Cisco SP Video Sales for AM v6.2

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Exam contains 23 questions

What is DPI?

  • A. Digital Primary Initiator
  • B. Digital Program Information
  • C. Digital Program Insertion
  • D. Digital Primary Indicator

Answer : C

What is the function of an integrated receiver/decoder?

  • A. multiplex MPEG programs
  • B. receive programs for display on a television
  • C. receive and decode satellite signals
  • D. receive and decode IPsec signals

Answer : B

Which two versions Of MPEG compression does Cisco D90X encoder use :( Choose two.)

  • A. MPEG-1
  • B. MPEG-2
  • C. MPEG-3
  • D. MPEG-4

Answer : BD

What is the airflow architecture in the Cisco D9036?

  • A. Front to back
  • B. side to side
  • C. front to side
  • D. back to front

Answer : A

How many I-frames are in a group of pictures (GOP)?

  • A. 1
  • B. 2
  • C. 3
  • D. 4

Answer : A

Which product is used to convert from RF to optical signals in an HFC network?

  • A. node
  • B. amplifier
  • C. tap
  • D. QAM

Answer : A

What is one of the major market drivers for access network business unit?

  • A. increase in HD content
  • B. increase in analog content
  • C. decrease in competition from satellite broadcasters
  • D. decrease in digital content

Answer : A

The main advantage of D-PON is that it allows the cable operator to offer fiber to the home and maintain which of theses

  • A. amount of bandwidth offered
  • B. back-office infrastructure
  • C. OpEx
  • D. analog television service

Answer : B

What is the primary advantage of MPEG-4 part 10 over MPEG-2?

  • A. MPEG-4 uses twice the bandwidth
  • B. MPEG-2 can have more programs.
  • C. MPEG-4 part 10 uses half the bandwidth.
  • D. MPEG-2 can have fewer programs.

Answer : C

What is the advantage of a universal edge QAM?

  • A. allows for both analog and digital video to share the same QAM modulator
  • B. decreases the cost of QAM modulation
  • C. increases the cost of QAM modulation
  • D. allows for both VoIP and data to share the same QAM modulator

Answer : D

Which device can transcode from MPEG-2 to MPEG-4?

  • A. D9034
  • B. D9036
  • C. W650
  • D. DCM

Answer : B

Reference: e_c51-675594.html

Which management system can monitor and control video headend equipment?

  • A. ANA
  • B. CiscoWorks
  • C. ROSA
  • D. SNMP

Answer : C

Which device can multiplex and change formats of MPEG-2 programs?

  • A. encoder
  • B. DCM
  • C. IRD
  • D. STB

Answer : B

The competitive advantage that Cisco has over all its competitors in the HFC segment is which of these?

  • A. hyperfocus on headend optics
  • B. bundle with handsets
  • C. end-to-end focus
  • D. strong single-product focus

Answer : C

Which device can take in SDI video and output multiple copies of the encoded video in formats such as Smooth Streaming and Flash streaming?

  • A. Cisco Media Processor
  • B. Cisco Transcode Manager
  • C. Cisco D9036
  • D. DC M 9901

Answer : A

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Exam contains 23 questions

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