Implementing Cisco Service Provider Mobility UMTS Networks (SPUMTS) v1.0

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Exam contains 73 questions

Which option describes how the Diameter relay agent routes messages to Diameter servers?

  • A. based on IP address
  • B. based on destination realm
  • C. based on application used (Gx, Gy)
  • D. based on source realm

Answer : B

In which two circumstances is Diameter Peer Discovery needed? (Choose two.)

  • A. The Diameter client is rejected by the peer.
  • B. The Diameter client must contact a first-hop Diameter agent.
  • C. The Diameter agent must reply to the connect request of a Diameter client.
  • D. The Diameter agent must search the next agent so that Diameter messages can reach the Diameter server.
  • E. The Diameter agent must close the session with a Diameter client.

Answer : BD

Refer to the exhibit.

The locally configured Diameter peer does not seem to be communicating with its remote peer. Which option describes the problem?

  • A. Ports are not correctly configured.
  • B. No common AVP was found during capabilities exchange procedure.
  • C. The transport layer connection is not established.
  • D. Diameter does not support TCP as a transport protocol.

Answer : C

An airport is providing free one-hour mobile Internet service for passengers. At the end of the free one-hour service, the PCRF sends a Diameter command to the mobile packet core to stop the free service. Which Diameter command is sent by the PCRF?

  • A. CCR-U
  • B. RAR
  • C. CCR-T
  • D. STA
  • E. RAA

Answer : B

In which two ways is GRE used in GGSN? (Choose two.)

  • A. to transport the subscriber traffic between MS and GGSN
  • B. to transport AAA packets between GGSN and the service provider RADIUS server
  • C. to transport AAA packets between GGSN and the corporate RADIUS server
  • D. to transport the enterprise subscriber packets to the corporate gateway
  • E. to transport the enterprise subscriber packets to the Internet

Answer : CD

Which IP protocol number is used by GRE?

  • A. 41
  • B. 47
  • C. 14
  • D. 51
  • E. 57

Answer : B

Which option provides a secure connection between two endpoints as it encapsulates the IP payload?

  • A. transport mode IPsec
  • B. GRE
  • C. Internet Key Exchange security association
  • D. L2TP

Answer : A

Which MPLS/BGP functionality can the Cisco ASR 5000 GGSN run in a service provider network?

  • A. provider edge router
  • B. customer edge router
  • C. autonomous system border router
  • D. provider edge and customer edge
  • E. provider router

Answer : B

Which three applications use IPsec? (Choose three.)

  • A. PDN access
  • B. MAP
  • C. GTPv2
  • D. Mobile IP
  • E. L2TP "" between GGSN acting as LAC and LNS
  • F. L2TP "" between LAC and LNS on same node
  • G. Diameter

Answer : ADE

Which option describes the advantage of using L2TP over IPsec versus IPsec only?

  • A. L2TP improves performance.
  • B. The overhead that is introduced is lower.
  • C. L2TP can transport protocols other than IP.
  • D. L2TP provides Layer 2 VPN functionality.

Answer : C

Which option describes how IPsec is used for L2TP configuration on GGSN?

  • A. IPsec encapsulated data is sent over the L2TP tunnel.
  • B. L2TP encapsulated data is sent over the IPsec tunnel.
  • C. L2TP references IPsec for forwarding decisions.
  • D. IPsec encapsulated data is sent between MS and GGSN, and data between LAC (GGSN) and LNS is sent via L2TP tunnel.

Answer : B

According to 3GPP standards, which option is the interface between the Charging Data Function and the Charging Gateway Function?

  • A. Gz
  • B. Gc
  • C. AAA
  • D. Rf
  • E. Ga

Answer : E

During the network-initiated PDP activation procedure, which network entity provides the GGSN the address of the SGSN, which the subscriber is attached to?

  • A. AAA
  • B. OCS
  • C. PCRF
  • D. HLR

Answer : D

Refer to the exhibit.

Which three Diameter AVPs are sent within the CCR-I request to the OCS? (Choose three.)

  • A. Session-ID
  • B. Used-Service-Unit
  • C. Request-Service-Unit
  • D. 3GPP-Quota-Consumption-Time
  • E. Subscription-ID
  • F. Event-Trigger

Answer : ACE

When the failure handling mode is configured as Terminate, which behavior is expected on the GGSN when the OCS sends the diameter result code=4012 within the MSCC in CCA-U message?

  • A. The GGSN retries sending the CCR-U to the secondary OCS if available, and then terminates the PDP.
  • B. The GGSN terminates the PDP.
  • C. The GGSN allows the PDP to continue as an offline session, which disables the Gy interface.
  • D. The GGSN blacklists the rating group listed within the MSCC AVP.

Answer : D

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Exam contains 73 questions

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