Answer : C

Referencehttp://rrc.ru/upload/avaya/ethernet/WLAN_9100_Tech_Transfer(May2016).pptx(s lide 20)

When a WLAN Client is roaming inside a Wi-Fi Network, what are three of the stages of the
Client Roaming process? (Choose three.)

  • A. Access Point sends a TCP packet
  • B. Client sends a DHCP offer packet
  • C. Client selects target AP to roam
  • D. Client Authentication State Validation
  • E. Client Re-association

Answer : A,C,E

Which WAP CLI command checks whether the WAP configuration satisfies PCI DSS wireless requirements?


Answer : C


You are installing a large wireless LAN infrastructure with more than 250 Avaya wireless
LAN 9100 Access Points.
Which on-premise Avaya Network Management tool would you implement?

  • A. Configuration and Orchestration Manager (COM)
  • B. Wireless Orchestration System (WOS)
  • C. Visualization, Performance and Fault Manager (VPFM)
  • D. Avaya Web Wireless Management Interface (WMI)

Answer : B

Which two key features of Avaya WLAN 9100 add value to the Office and Hospitality
Network implementation? (Choose two.)

  • A. Scalable solution with a distributed controller
  • B. High-performance Application Control
  • C. Availability with auto unit replacement
  • D. Secure BYOD and Guest Access

Answer : B,D

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Exam contains 66 questions

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