Implementing Cisco Service Provider Next-Generation Egde Network Services v7.0

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In hierarchical VPLS implementations, which two access architectures can be used between the UPE and NPE? (Choose two.)

  • A. EoMPLS
  • B. MP-BGP
  • C. Frame Relay
  • D. 802.1ad

Answer : A,D

H-VPLS uses spoke connections, usually between Layer 2 switches acting as the CE and
PE devices at the service provider's point-of presence (POP). The spoke connections can be either an IEEE 802.1Q tagged connection or an MPLS LSP.

A customer wants two separated sites to be connected via a pseudo-wire. Which solution provides the simplest implementation?

  • A. AToM
  • B. Layer 3 VPN
  • C. VPLS

Answer : A

In Layer 3 MPLS VPN implementations, if a customer is using the same AS number at both customer sites and the PE-to-CE routing protocol is BGP, what must be enabled on the PE router?

  • A. BGP AS override
  • B. BGP allowas-in
  • C. BGP SOO extended community
  • D. BGP AS path prepending

Answer : A

Loop prevention in BGP is done by verifying the AS number in the AS Path. If the receiving router sees its own AS number in the AS Path of the received BGP packet, the packet is dropped. The receiving Router assumes that the packet was originated from its own AS and has reached the same place from where it originated initially.
The feature could be a disaster if customers are using same AS number along the various sites and disallows customer sites having identical AS numbers to be linked by another AS number. In such a scenario, routing updates from one site will be dropped when the other site receives them.
To override this feature, AS-Override function causes to replace the AS number of originating router with the AS number of the sending BGP router. The command is neighbor ip-address as-override and can only be executed under the VPNv4 address- family

When implementing H-VPLS with QinQ access on Cisco Metro Ethernet switches, which two commands enable the QinQ tagging? (Choose two.)

  • A. encapsulation dot1q {customer-vlan} second-tag {sp-vlan}
  • B. encapsulation dot1q {sp-vlan} second-tag {customer-vlan}
  • C. switchport mode dot1q-tunnel
  • D. switchport mode trunk
  • E. switchport access vlan {sp-vlan}
  • F. switchport access vlan {customer-vlan}

Answer : C,E

Which two protocols can be used for VPLS signaling on a Cisco IOS XR router? (Choose two.)

  • A. BGP
  • B. LDP
  • C. TDP
  • D. RSVP
  • E. PBB

Answer : A,B

In Layer 3 MPLS VPN implementations, which protocol is used to carry the VPNv4 routes from PE to PE?

  • A. RSVP
  • B. IGP
  • C. MP-BGP
  • D. LDP

Answer : C

When troubleshooting EoMPLS configuration problems, which three parameters must match between the two ends of the pseudowire configurations? (Choose three.)

  • A. control word usage
  • B. MTU size
  • C. pseudowire ID
  • D. Xconnect group name
  • E. EFP subinterface number

Answer : A,B,C

Provisioning an AToM Static Pseudowire
In this configuration task, you use options in the xconnect Ethernet interface configuration command to specify a static connection, and mpls commands in xconnect mode to statically set the following pseudowire parameters:
Set the local and remote pseudowire labels
Enable or disable sending the MPLS control word

Haven't been able to find where MTU Must match

In MPLS Layer 3 VPN implementations, what is used on the PE router to isolate potential overlapping routing information between different customers?

  • A. route targets
  • B. VRFs
  • C. VC IDs
  • D. pseudowire IDs
  • E. pseudowire classes

Answer : B

A network engineer working for a very large financial institution must migrate the legacy
Frame Relay and ATM virtual circuits over a MPLS VPN solution. Which option is a benefit in choosing a MPLS Layer 3 VPN versus any other Layer 2 VPN design?

  • A. An MPLS Layer 3 VPN design offers better scalability for large organizations.
  • B. An MPLS Layer 3 VPN design requires less customer edge router configuration than any other Layer 2 VPN implementation.
  • C. An MPLS Layer 3 VPN solution provides the possibility to implement overlapping IP addressing.
  • D. An MPLS Layer 3 VPN design requires less provider edge router configuration than any other Layer 2 VPN implementation.

Answer : A

On Cisco IOS and IOS XE Layer 3 MPLS VPN implementations, when redistributing the customer RIP routes into MP-BGP, the RIP metric is copied into which BGP attribute?

  • A. local preference
  • B. weight
  • C. MED
  • D. extended community

Answer : C

Use the red bgp <asn> metric transparent command to preserve the RIP metrics.
When RIP routes are redistributed into BGP, the route metric is stored in the BGP MED value. When BGP routes are redistributed into RIP, and the transparent keyword used, the
MED value is copied back as the RIP metric. Without the transparent keyword, the metric value specified is applied to all the routes.

Whenis it appropriate to activate the VPNv6 address family?

  • A. when implementing 6PE
  • B. when running dual stack at the provider edge
  • C. when implementing 6to4 tunneling
  • D. when implementing 6VPE

Answer : D

Which VPN technology is an example of a full-mesh VPN?

  • A. VTI
  • B. GRE VPN
  • C. Frame Relay L2 VPN

Answer : D

Which option represents an AToM pseudowire basic configuration in Cisco IOS XR device?

  • A. pseudowire-class name_class encapsulation mpls !
  • B. pseudowire-class name_class encapsulation l2tpv3 !
  • C. l2vpn pw-class name encapsulation mpls !
  • D. l2vpn xconnect group group-name p2p xconnect-name
  • E. neighbor ip-address pw-id pseudowire-id

Answer : C

With Layer 3 MPLS VPN implementations on Cisco IOS XR PE routers, an interface is assigned to a VRF using the vrf command in which configuration mode?

  • A. RP/0/RP0/CPU0:PE(config-vrf)#
  • B. RP/0/RP0/CPU0:PE(config-if)#
  • C. RP/0/RP0/CPU0:PE(config-bgp)#
  • D. RP/0/RP0/CPU0:PE(config-bgp-af)#

Answer : B

In MPLS Layer 3 VPN implementations, what is used at the PEs to transform the customer
IPv4 prefixes into a unique 96-bit prefix?

  • A. RT
  • B. RD
  • C. VC ID
  • D. PW ID
  • E. AS number

Answer : B

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Exam contains 131 questions

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