Implementing Cisco Service Provider Mobility CDMA Networks (SPCDMA) v1.0

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Which statement is correct when 'domain default subscriber' is configured on the Cisco ASR 5000 PDSN?

  • A. Subscribers with domain alias '' are assigned to subscriber template ''
  • B. Subscribers with domain alias '' are assigned to subscriber template 'default'
  • C. Subscribers with default domain alias are assigned to subscriber template ''
  • D. Subscribers with any domain aliases except '' are rejected on the PDSN

Answer : A

What UDP port is used between PCF and PDSN for the A11 interface by default?

  • A. 699
  • B. 400
  • C. 3868
  • D. 1812

Answer : A

What does the Cisco ASR 5000 PDSN do when subscriber's authentication is not found in subscriber's domain alias in source/AAA context?

  • A. PDSN rejects the call with Admin Prohibited
  • B. PDSN selects AAA subscriber default in the context
  • C. PDSN rejects the call with Insufficient Resources
  • D. PDSN proceeds without authentication

Answer : B

Which message is sent from the PDSN to the AAA server to indicate a new subscriber data session?

  • A. Accounting-Request with Acct-Status-Type = Start
  • B. Accounting-Request with Acct-Status-Type = Request
  • C. Accounting-Request with Acct-Status-Type = Open
  • D. Accounting-Request with Acct-Status-Type = Access

Answer : A

What message and interface are used by PCF to establish a new data session on the PDSN?

  • A. Registration Request over A11
  • B. Registration Request over AAA
  • C. Access Request over A11
  • D. Access Request over AAA

Answer : A

Which node performs the EAP authentication function in eHRPD?

  • A. 3GPP AAA
  • B. aAN/ePCF
  • C. 3GPP2 AAA
  • D. HSGW

Answer : D

What is the signaling interface between the EPC MME and the evolved HRPD Access Network (eAN/ePCF)?

  • A. S103
  • B. X2
  • C. S101
  • D. H1
  • E. A10
  • F. A11

Answer : C

Which reference point connects the PCRF in the 3GPP EPC to the HSGW in the 3GPP2 eHRPD access network?

  • A. Pi
  • B. A101
  • C. Gxa
  • D. STa
  • E. S2a
  • F. A11

Answer : C

What two protocols are used by the HSGW to provide IPv4 address and IPv4 parameter configuration during PDN connection establishment? (Choose two.)

  • A. VSNCP
  • B. DHCPv4
  • C. DNS
  • D. VSNP
  • E. DHCPv6
  • F. TCP

Answer : AB

Which reference point is defined as S103?

  • A. SGW and PGW
  • B. PGW and HSGW
  • C. HSGW and MME
  • D. HSGW and SGW

Answer : D

Which access network element is responsible for delivering the IPv4 address and/or IPv6 prefix to the UE?

  • A. 3GPP AAA
  • B. aAN/ePCF
  • C. 3GPP2 AAA
  • D. HSGW
  • E. PDN-GW

Answer : D

Which type of message does the HSGW use to deliver UE's home network prefix for IPv6 address allocation?

  • A. VSNCP Configure-Ack
  • B. VSNCP Configure-Request
  • C. Router Advertisement
  • D. Router Solicitation

Answer : C

Which network element initiates the Gateway Control and QoS Rules Provision Procedure (specified in TS23.203) by sending a message with the QoS rules and
Event Trigger information for network initiated dedicated bearer activation in eHRPD?

  • A. HSGW
  • B. 3GPP2 AAA
  • C. PCRF
  • D. aAN/ePCF
  • E. 3GPP AAA
  • F. UE

Answer : C

Which two parameters are included in the QoS Info TLV for stage 3 inter-HSGW handover for the purpose of context transfer? (Choose two.)

  • A. Gxa AVPs
  • B. Granted FlowProfileID
  • C. Diameter AVPs
  • D. Forward/Reserve Profiles
  • E. Requested FlowProfileIDs
  • F. Reservation Label (FlowID)

Answer : BE

Which statement accurately describes Mobile/UE in a dormant state?

  • A. A physical traffic channel exists between the Mobile/UE and the eAN
  • B. A connection exists between the eAN and the ePCF
  • C. No connection exists between ePCF and the HSGW
  • D. A PPP link exists between the Mobile/UE and the HSGW

Answer : D

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Exam contains 74 questions

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