Cisco Enterprise Networks SDA, SDWAN and ISE Exam for System Engineers v1.0

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Exam contains 38 questions

Which three technologies are used in an SD-Access Fabric? (Choose three.)

  • A. MPLS
  • B. TrustSec
  • C. VXLAN
  • D. OTV
  • E. LISP
  • F. RSVP

Answer : ACE

What is an example of Correlated Insights for SDA and Switching?

  • A. Excessive Onboarding Time
  • B. Roaming Pattern Analysis
  • C. Control Plane Reachability
  • D. AP License Utilization

Answer : C

page 72

Which two factors are used in calculating the Cisco SD WAN "" 1yr, 3yr, or 5yr subscription cost? (Choose two.)

  • A. Service Bandwidth
  • B. Security
  • C. Routing Protocol
  • D. Features
  • E. Hypervisor Platform

Answer : AD

Which two are benefits from a WAN design? (Choose two.)

  • A. Prioritize and secure with granular control
  • B. Reduce cost and increase operational complexity
  • C. Lower circuit bandwidth requirements
  • D. Provide lower quality service to guest users
  • E. Ensure remote site uptime

Answer : AC

What is a challenge of having an SD-Access Centralized design where a single fabric encompasses the main site and all branch sites across the WAN?

  • A. End to End Routing is not supported
  • B. SSIDs would be the same across all sites
  • C. DNA Center does not support it
  • D. Since the traffic is encapsulated. SD-WAN features can"™t be used to optimize/route traffic.

Answer : A

What is the default interval for BFD packets?

  • A. 1 second
  • B. 15 seconds
  • C. 10 seconds
  • D. 5 seconds

Answer : A

Which three options describe fabric overlay concepts? (Choose three.)

  • A. A link state routing protocol like OSPF
  • B. A virtual Local Area Network
  • C. An Overlay uses alternate forwarding attributes
  • D. GRE is a type of Overlay
  • E. Intermediate System to Intermediate System
  • F. An Overlay is a logical topology

Answer : BDF

Reference: slide 18

Which three methods can be implemented and deployed to gather data and provide insight? (Choose three.)

  • A. IPv6
  • B. ARP caching
  • C. FNF
  • D. BUM traffic
  • E. Syslog
  • F. SNMP

Answer : CEF

How does identity management solve two customer problems? (Choose two.)

  • A. Enables and enforces 802.1X across the network platform
  • B. Manages group membership
  • C. Provides network visibility and security
  • D. Increases digitization
  • E. Achieves dynamic and adaptive network segmentation

Answer : CE

Reference: slide 3

Which two products are supported as "Extended" in DNA-C 1.1? (Choose two.)

  • A. IE switches
  • B. Catalyst 6807
  • C. Catalyst 3560-CX
  • D. M3 Line cards
  • E. AP 3800
  • F. Catalyst 4500-E

Answer : AC


How many bytes does a VxLAN header add to an original Ethernet frame?

  • A. 36
  • B. 50
  • C. 48
  • D. 64

Answer : B


Which options are Network Access Device types?

  • A. Switches, Wireless Controllers, and VPN Gateways
  • B. Wireless Controllers, Routers, and VPN Gateways
  • C. Switches, Wireless Controllers, and Routers
  • D. Switches, Routers, and VPN Gateways

Answer : A


How many vEdge router security zones (VPN"™s) can be configured?

  • A. 256
  • B. 32
  • C. 510
  • D. 16

Answer : C


What definition is not part of 4D Training?

  • A. Demo
  • B. Discover
  • C. Deploy
  • D. Defend
  • E. Design

Answer : rdD


Which party solution integrates with Cisco"™s security and network portfolios within the ISE?

  • A. 25+ 3 party solutions
  • B. 20+ 3 rd party solutions
  • C. 30+ 3 rd party solutions rd
  • D. 45+ 3 party solutions rd
  • E. 60+ 3 party solutions

Answer : E

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Exam contains 38 questions

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