Cisco Data Center Unified Computing Infrastructure Design(DCICUC) v1.0

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Exam contains 43 questions

Which Cisco UCS core element maintains the UCS XML database?

  • A. Cisco Finite State Machine
  • B. Cisco Data Management Engine
  • C. Cisco UCS Manager
  • D. Cisco Application Gateways

Answer : C

Which two VSANs are automatically created and cannot be deleted? (Choose two.)

  • A. The Virtual Bridging VSAN
  • B. The Isolated VSAN
  • C. The Fabric Control VSAN
  • D. The Default VSAN

Answer : BD

In a USC domain, the Storage role contains storage related privileges, and the Server role contains server related privileges. A user has joined the group that will need to have both Server roles. What does the UCS administrator need to do in order to accommodate the new user?

  • A. Create one user account and assign both roles to that account.
  • B. Create two login accounts for the user, one for each role, since an account can only assign one role.
  • C. Create one user account and map it to a locale that contains both roles.
  • D. Create one user account, but and define two login domains, one for each role.

Answer : A

Which three options can a virtual switch do? (Choose three.)

  • A. VLAN tagging is done in UCS Manager
  • B. Virtual Machines with a trunk port imposes the VLAN tag
  • C. Impose the VLAN tag allocation
  • D. Set IP Class-of-Service bits
  • E. Allow physical switch to impose the VLAN tag

Answer : ABD

You are creating a Local Disk Configuration Policy to be used by a new Service Profile for your UCS Server. Previous Service Profile had a Local Disk
Configuration Policy set up for "˜No RAID"™ and the "˜Protect Configuration"™ box was checked. This time, you choose "˜RAID 1"™ and deselect the "˜Protect Configuration"™ checkbox. What are the implications of this change?

  • A. The Service Profile association process will fail because you cannot change from "˜No RAID"™ to "˜RAID 1"™
  • B. The Service Profile association process will fail because the policies are different and the "˜protect configuration"™ option was checked
  • C. The Service Profile association process will succeed, but your total disk capacity will be cut in half due to the change from RAID 0 to RAID 1
  • D. The Service Profile association process will succeed, but it will adopt the previous Local Disk Configuration Policy instead of the new one because it had "˜protect configuration"™ checked

Answer : B

Which unique identity resources requires Stateless computing?

  • A. UUIDs, MAC Addresses and WWNs
  • B. VLANS, VSANS, Hypervisors and IP Addresses
  • C. Virtual IP Addresses
  • D. Service Profiles and Application Policies

Answer : A

Which are two Application Gateways primary roles? (Choose two.)

  • A. Manage configuration changes during FSM transitions
  • B. Manage configuration changes made with UCS Manager
  • C. Communicate with virtual machines and report health and state
  • D. Communicate with end points and report their health and state

Answer : AD

When can you use UCS Director to provision Service Profile template?

  • A. For initial Service Profile template
  • B. Always
  • C. Never
  • D. Only for updating Service Profile template

Answer : A

Which three scalability options are applicable to Cisco HyperFlex? (Choose three.)

  • A. Add additional hyperconverged nodes to expand both storage capacity and compute resources
  • B. Add compute-only nodes to expand compute resources without adding additional storage capacity
  • C. Add memory-only nodes to expand memory resources without adding storage capacity
  • D. Add network cards to increase IO without adding node capacity
  • E. Add additional storage to existing nodes to efficiently expand storage capacity without adding compute resources
  • F. Add clusters to improve overall system performance and manage with UCS Central

Answer : ABF

An administrator needs to configure NPV between an edge fabric switch which will support application servers, and an upstream core switch. A Fiber Channel
(FC) link exist between the two switchers. What two statements are true about roles on the edge fabric switch? (Choose two.)

  • A. The port that connects to the core switch will be an NP port.
  • B. The ports that connect to the servers will be F ports.
  • C. The port that connects the switches is a TE port.
  • D. The port that connects to the core switch will be an FP port
  • E. The ports that connect to the servers will be N ports.

Answer : AB

ACME technologies is deploying a large number of similar UCS blade servers and want to be able to change servers policies at a later time on all blades. What type of the Cisco UCS design is recommended?

  • A. Initial template based service profiles
  • B. Updating template based service profile
  • C. Updating non-template based service profiles
  • D. Initial non-template based service profiles

Answer : B

What are the RAID levels available in the mode drop-down list of the Local Storage Policy?

  • A. RAID 0, 1, 5, 10
  • B. RAID 0, 1, 3, 5
  • C. RAID 0, 1, 5, 6, 50, 60
  • D. RAID 0, 1, 5, 6, 10
  • E. RAID 0, 1, 5, 10. 50

Answer : C

Depending on the tab context in a Cisco UCS Manager, what three objects are contained in an Organization? (Choose three.)

  • A. Identity Pools
  • B. Roles
  • C. Privileges
  • D. Policies
  • E. Service Profiles
  • F. Locales

Answer : ADE

An administrator is setting up a new VSAN and needs to use IVR to allow access to backup tape storage targets located in a different VSAN. There is an existing
Nexus 5K switch in the SAN fabric that the admin would like to use; however, the switch is not IVR-enabled. How can the Cisco Nexus switch be used?

  • A. It cannot be used, since only MDS Switches implement IVR.
  • B. As a Transit switch.
  • C. As a Border switch or IVR NAT gateway.
  • D. As an Edge switch.

Answer : D

How many QoS classes are available to administrators on Cisco"™s UCS server?

  • A. 6
  • B. 4
  • C. 2
  • D. 8

Answer : A

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Exam contains 43 questions

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