VMware Certified Advanced Professional 7 - Desktop and Mobility Design v1.0

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Exam contains 90 questions

A hospital is looking to introduce a new work model. Their goal is to allow doctors and nurses to access care applications more flexibly. An important task is that
Android and iOS tablets be allowed for hospital staff. The IT department is faced with the task of executing on the requirements.
The current client environment is:
Physical Windows 7 desktops and laptops

-> 2500 Windows based applications
-> 300 Web based applications, where 200 requires Internet Explorer
-> Windows applications are managed using Microsoft SCCM
Any solution must be in production within 6 months. IT was approved to start building a non-optimized solution to get things started. At a later date, investments will be spent on optimizing the solution. There is no time for a proper application assessment and user segmentation, so the solution must support as broad a user base as possible.
The main priorities for the design are:
-> Time to market
-> Change as little as possible of existing management processes
What solution would support the main priorities?

  • A. Deploy Horizon 7 on vSAN ready nodes. Create full clones Windows 7 VDI desktops and manage applications using the existing Microsoft SCCM solution.
  • B. Deploy Horizon 7 on vSAN ready nodes. Create linked clones desktops based on Windows 10 and manage applications using App Volumes.
  • C. Deploy Horizon 7 on existing SAN and use Application Publishing to allow access to all Windows applications. Use VMware Identity Manager to allow access to all Web applications natively on the tablets.
  • D. Order a new physical SAN and deploy Horizon 7. Use Instant Clones Windows 7 VDI desktops to save SAN storage. Manage applications using Microsoft SCCM.

Answer : C

A company is using virtual desktops in full done, persistent mode, and using software distribution tools and scripts to deploy and install Windows-based applications. Windows based application deployment failures are mow on the rise and user downtime has increased.
The CIO has asked an architect to recommend a solution which meets these requirements:
-> Windows applications are to be available for use on iPads, zero clients, and Windows laptops
-> No more use of software distribution tools and scripts to install applications to users"™ virtual desktops
-> No streaming of applications to virtual desktops
What two changes to the environment should the architect recommended? (Choose two.)

  • A. Deploy App Volumes.
  • B. Deploy RDSH.
  • C. Deploy Identity Manager.
  • D. Deploy User Environment Manager.
  • E. Deploy non-persistent virtual desktops.

Answer : AC

Which should NOT be changed or disabled on a connection server?

  • A. Diagnostic System Host
  • B. Remote Procedure Call
  • C. Security Center
  • D. WLAN AutoConfig

Answer : D

Ten task workers in a remote branch office access Horizon VMs running Windows 7. The workers use PCoIP zero clients over a 40 Megabit per second network connection. No GPO currently alerts the default Horizon PCoIP settings.
Which two Horizon PCoIP GPO settings improve user experience and help reduce the network bandwidth needed by each Horizon zero client session? (Choose two.)

  • A. Audio bandwidth limit
  • B. Session bandwidth floor
  • C. Build-to-Lossless
  • D. Session MTU

Answer : BD


A university struggles with Windows application delivery for its students. Students only need a few applications, but since IT is not in control of the Windows versions on the endpoints, it has been a challenge. IT wants to allow for self-service to minimize administration. Despite self-service, IT must be able to revoke access to applications within 30 days from students leaving the University.
Which two solutions support the university"™s requirements? (Choose two.)

  • A. Implement Horizon with Application Publishing and User Environment Manager to control access to individual applications.
  • B. Package the applications using ThinApp and present the packages to users using VMware Identity Manager.
  • C. Implement Horizon with Application Publishing and present entitlements using VMware Identity Manager.
  • D. Use ThinApp to package the applications for client Operating System independence and build a simple web portal allowing students to easily find and download the ThinApp packages.
  • E. Implement only VMware Identity Manager. Its portal is a complete applications solution and students can easily execute the Windows applications by only using a web browser.

Answer : AD

An architect is working on a physical desktop replacement using Horizon View.
The architect gathered this information from the customer:
-> There are currently 500 physical desktops, all with traditional spinning hard drives.
-> Each desktop peaks at 75 IOPS multiple times during the day.
-> The average read/write ratio is 30% reads, 70% writes.
The architect decided to size the vSAN cluster to handle the workload using FTT=1 and Fault Tolerance Method of RAID-1.
Using only the information provided, what are the total calculated IOPS required for the vSAN cluster?

  • A. 75,000 IOPS
  • B. 48,750 IOPS
  • C. 63,750 IOPS
  • D. 37,500 IOPS

Answer : A

A VDI Architect wants to optimize Blast Extreme protocol between 400 Horizon Windows clients and agents on an organization"™s LAN. No GPO currently makes
Horizon settings to these clients or agents.
What GPO setting will improve performance of these systems?

