Mobile Internet Technology for Account Managers v6.0

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Exam contains 42 questions

Which option is standard technology for migration to LTE?

  • A. eHPPP
  • B. eHORP
  • C. eHRPD
  • D. eHPOP

Answer : C

EPC is multi access by nature. Which protocol does it include?

  • A. LTE, WiMAX, UMTS, and CDMA2000
  • B. PDG, GGSN, UMTS, and LTE
  • C. UMTS,PGW, SGSN, and Femtocell
  • D. WiMAX, Femtocell, MME, and SGW

Answer : A

Which competitor is the current market leader, but is losing share to MITG?

  • A. Ericsson
  • B. Tellabs
  • C. Huawei
  • D. Juniper network

Answer : A

Which feature is a key benefit of Cisco ASR 5000 platform?

  • A. Support for fast internet mobile
  • B. Tight integration with network management system
  • C. Front and back access due to midplane design
  • D. Provides seamless migration from 3G to 4G networks

Answer : D

Your customer wants to streamline their support staff. Which cisco services should you recommend?

  • A. Technical Services
  • B. Remote management Services
  • C. Cisco smart care
  • D. Advanced Services

Answer : B

Which cisco technical service is used to resolve approximately 80% of network issues and can be accessed without opening a case?

  • A. Cisco TAC Support Engineers
  • B. Operating system support and updates
  • C. Remote Management, monitoring, remediation
  • D. online technical resources

Answer : D

What is the main benefit provided by the MITG integrated intelligence platform?

  • A. Rapid session recovery
  • B. Seamless migration to 4G
  • C. Real-time network and Service management
  • D. More scalable infrastructure

Answer : C

Which two capabilities are the parts of MME solution? (Choose two)

  • A. Extensive QoS functionality
  • B. 1:n redundancy
  • C. Content filtering
  • D. Intelligent paging
  • E. Rich VPN features

Answer : B,D

On the Cisco ASR 5000, which three features helps to ensure high availability? (Choose three)

  • A. No session recovery for common Services
  • B. No single point of failure
  • C. Inter-chassis redundancy
  • D. Online software updates are not supported
  • E. Virtual memory protects software tasks
  • F. Terminated tasks have to be manually restarted

Answer : B,C,E

Which key components of the CDMA solution make it different from UMTS?

  • A. EPC anchor point and PDSN
  • B. 1xRTT base station and GGSN
  • C. SGSN and GGSN
  • D. PDSN and the Home Agent

Answer : D

What is the unique differentiator that sets cisco SGSN apart from competitors?

  • A. Cost-effective evolution to 2G
  • B. Combine 2G, 3G, and 4g SGSN into the same platform
  • C. P2P detection and control
  • D. Seamless interoperability with GGSN

Answer : B

Which feature is one of the main features offered by Cisco Smart Services?

  • A. Strengthened IT security
  • B. Remote remediation
  • C. Accelerated time to market
  • D. Lower operational costs

Answer : B

In what two ways to subscribe-aware stateful firewalls compliment internet firewalls?
(Choose two)

  • A. Enable user-specific event correlation
  • B. Provides QoS support on a per-subscribe or per-group basis
  • C. Enables user-specific throttling
  • D. Provides granular support for per-subscriber or per-group firewall rules
  • E. Resolve the stateless issue with internet firewalls

Answer : A,D

Which feature is the back bone of MITG distributed architecture?

  • A. System management card
  • B. Fully meshed star topology
  • C. Packet service card
  • D. Redundant crossbar card

Answer : C

Which two statements about the Cisco ASR 5000 are true? (Choose two)

  • A. Can be marketed for all 4G deployments
  • B. Targeted subs 3M to 10M per chassis
  • C. 15G – 80G performance
  • D. Can be marketed for all 3G deployments
  • E. Ideal for medium through out deployments
  • F. Highly centralized architecture

Answer : C,D

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Exam contains 42 questions

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