Avaya Communication Server 1000 for Avaya Aura Maintenance Exam v6.1

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Exam contains 70 questions

When deploying ESA for IP telephones, a method for determining the location of the IP telephones is required. If you are deploying internally, what would one method be?

  • A. Deploy ESA Package 382 (Virtual Office).
  • B. Deploy Location Information Services (US)
  • C. Deploy Discovery Manager (DM)
  • D. Deploy ESA Package 387 (Virtual Office Enhancement)

Answer : C

Given the following network characteristics:
three Communication Server 1000 RIs. 7 x systems

IP Peer Networking required -
DN uniqueness cannot be maintained
route calls using site Location Codes (LOCs)
Which type of dialing plan is recommended for this call routing scenario?

  • A. Flexible Numbering Plan (FNP)
  • B. Coordinated Dialing Plan (CDP)
  • C. Uniform Dialing Plan (UDP)
  • D. Network Attendant Numbering Plan

Answer : A

Your customer has a Communication Server 1000 RIs. 7 x system equipped with System
Errors and Events Lookup pack 245 that provides the ability to display system messages on screen.
When a system message in received, which procedure should you use to look it up and display it on the screen?

  • A. Enter the system error number followed by <cr> For example, bug4080<cr>
  • B. Enter bug followed by the system error code and <cr>. For example, bugerr4080<cr>
  • C. Enter errcde followed by the system error code and <cr>. For example, errcde bug4080<cr>
  • D. Enter err followed by the system error code followed by <cr>. For example, err bug4080<cr>

Answer : B

Explanation: Please see the extract below as pulled off of a Rel7.5 CS1000MG:

OVL000 -
>err bug4080

BUG4080 -
An out-of-range index has been detected for the "Type of Number" field contained in some
ISDN information elements. The field cannot be
correctly encoded or decoded.

Severity: Minor -

OVL000 -

A customer has just deployed a new Communication Server 1000 RIs. 7 x High Availability system. You have been instructed to configure the required virtual routes to comply with the company's dialing plan strategy.
Which Feature Package must be enabled to allow virtual routes on the system?

  • A. Package 147 ISDN Signaling Link
  • B. Package 148 Advanced ISDN Network Services
  • C. Package 145 integrated Services Digital Network
  • D. Package 161 ISDN Supplementary Features

Answer : B

Due to Directory Number conflicts in the Communication Server 1000 network, the customer wants to route calls by Home Location Codes (HLOC) and Location Codes
Consider the following Home Location Codes.

HLOC for system A = 329 -

HLOC for system B = 429 -
What LOC should be provisioned for system A?

  • A. LOC for System A = 3
  • B. LOC for System A = 49
  • C. LOC for System A = 329
  • D. LOC for System A = 429

Answer : D

A customer would like to simplify their network administration by migrating existing
Communication Server (CS) 1000 RIs. 7 x system in multiple locations into a single centrally deployed CS 1000 system. They want this change to be transparent to the end users so that can continue to use the same dial plan and features currently in place.
Which feature can you implement to meet the customers requirements?

  • A. Hybrid Dialing
  • B. Uniform Dialing
  • C. Zone Based Dialing
  • D. Coordinated Dialing

Answer : B

Which Overlay (LD) is used to find an unused card slot (LUC) for a new Digital Line Card that will support five digital telephones?

  • A. LD 22
  • B. LD 20
  • C. LD 21
  • D. LD 81

Answer : B

Click the Exhibit button.

A customers dialing requirement, listed below, require that all station users assigned an
NCOS of 3 and Class of Service of Conditionally Toll Denied (CTD) be able to place toll calls from the United States to Australia.

Australia Country Code: 61 -

NCOS of 3 has an FRL of 3 -
Expensive Routers are not being used
With reference to the exhibit, which table will allow all station users to be able to place these toll calls?

  • A. Provisioning Table A
  • B. Provisioning Table B
  • C. Provisioning Table C
  • D. Provisioning Table D

Answer : B

A customer has deployed a Communication Server (CS) 1000 RIs. 7 x system at their site.
They have asked you if the CS 1000 has a feature that can extend and ring calls to other locations. You have decided that Personal Call Assistant (PCA) will meet the customers requirements and verified that the system is equipped with Package 398, and that it has sufficient ISM parameters. Which step must be performed first when implementing PCA?

  • A. Locate or configure a Superloop for PCA
  • B. Enable the PCA feature for the customer
  • C. Configure Flexible feature codes for PCA control
  • D. Configure the telephone parameters to support PCA

Answer : B

Which IP Peer Networking component provides the centralized call routing for
Communication Server 1000 systems in an Avaya Aura network solution?

  • A. Call Manger
  • B. System manager
  • C. Session Border Controller
  • D. Session Manager

Answer : D

In order to set up the Customer Data Block within Element Manager to support Zone Based
Dialing, and assuming Package 420 ZBD Package is installed and active, what needs to be done first?

  • A. Configure Numbering Zones.
  • B. Select the Private Dial Plan from the customer’s Features page.
  • C. Select the Public Dial Plan from the customer’s Features page.
  • D. Select the “Enable Numbering Zones” option from the customer’s Feature page.

Answer : D

Click the Exhibit button.

Consider the customers current programming:

NCOS of 2 = FRL of 2 -
Class of Service on all sets is CTD
With reference to the exhibit, how would you modify Route List Index 1 to permit all station users with an NCOS of 2 to place 1+912 calls?

  • A. Change FRL on Route List Index 1 to FRL 1
  • B. Change FRL on Route List Index 1 to FRL 4
  • C. Change FLI on NPA entry for 1214 to RLI 2
  • D. Leave all existing programming as is.

Answer : A

An administrator is programming an NRS for the first time on a new Communication Server
1000 system RIS. 7.0 system. When attempting to add the Service Domain, it cannot be added as the Add button is grayed out in the NRS.
Which tasked should you perform to resolve this issue?

  • A. reinstall the Signaling Server Software
  • B. reinstall the NRS software
  • C. switch from Standby database to Active database
  • D. switch from Active database to Standby database

Answer : D

When configuring Zone Based Dialing, what option would you select to create new zones for routing calls through a centralized Call Server?

  • A. Numbering Zones link
  • B. Bandwidth Zones link
  • C. Dialing Configuration Details link
  • D. Dialing Configuration Details for Flexible Dial Plan link

Answer : D

For a situation where you use the CDP feature at a switch equipped with the MARS software package, which statement are correct? (Choose two)

  • A. Use steering codes tor CDP calls that are the same as the assigned NARS Access Cades.
  • B. Use steering codes tor CDP calls that are distinct from those assigned NARS Access Cades.
  • C. You can integrate CDP numbers with the NARS Uniform Dialing Plan (UDP).
  • D. You cannot share Route Lists, Digit Manipulation tables and Time-of-Day schedule with NARS.

Answer : BC

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Exam contains 70 questions

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