VMware Cloud Provider Specialist Exam 2019 v1.0

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Exam contains 43 questions

A Provider administrator deploys VMware vCloud Usage Meter and attempts to add a vCenter instance for metering purposes. This error is generated:
There was a problem checking the certificate for vcenter.corp.local:443. Unable to connect with vcenter.corp.local on port 443: Connection timed out.
What is the probable cause of this issue?

  • A. A firewall is blocking traffic from the vCloud Usage Meter to vcenter.corp.local.
  • B. vCloud Usage Meter needs reconfiguring to port 7444 for proper vCenter communication.
  • C. vCloud Usage Meter is not configured with an SMTP server.
  • D. The Site ID field is unpopulated on the Service Provider Information tab.

Answer : A

What is the VMware recommended best practice to scale vCloud Director cells?

  • A. Deploy N+1 cells where N is number of resource groups or n/3000 + 1 powered on virtual machines.
  • B. Deploy one vCloud Director Cell per 3000 simultaneous client connections.
  • C. Deploy one additional vCloud Director Cell per N where N = Virtual Machines / Resource Pools * Number of vCenters.
  • D. Deploy a one to one ratio of vCloud Director Cells per vCenter cluster.

Answer : A


How does a VMware NSX distributed firewall function within a VMware vCloud Director environment?

  • A. controls configuration of dynamic NAT rules
  • B. displays concurrent connections coming into VMware vCloud Director
  • C. secures application in the organization virtual data center from inside and outside threats
  • D. manages the BGP and OSPF protocols

Answer : C


A VMware service provider must run non-vCloud Director managed virtual machines in the same cluster as VMware vCloud Director managed virtual machines.
In accordance with the best practices, which vCenter object should the provider virtual data reference?

  • A. resource pool
  • B. data center
  • C. folder
  • D. cluster

Answer : A

A customer is planning to migrate VMs from the on-premises data center to the organization virtual data center in VMware vCloud Director. Due to the size and number of VMs to be migrated, the customer is unable to migrate all of the VMs in the same migration window. Some of the migration targets are required to maintain IP addresses and same broadcast domain to on-premises VMs during the migration.
Which Virtual Private Networking service will meet the customer needs?

  • A. Third party VPN service
  • C. SSL VPN-Plus
  • D. L2 VPN

Answer : D

Which organization virtual data center allows the tenant to oversubscribe?

  • A. reservation pool
  • B. allocation pool
  • C. pay-as-you-go
  • D. elastic

Answer : A

What is the maximum allowable drift between the clocks of components in a VMware vCloud Director installation?

  • A. 2 seconds
  • B. 1 minute
  • C. 5 minute
  • D. 10 seconds

Answer : A


Which authentication mode should be used when utilizing a Microsoft SQL Server database for vCloud Director?

  • A. certificate-based authentication
  • B. mixed-mode authentication
  • C. Windows authentication
  • D. Active Directory authentication

Answer : B


Which two vSphere network resources are directly consumed by vCloud Director Network Pools? (Choose two.)

  • A. virtual distributed switch
  • B. subnet
  • C. port group
  • D. VLAN IDs
  • E. standard virtual switch

Answer : AE

A cloud administrator creates a new organization virtual data center which meets these customer requirements:
-> The customer resource requirements might outgrow provider current physical cluster capacity
-> The customer requires mainly static workloads
-> The customer does not want any resource management overhead at a VM level in their own responsibility
Which allocation model meets these requirements?

  • A. non-elastic allocation pool
  • B. pay-as-you-go
  • C. elastic allocation pool
  • D. reservation pool

Answer : B

A customer wants to deploy multiple versions of an application within their organization virtual data center for quality assurance testing. The customer has these requirements:
-> vApps deployed from the same vApp template from a shared catalog
-> Same MAC and IP address used for each vApp template deployment
-> VM in each App has access to some of the shared services external to the organization virtual data center
Which process meets the customer requirements?

  • A. Enable the Fenced vApp option during the creation of the vApp.
  • B. Create an isolated organization network for each vApp.
  • C. Enable the distributed firewall to separate the virtual machines between vApps.
  • D. Create a new organization virtual data center and organization network for each deployment of the vApp.

Answer : D

Which two statements are true about network and time configuration requirements for VMware vCloud Director? (Choose two.)

  • A. Each VMware vCloud Director server requires a single IP address and a single port.
  • B. Each VMware vCloud Director server requires two different SSL endpoints.
  • C. VMware vCloud Director requires a dedicated Active Directory server for communication.
  • D. VMware vCloud Director host names do not need to resolve by DNS
  • E. VMware vCloud Director cell servers in the same group must be configured in the same time zone.

Answer : BE


How long does it take a provider to automate deployment when using Cloud Provider Pod?

  • A. hours
  • B. days
  • C. weeks
  • D. months

Answer : A

An administrator is planning a new VMware vCloud Director deployment and is concerned about secure communications between the clients and servers.
Which step ensures secure communications between the clients and servers?

  • A. Create a single certificate for each member of the server group and import the certificates into the host keystores.
  • B. VMware vCloud Director automatically creates self-signed certificates.
  • C. Create two certificates for the server group and import the certificates into each cell keystore.
  • D. Create a single certificate and share it with all the members of the server group.

Answer : C

vCloud Director uses SSL to secure communications between clients and servers. Before you install and configure a vCloud Director server group, you must create two certificates for each member of the group and import the certificates into host keystores

Which option should a cloud administration team implement to offer Containers-as-a-Service within a vCloud Director deployment?

  • A. VMware Pivotal Container Services
  • B. VMware Container Services Extension
  • C. vSphere Integrated Containers Engine
  • D. VMware Photon OS

Answer : B


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Exam contains 43 questions

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