IoT Sales Fundamentals Exam v6.0

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Exam contains 42 questions

Triggering events can signal an IoT opportunity. Which two options are examples of triggering events that arecaused by an upgrade? (Choose 2)

  • A. Arestaurant wishes to hire new staff.
  • B. A driller purchases new equipment.
  • C. A city wants to rename its parks.
  • D. A company commits to increasing operational capacity.

Answer : B,D

Which benefit can the transportation industry receive from the Cisco Internet of Things?

  • A. cleaner and more comfortable mass transit.
  • B. reduced congestion
  • C. faster commercial vehicles
  • D. greater public access to port shipping

Answer : B

What is a primary benefit of mobility as part of the Internet of Everything?

  • A. minimizing cyber security threats.
  • B. directly increasing the availability of big data.
  • C. making information available anytime, anywhere.
  • D. increasing worker safety.

Answer : C

In one case study in which Yarra Tram installed91000datapointson its tram,Cisco improvedday to-day tramoperations and passengerexperiences.Which two thingsachievedtheseimprovements?(Choose two)

  • A. Minimizing labor costs.
  • B. Upgrading real-time device management.
  • C. Increasing asset tracking.
  • D. Improving cyber security.
  • E. Establishing better worker-to-worker communication.

Answer : B,C

Which option describesthe idea behind the fog data in motion?

  • A. Data gets caught in the fog and is unable to reach thecloud.
  • B. Data is constantly being sent back and forthbetween the cloud and devices.
  • C. Data is continuously sent to the edge to be analyzedfor relevant information.
  • D. Data goes through continuous analysis to provide key insights.

Answer : C

Which three solutions are part of the Cisco internet of Things application portfolio?( Choose three.)

  • A. Fog/Edge (IOX)
  • B. Data center
  • C. Iaas
  • D. Paas/Cloud (DSX)
  • E. Managementand Analytics

Answer : A,D,E

Which option is one of the benefits of Cisco IOxto customersin thetransportationindustry?

  • A. increased use of sustainable energies for transportation.
  • B. fail-safe collision avoidance.
  • C. increased number of commercial flights.
  • D. less worker time spent in hazardous locations.

Answer : B

Which steps Cisco recommended to sell Cisco internet of things solutions?

  • A. Hire new sales team leaders.
  • B. Understand the new technology that the Cisco internet of things has to offer.
  • C. Start your sales process with cold calls.
  • D. Focus selling on the IT department.

Answer : B

According toCisco surveys, which option concerns Heads of Safety and Security the most?

  • A. minimizingasset depreciation, creating a more welcoming workplace environment,and increasing workplace diversity.
  • B. minimizing cyber security threats, improving worker safety, and creating a better internship program.
  • C. reducing the cost of safety and security measures, decreasing the environmental impact of operations,and improving worker incentives.
  • D. increasing the availability of security, improving plant and worker safety, and facilitating the use ofsecurity products and processes.

Answer : D

Of the four primary componentsof the customersinstall base, which component isthe most significant anduntapped opportunity?

  • A. Commercial/SMB
  • B. service providers
  • C. the public sector
  • D. enterprise

Answer : A

What is the total value and breakdown of the value at stake for the Internet of Everything?

  • A. $19 Trillion: $14.4 Trillion private sector, $4.6 Trillion public sector.
  • B. $9 Trillion: $6.2 Trillion private sector, $2.8 Trillion public sector
  • C. $9 Trillion: $2.8 Trillion private sector, $6.2 Trillion public sector
  • D. $19 Trillion: $4.6 Trillion private sector, $14.4 Trillion public sector

Answer : A

Triggering events can signal an IOT opportunity.Which two options are examplesoftriggeringeventsthat are causedbyexpansions?(Choose two).

  • A. A company purchases a new fleet.
  • B. A city is awarded a grantto implement new traffic management.
  • C. A citywants a faster bus service system.
  • D. A company created a new filing system.

Answer : A,B

What can workers in the manufacturing industry do now as a direct result of Cisco IOx?

  • A. Increase their firm's global relevance.
  • B. Expand their company's marketing initiatives.
  • C. Receive earlier notification of an approaching peak or Reduce worker time spent inhold of operation.
  • D. Reduce worker time spent in manufacturing plants.

Answer : C

Which twooptions are challenges to delivering data efficiently into the cloud? (Choosetwo.)

  • A. Information is demanded quickly and in large quantities.
  • B. The fog blocks some data from entering the cloud.
  • C. Bandwidth is notaccessible from allentering the cloud.
  • D. The cloud is not accessible from all locations.

Answer : A,C

Three of the Cisco Connected Oil and Gas solutions are: Connected Refinery, Secure
Ops,andoilfield. Which option is the fourth solution?

  • A. Connected pipeline.
  • B. Connected Data
  • C. Connected Mining
  • D. Connected Tram

Answer : A

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Exam contains 42 questions

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