Riverbed Certified Solutions Associate – Storage Delivery v6.0

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Exam contains 64 questions

What is the maximum ingest rate of the largest Whitewater appliance?

  • A. Up to 10GB/hr.
  • B. Up to 500GB/hr.
  • C. Up to 1.5TB/hr.
  • D. Up to 2.5TB/hr.
  • E. Up to 120TB/hr.

Answer : D

Which Riverbed technology below would be used to replace tape backup securely to a public cloud?

  • A. Whitewater appliance.
  • B. Steelhead FCIP.
  • C. Granite appliance.
  • D. Stingray.

Answer : A

Whitewater appliance peer replication is supported in which of the following modes?
(Select 2)

  • A. Single active/single passive (cloud only).
  • B. Single active/single passive (secondary Whitewater appliance only).
  • C. Single active/dual passive (cloud and secondary Whitewater appliance).
  • D. Single active/dual active (cloud and secondary Whitewater appliance in high availability mode).

Answer : A,C

Which Public Cloud provider is supported by Whitewater appliance? (Select 2)

  • A. Amazon Web services.
  • B. Verizon AAS.
  • C. Rackspace.

Answer : A,C

An environment has 5TB of file server data and 5TB of database data backed up with a full backup each week. Assume the average dedupe rates for Whitewater, and assume standard 1% change and 10% annual growth rate. With a requirement to keep a minimum of two weeks ofbackups locally on the Whitewater cache, which Whitewater appliances would satisfy the requirements above? (Select 2)

  • A. Virtual Whitewater appliance 210.
  • B. Virtual Whitewater appliance 410.
  • C. Whitewater appliance 730.
  • D. Whitewater appliance 2030.
  • E. Whitewater appliance 3030.

Answer : D,E

Which encryption in flight does Whitewater appliance directly support?

  • A. SSLv1
  • B. TLS
  • C. RC3
  • D. SSLv3
  • E. IPSec

Answer : D

Which benefits below does Whitewater appliance provide? (Select 2)

  • A. Server and storage consolidation.
  • B. Load balancing backups.
  • C. Reduce cost over disk to disk backup.
  • D. High Speed TCP optimization.
  • E. Eliminate tape backup.

Answer : C,E

Which are two models of the physical appliance for Whitewater? (Select 2)

  • A. Whitewater 730
  • B. Whitewater 760
  • C. Whitewater 1011
  • D. Whitewater 2030
  • E. Whitewater 3035

Answer : A,D

If a user is considering having backup data sent to Amazon Glacier, select which recommendations should be reviewed to ensure Whitewater appliance is appropriately designed for the environment? (Select 2)

  • A. Whitewater appliances should be sized larger to reduce the amount of potential access activity from Amazon Glacier.
  • B. Whitewater appliances should only deduplicate against local cache storage and not against local and Amazon Glacier storage.
  • C. Whitewater appliances should only accept archive data if using Amazon Glacier storage.

Answer : A,B

What RAID protection level is supported on Whitewater appliance?

  • A. RAID-1
  • B. RAID-5
  • C. RAID-6
  • D. RAID-10

Answer : C

What is the maximum recommended number of initial backup jobs (streams) that each
Whitewater appliance data interface should be configured with?

  • A. 3
  • B. 4
  • C. 5
  • D. 6
  • E. 7
  • F. 10

Answer : C

When configuring your backup software to utilize a Whitewater appliance, what possible target must the backup software be able to write to? (Select 2)

  • A. Virtual tape library
  • B. NFS
  • C. CIFS
  • D. iSCSI target
  • E. Physical tape library

Answer : B,C

What log will contain information about connection failures to the cloud storage provider?

  • A. Event log
  • B. System log
  • C. User log
  • D. Server log

Answer : B

If a Backup Exec server is going to maximize throughput to a physical Whitewater appliance, how many backup to disk folders (or storage targets) should be created on
Backup Exec server?

  • A. 1
  • B. 2
  • C. 3
  • D. 4
  • E. 5
  • F. 6

Answer : D

How long can the battery backup unit run before needing to be put into a relearn cycle?

  • A. 21 days
  • B. 28 days
  • C. 30 days
  • D. 45 days
  • E. 60 days

Answer : B

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Exam contains 64 questions

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