Cisco SP Video Digital Media Design for SE v6.3

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Exam contains 36 questions

Which three types of backup options exist in the Cisco DCM? (Choose three.)

  • A. device
  • B. video
  • C. service
  • D. transport stream
  • E. TCP

Answer : A,C,D

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Which three options are off-air digital broadcast standards? (Choose three.)

  • A. PAL
  • B. ATSC
  • C. DVB-T
  • D. SECAM
  • E. ISDB-T
  • F. NTSC

Answer : B,C,E

When would a Cisco ROSA EM not be required to be colocated with the equipment that it is managing?

  • A. when all equipment is managed via a serial interface
  • B. when all equipment is managed via SNMP only
  • C. when all equipment is monitored via contact closures
  • D. when the temperature is required to be monitored at the site

Answer : B

How many MPEG-1 Layer 2 audios can you process on one Cisco D9036 audio module?

  • A. 4
  • B. 8
  • C. 16
  • D. 32
  • E. 64

Answer : D

Which frame is the reference frame in a GOP?

  • A. B-frame
  • B. C-frame
  • C. I-frame
  • D. P-frame

Answer : C


Which two modulation formats are used in Digital Video Broadcasting-Satellrte-2? (Choose two.)

  • A. 256 QAM
  • B. 64 QAM
  • C. FDM
  • D. QPSK
  • E. 8PSK

Answer : D,E

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Which compression format is supported by the Cisco DCM Gateway?

  • A. MPEG-4
  • B. MPEG-2
  • C. JPEG 2000
  • D. H.264

Answer : C


What must be known about the incoming signal in order to properly configure an encoder?

  • A. source type, video standard, and frame rate
  • B. frequency, symbol rate, and FEC rate
  • C. GOP, PMT, and frame rate
  • D. frequency, temperature, and video standard

Answer : A

Which three functions requite the installation of a coprocessor card? (Choose three.)

  • A. multiplexing
  • B. transiting
  • C. scrambling
  • D. service backup
  • E. PID blocking
  • F. ad insertion

Answer : A,C,F

Explanation: page 1

If a customer needs to visually script a VoD workflow in the Cisco Transcode Manager, which feature should be used?

  • A. Work Order
  • B. Visio
  • C. Whiteboard
  • D. Workflow Manager

Answer : D

Explanation: httpHYPERLINK -

Which MPEG table contains information that is related to conditional access within an
MPEG-2 transport stream?

  • A. PAT
  • B. TOT
  • C. CAT
  • D. NIT

Answer : C

Reference: page 19

How many PowerVu encrypted programs can the Cisco D9854 decrypt?

  • A. 1
  • B. 2
  • C. 8
  • D. 16

Answer : D


When adding a device to Cisco ROSA EM, what information must be known about that device?

  • A. device type, address, and port connection
  • B. name, size, and color
  • C. device type, size, and graphic
  • D. graphic, address, and size

Answer : A

What is the airflow architecture in the Cisco D9036?

  • A. front to back
  • B. side to side
  • C. front to side
  • D. back to front

Answer : A


How many streams can be processed by one FEC board in the DCM?

  • A. 250 encoded and 250 decoded
  • B. 500 encoded and 500 decoded
  • C. 2000 encoded and 2000 decoded
  • D. unlimited

Answer : A

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Exam contains 36 questions

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