Cisco Connected Grid (Engineer) Knowledge Verification v6.1

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Exam contains 56 questions

Which section of NERC-CIP specifies physical security requirements?

  • A. section 3
  • B. section 7
  • C. section 6
  • D. section 4
  • E. section 5

Answer : C

Which of these is part of mission critical substation?

  • A. fault detection and restoration
  • B. physical security alarm
  • C. physical access (deny access)
  • D. workstation email

Answer : A

Which product is included in the Cisco Smart Grid product offerings?

  • A. ISR 2900 Series and Catalyst 2960
  • B. All existing Cisco products
  • C. Connected Grid Router CGR 2010 and Connected Grid Switch CGS 2520
  • D. Smart Grid 3000 ruggedized switching platform

Answer : C

What is the function of security event data processed in real time for incident response and threat management?

  • A. Cisco Physical Access Manager Client
  • B. Video Surveillance Operation Manager
  • C. Security Information Management
  • D. Security Event Management

Answer : C

Which of these is a grouping of elements that are part of the Cisco Substation Automation solution?

  • A. data center and customer call centers
  • B. customer call centers, electrical auto recharging, home energy management
  • C. protection and control, grid monitoring, multi service communications networks
  • D. multi service communications networks
  • E. protection and control, auto meter reading, data analysis

Answer : C

Which feature is supported by Cisco License Manager3.0?

  • A. no role-based access
  • B. ability to handle up to 500,000 devices
  • C. free test license
  • D. PDI helpdesk

Answer : B

What are features controlled on the Cisco CGR 2010?

  • A. PAK license
  • B. license soft key
  • C. ISO image
  • D. hardware key

Answer : B

What are the two different types of console ports available? (Choose two.)

  • A. Network
  • B. USB
  • C. RJ45
  • D. Firewall

Answer : B,C

How many types of smart port macros are available for the Cisco CGS 2500?

  • A. 1 type
  • B. 2 types
  • C. 3 types
  • D. 4 types

Answer : B

Why is IEC 61850 important within the energy / utility industry?

  • A. the latest Cisco product for connected grid security
  • B. define industry standard for design of electrical substations
  • C. a law recently passed in the United States
  • D. a new routing protocol for electricity

Answer : B

Which statement is correct?

  • A. Cisco CGS 2520 switches support advanced QOS functionality for proper handling of all station bus traffic.
  • B. Cisco CGS 2520 switches do not support any QoS function.
  • C. Cisco CGS 2520 switches support advanced QoS functionality for proper handling of all traffic.
  • D. Cisco CGS 2520 switches support advanced QoS functionality for proper handling of SCADA traffic.

Answer : D

Refer to the exhibit. What does "ESP" represent?

  • A. electronic substation protocol
  • B. external substation protection
  • C. electronic security perimeter
  • D. external security perimeter

Answer : C

Which trend is driving the move toward Smart Grid?

  • A. increases in supply, which requires the integration of distributed generation sources
  • B. increasing carbon footprint
  • C. compliance with regulations involving government funding and rules
  • D. reduced demand, which causes an increase in demand and peak load

Answer : C

Which solution will provide remote visibility on an unattended substation?

  • A. unify computing
  • B. digital media system Cisco WebEx
  • C. video surveillance
  • D. physical access control

Answer : C

Information available for MODBUS?

  • A. system ID
  • B. port 5TP state
  • C. system name

Answer : A

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Exam contains 56 questions

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