Introducing Cisco Identity Services Engine for System Engineer Exam v6.1

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Exam contains 34 questions

Which function does the Cisco NAC Agent not perform?

  • A. Windows updates
  • B. launch remediation program
  • C. antivirus or antispyware definition updates
  • D. Macintosh updates

Answer : D

Which scenario does not support Cisco ISE guest services?

  • A. wired NAD with local WebAuth
  • B. wireless LAN controller with central WebAuth
  • C. wireless LAN controller with local WebAuth
  • D. wired NAD with central WebAuth

Answer : B

Which statement about Change of Authorization and Inline Posture node is not true?

  • A. Inline Posture node supports Layer 3 mode (router mode).
  • B. Inline Posture node supports Layer 2 mode (bridge mode).
  • C. All Cisco devices support Change of Authorization.
  • D. Inline Posture node is used to provide Change of Authorization functionality on devices that lack native Change of Authorization support

Answer : C

Which option does the Cisco ISE guest service not provide?

  • A. support for local WebAuth and central WebAuth
  • B. integrated authentication support for guest and nonguest accounts
  • C. auto-population of login username for self-service registration
  • D. email or SMS with credentials created by Admin registration

Answer : C

Which Cisco ISE node does not support automatic failover?

  • A. Inline Posture node
  • B. Monitoring node
  • C. Policy Services node
  • D. Admin node

Answer : D

What is the maximum number of endpoints supported on 3315/3355/3395 providing all
Cisco BE services respectively?

  • A. 5000/1000/50000
  • B. 3000/6000/10000
  • C. 2000/4000/8000
  • D. 1000/2000/5000
  • E. 4000/8000/15000

Answer : B

Which statement is true?

  • A. A Cisco ISE Advanced license is perpetual in nature.
  • B. A Cisco ISE Advanced license can be installed on top of a Base and/or Wireless license.
  • C. A Cisco ISE Wireless license can be installed on top of a Base and/or Advanced license.
  • D. A Cisco ISE Advanced license can be used without any Base licenses.

Answer : B

At which OSI layer does WebAuth operate?

  • A. Layer 2
  • B. Layer 1
  • C. Layers 4 and 7 in combination
  • D. Layer 3
  • E. Layer 4

Answer : C

What n the maximum number of supported endpoints on an appliance in stand-alone mode?

  • A. 5,000
  • B. 7,500
  • C. 10,000
  • D. 2,000

Answer : D

Which Cisco ISE deployment models support profiling?

  • A. Wireless WPA Enterprise TKIP SSIDs
  • B. Inline Posture nodes
  • C. Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance
  • D. Wireless WPA2 Personal AES SSIDs

Answer : B

In which scenario does Cisco ISE allocate an Advanced license?

  • A. guest services with dACL enforcement
  • B. endpoint authorization using SGA enforcement
  • C. dynamic device profiling
  • D. high availability Administrator nodes

Answer : C

Which two configurations are acceptable for base and advanced licenses? (Choose two)

  • A. no base licenses, 750 advanced licenses
  • B. 1000 base license, 500 advanced licenses
  • C. 1500 base license, no advanced license
  • D. 250 base licenses, 500 advanced licenses

Answer : BC

Which existing platforms support data migration to Cisco ISE 1.0?

  • A. NAC4.X
  • B. ACS 4.X
  • C. NAC 3.X
  • D. ACS 5.X

Answer : A

What is the maximum number of support endpoints supported in a Cisco ISE deployment?

  • A. 50 endpoints
  • B. 100 K endpoints
  • C. 80 K endpoints
  • D. 200 K endpoints
  • E. 1 Million endpoints

Answer : B

What is the maximum syslog rate for the monitoring node without any drop with appreciable latency?

  • A. 500 messages/sec
  • B. 1000 messages/sec
  • C. 2000 messages/sec
  • D. 5000 messages/sec

Answer : B

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Exam contains 34 questions

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