  • A. Enable H264
  • B. Disable UDP Protocol
  • C. Enable UDP Protocol
  • D. Disable H264

Answer : B

The IT Team for a regional government organization wants to implement a VDI system using VMware products.
These design requirements were specified:
Automated Horizon RDS Farms and App Volumes to deliver a few Windows applications to iOS and Android devices

-> Horizon RDS Farms to deliver a specialized 3D mapping application
-> Stateless Windows 10 Horizon Instant Clone desktops to task workers, and Horizon Windows 10 desktops with a persistent data disk to power users
What is the minimum number of Master Image VMs to support the design?

  • A. 3
  • B. 2
  • C. 4
  • D. 5

Answer : B

Which is a design decision when architecting a Workspace One on-premise implementation supporting Mobile Single-Sign On for iOS devices?

  • A. Decide what level of trust to use between the Active Directory Kerberos realm and Workspace One"™s Kerberos realm.
  • B. Make sure that the Mobile applications that are planned to be managed by Workspace One support the Kerberos protocol for Single-Sign On.
  • C. Decide what namespace will be used by the Workspace One portal. This will be used for end-user access to the portal. Decide which domain is to be used as the Kerberos realm.
  • D. Decide the namespace to be used by the Workspace One portal. The domain chosen will also be your Kerberos realm.

Answer : B

A company has asked an architect for assistance in reviewing its design plans for distributing a finance application to its users with multiple RDS hosts using a custom load balancing script.
What can the architect recommend for a script with proper load return values to prevent overloading of an RDS host?

  • A. Block connections to this RDS host at a load value of block.
  • B. Allow connections to this RDS host at a load value of 0.
  • C. Allow connections to this RDS host at a load value of allow.
  • D. Block connections to this RDS host at a load value of 0.

Answer : A


A company wants to reduce updating and provisioning time for problematic legacy applications on virtual desktops.
Which two Horizon technologies can meet the requirement? (Choose two.)

  • A. Identity Manager
  • B. Airwatch
  • C. ThinApp
  • D. AppVolumes

Answer : CD

A company has decided to virtualize all of its helpdesk employee"™s workstations.
These requirements must be met:
-> All applications used by the employees will be published through RDS hosted application.
-> Users will NOT be allowed to store any personal data on their Horizon desktops.
-> The Horizon desktop design should meet maximum storage space efficiency.
-> The Horizon desktop design should meet maximum performance.
The Horizon desktop design should meet maximum power savings.

Which three features can be enabled to meet the company"™s requirements? (Choose three.)

  • A. Full clones
  • B. Instant clones
  • C. Space Efficient disk format (SEsparse)
  • D. Content-based read cache (CBRC)
  • E. Virtual SAN (vSAN)

Answer : BCD

A company wants to migrate end user applications to VMware App Volumes. The IT team creates five App Stacks using a Windows desktop VM deployed from a golden master image used for all Horizon desktop pools. Some users experience application failures with a few applications in some of the App Stacks.
What can the IT team do to resolve these application issues?

  • A. Update the App Volumes Agent in the golden master image, then delete and redeploy the Horizon desktops of the users experiencing issues.
  • B. Install a new copy of the same Windows operating system without any updates, patches, or service packs, and use it as the App Volumes capture VM.
  • C. Refresh the Horizon desktop VMs of the users experiencing the issues.
  • D. Capture each application in a single App Stack and assign each user the correct application using Identity Manager.

Answer : A

A cloud pod architecture has been proposed for a customer with two data centers available in two cities 1700 Miles apart. The data centers are connected using
WAN links with sophisticated security requirements and firewall rules.
A WAN maintenance vendor has been contacted to add exceptions to meet cloud pod architecture requirements. The number of ports to be opened to enable datacenter to datacenter communication should stay at a minimum number.
Which two communication ports are required by the WAN maintenance vendor? (Choose two.)

  • A. 443
  • B. 22389
  • C. 389
  • D. 4001
  • E. 8472
  • F. 8009

Answer : AD

The IT team for a regional healthcare company wants to provide several applications to iOS and Android tablets and smartphones as well as Mac and Windows laptops using VMware products. It wants to minimize Windows desktop operating system licensing and support costs.
Which meets the requirements?

  • A. Use Horizon Linked Clones with Writable Volumes.
  • B. Use Horizon RDS with application pools.
  • C. Use Horizon RDS with Writable Volumes.
  • D. Use Horizon Instant Clones with App Volumes.

Answer : B

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Exam contains 90 questions

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