Implementing Cisco Service Provider Mobility LTE Networks (SPLTE) v6.0

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Exam contains 76 questions

Which option is a network entity that can mix multiple Voice over LTE call bearers into a conference call?

  • A. Media Resource Function
  • B. Media Gateway
  • C. Mobile Switching Center
  • D. Packet Data Network Gateway

Answer : A

Which option describes how PCRF knows the amount of QoS that is needed for a Voice over LTE call?

  • A. PCRF obtains the bandwidth information over the Sy interface.
  • B. PCRF obtains the bandwidth information over the Rx interface from P-CSCF.
  • C. PCRF obtains bandwidth information from the TAS.
  • D. PCRF has the all the bandwidth information always hard-coded in its configuration.

Answer : B

Which Diameter command is used when P-CSCF sends the desired uplink and downlink bandwidth information to the PCRF?

  • A. RAR
  • B. AAR
  • C. CCR
  • D. MAR

Answer : B

Which protocol runs on the 3GPP Rx interface?

  • A. GTPv2
  • B. SS7
  • D. Diameter
  • E. SIP

Answer : D

Which option describes what happens if a Voice over LTE IMS client attaches to an LTE

  • A. A default bearer is established in IMS APN.
  • B. A dedicated bearer is established in IMS APN.
  • C. A default bearer and a dedicated bearer are established in IMS APN.
  • D. No EPC bearer is established in IMS APN at this stage.

Answer : A

In which two ways is P-CSCF discovered by the Voice over LTE IMS client? (Choose two.)

  • A. Retrieve the list of P-CSCF information that is stored locally on the IMS client.
  • B. Obtain P-CSCF information from other registered IMS clients.
  • C. Retrieve the list of P-CSCF information from the Mobility Management Entity.
  • D. Obtain P-CSCF information in the protocol configuration options during bearer context activation.
  • E. Obtain P-CSCF information from the Telephony Application Server during IMS registration.

Answer : A,D

Which protocol does the IMS client use to register with IMS core?

  • A. Diameter Protocol
  • B. Session Initiation Protocol
  • C. GPRS Tunneling Protocol
  • D. Real-time Transport Control Protocol

Answer : B

Which network function converts Voice over LTE voice bearer to PSTN voice bearer?

  • A. border gateway control function
  • B. media gateway function
  • C. multimedia resource function
  • D. session border controller function

Answer : B

Which application protocol is used by the SWx reference point?

  • B. Diameter
  • C. TCP
  • D. GTPv2

Answer : B

Which option describes where the Sp reference point is located?

  • A. between PCRF and SPR
  • B. between PCRF and the application function
  • C. between PGW and trusted non-3GPP IP access
  • D. between PCRF and ePDG

Answer : A

Which option is the location of the SWx reference point?

  • A. between 3GPP AAA server and HSS
  • B. between 3GPP AAA proxy and HSS
  • C. between 3GPP AAA server and untrusted non-3GPP IP access
  • D. between ePDG and UE

Answer : A

Which 3GPP specification describes charging management, charging architecture, and principles?

  • A. 3GPP-TS-32.240
  • B. 3GPP-TS-32.295
  • C. 3GPP-TS-32.297
  • D. 3GPP-TS-32.299

Answer : A

In the offline charging architecture, which path protocol and registered port number help to transport the CDRs from the CDFs to the CGF over the Ga reference point?

  • A. UDP src.port and dest.port as 2123
  • B. UDP src.port random and dest.port as 3386
  • C. TCP src.port and dest.port as 3386
  • D. UDP src.port random and dest.port as 2123

Answer : B

Which two descriptions of GTPP v1 are accurate? (Choose two.)

  • A. GTP' is a Transport protocol on the Ga reference point
  • B. GTP' supports IPv6 address type
  • C. GTP' supports redirection capability
  • D. GTP' supports registration capability

Answer : A,C

Which two triggers are applicable to partial record closure for the SGW-CDR? (Choose two.)

  • A. termination of IP-CAN bearer
  • B. abnormal release
  • C. S-GW change
  • D. MS Time-Zone-Change
  • E. PLMN-Change

Answer : D,E

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Exam contains 76 questions

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