Adv anced Security Architecture for Systems Engineers v1.0

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Exam contains 91 questions

Which Stealthwatch component is a physical or virtual appliance that aggregates and normalizes NetFlow data?

  • A. Stealthwatch Management Center
  • B. Flow Collector
  • C. UDP Director
  • D. Flow Sensor

Answer : B

How does the Cisco AnyConnect AMP Module help to protect customer's networks?

  • A. AMP is a unified agent that combines posture check and authentication across wired wireless, and VPN networks.
  • B. AMP Module can profile devices before allowing them to connect
  • C. AMP provides highly secure access for select enterprise mobile applications
  • D. AnyConnect can deploy AMP for Endpoints for Windows or OSX

Answer : D

ASAS Policy and Access SE Module 5

Which two Cisco solution are part of the Mobile threat centric solution? (Choose two.)

  • A. Cisco AnyConnect
  • B. Cisco Umbrella
  • C. Cisco NGFW
  • D. Cisco NGIPS
  • E. Cisco Defense Orchestrator

Answer : AB

ASAS Security Threat Centric Solutions - AM and SE Module 7

Which are two main features of Intrusion Prevention?(Choose two.)

  • A. Threat analysis through network behavior analysis
  • B. Protecting against Zero-Day attacks
  • C. Layer-4 traffic monitoring across platforms
  • D. Vulnerability-based threat management

Answer : AD

Which three options does Cisco provide customers in terms of “Visibility and Control†against today's threats? (Choose three)

  • A. Granular device visibility and management
  • B. Unparalleled network and endpoint visibility
  • C. 18-month device release cycle
  • D. Bandwidth Utilization Monitoring
  • E. Comprehensive policy enforcement
  • F. Fast device policy updates

Answer : ABF

Which Cisco solution falls under Advanced Threat?

  • A. Identity Services Engine
  • B. Stealthwatch
  • C. Threat Grid
  • D. Umbrella

Answer : B

ASAS Security Advanced Threats SE Module 6

Which three NGFW and NGIPS features support the 'Complex Remote Access' use case? (Choose three.)

  • A. Support for device onboarding
  • B. Users protected regardless of physical location
  • C. Fuzzy Fingerprinting
  • D. Detection of anomalous traffic
  • E. Controls and protections extended beyond VPN controls
  • F. Secure access extended to all users

Answer : BEF

ASAS Security NGFW and NGIPS SE Module 4

Which two solutions are part of the data-center threat-centric solution module? (Choose two.)

  • A. Rapid threat detection through NGFW and NGFWv
  • B. Enforced device security with Meraki
  • C. URL filtering
  • D. Relationship segmentation
  • E. Automated policy enforcement with ASAv

Answer : AE

ASAS Security Threat Centric Solutions - AM and SE Module 7

Which option helps customers gain insight into security threats?

  • A. Limit volume of users to applications
  • B. Share sensitive data across different platforms
  • C. Providing remote access VPN to allow mobile users to connect securely to customers network
  • D. Providing visibility into everything to allow granular security policies to be created and enforced

Answer : D

Which feature of CTA can separate statistically normal traffic form anomalous traffic?

  • A. URL filtering
  • B. Trust modeling
  • C. Anomaly detection
  • D. Event classification

Answer : C

ASAS Security Advanced Threats SE Module 6

What are three major features of Cisco Defense Orchestrator? (Choose three.)

  • A. Providing retrospective security to protect against malware
  • B. Receive notifications about any unplanned changes to security policies and objects
  • C. Plan and model security changes before deploying them across the cloud
  • D. Identifying anomalous traffic in customer's network
  • E. Ability to deploy changes across virtual environments in real time or offline
  • F. Tracking suspicious files through the network

Answer : BCE

ASAS Cisco Cloud Security SE - Module 3

Which feature of AMP tracks the movement of a file within the environment and monitors its disposition over time?

  • A. Fuzzy Fingerprinting
  • B. Machine Learning
  • C. ThreatGrid
  • D. Trajectory

Answer : D

ASAS Security Advanced Threats SE Module 6

Which three are deployment options for E-mail Security? (Choose three.)

  • A. ESA
  • B. CES
  • C. WSAv
  • D. AMP
  • E. ESAv
  • F. WebRoot

Answer : ABE

ASAS Security Web and Email SE Module 2

Which two options are attack vectors protected by Identity and Access Control? (Choose two)

  • A. Backups
  • B. Mobile
  • C. Endpoints
  • D. Cloud apps
  • E. Voicemail

Answer : BC

ASAS Security Threat Centric Solutions - AM and SE Module 7

Which are two key Cisco products that are part of the web threat-centric solution? (Choose two)

  • A. Cisco Umbrella
  • B. Cisco Identity Services Engine
  • C. Cisco Web Security Appliance
  • D. Cisco Email Security Appliance
  • E. Cisco Defense Orchestrator

Answer : AC

ASAS Security Threat Centric Solutions - AM and SE Module 7

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Exam contains 91 questions

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