Unified Communications Contact Center Express Implementation UCCX v6.0

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Exam contains 55 questions

What information from the first node is used as the secret key during second node installation?

  • A. administrator password
  • B. application user password
  • C. security password
  • D. IP address

Answer : C

Which subsystem processes connections between the Cisco Unified CCX server and the enterprise databases?

  • A. Media
  • B. Unified CM Telephony
  • C. Database
  • D. Configuration Data Store

Answer : C

Which option can perform Call Progress Analysis in outbound IVR?

  • A. gateway
  • B. Unified CM transcoder
  • C. Automatic Speech Recognition server
  • D. agent (voice)

Answer : A

Which two Cisco Unified CCX steps invoke another Cisco Unified CCX application script?
(Choose two.)

  • A. CallSubflow step
  • B. On Exception Goto step
  • C. Trigger Application step
  • D. Connect step

Answer : A,C

Which two Cisco Unified CCX steps would make an HTTP request? (Choose two.)

  • A. Create URL Document
  • B. Write Document
  • C. Cache Document
  • D. Send Http Response

Answer : C,D

In a Cisco Unified CCX application script, a number is read from an external database. The number must then be played out as part of a prompt. Which Cisco Unified CCX Editor step creates a new prompt that can play out the number?

  • A. Create Container Prompt
  • B. Create Generated Prompt
  • C. Create Language Prompt
  • D. Create Conditional Prompt

Answer : B

If you have not configured the database subsystem, what is the status of the database subsystem on the Control Center page of AppAdmin?

  • A. partial service
  • B. out of service
  • C. shutdown
  • D. not configured

Answer : D

Which interface is used to configure debug parameters for log files?

  • A. Datastore Control Center
  • B. trace configuration
  • C. system parameters
  • D. Control Center

Answer : B

Which type of information is available from the Cisco Unified Contact Center Express
Control Center?

  • A. database replication status
  • B. system parameters configuration
  • C. date and time of most recent failure
  • D. Cisco Unified Communications Manager cluster status

Answer : C

Which Cisco Unified Contact Center Express platform set supports the use of an embedded Internet browser within the Cisco Agent Desktop?

  • A. Premium only
  • B. Enhanced and Premium only
  • C. Standard, Enhanced, and Premium
  • D. Cisco Unified Contact Center Express does not support an embedded Internet browser

Answer : A

Which three features are included in Cisco Unified Contact Center Express Supervisor
Desktop? (Choose three.)

  • A. graphical reports
  • B. dockable windows
  • C. access to chat logs
  • D. URL push to agents
  • E. send an email to an agent
  • F. send a call in queue to a specific agent

Answer : A,B,D

Which three tasks can an agent perform on the Cisco Agent Desktop? (Choose three.)

  • A. chat with an SME
  • B. send an email to an SME
  • C. send enterprise data to an SME
  • D. transfer a call to an SME
  • E. start a Cisco WebEx session with an SME

Answer : A,C,D

Which three tasks can an agent perform using email? (Choose three.)

  • A. save the response as a draft
  • B. send the response to the supervisor for review
  • C. transfer the email to another CSQ
  • D. transfer the email to another agent
  • E. mark the email as urgent
  • F. mark the email as junk

Answer : A,B,C

Which facility is provided to debug a Cisco Unified CCX script live with a real voice call?

  • A. Cisco Unified Contact Center Express Editor
  • B. Reactive Debugging
  • C. Accept Step
  • D. Proactive Debugging

Answer : B

Historical reports can be generated using which two Cisco Unified CCX tools? (Choose two.)

  • A. Historical Reports Data Store
  • B. Historical Reporting Client
  • C. Cisco Unified Intelligence Center
  • D. Cisco Supervisor Desktop

Answer : B,C

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Exam contains 55 questions

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