Avaya Aura Experience Portal with POM Implementation and Maintenance Exam v1.0

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Exam contains 66 questions

During an Avaya Aura® Experience Portal (AAEP) installation or upgrade, when performing the prerequisite check for the localhost reporting, you receive the following error message:

UnknownHostException: localhost -
What could be causing this error? (Choose two.)

  • A. A problem with the prerequisite software has been detected.
  • B. The hostname of the server is not set up properly.
  • C. A problem has been detected with the server hardware.
  • D. The /etc/hosts file is not configured properly.

Answer : AD


In Avaya Aura Experience Portal, prior to conducting a system restore, which script should be run to mount the backup device onto the Linux file system?

  • A. sys_details
  • B. do_MntDrv
  • C. bkup_system
  • D. do_RestoreData

Answer : B


Which component of the Proactive Outreach Manager (POM) solution supports load balancing, even in a multi-server installation?

  • A. Campaign Manager
  • B. Rule Engine
  • C. Campaign Director
  • D. POM Database Server

Answer : A


Refer to the exhibit.
In an intelligent Customer Routing (ICR) deployment, the Standard ICR CCA Session Detail Report (SDR) is shown below.
What is the accurate explanation of this SDR report?

Answer : B

For Avaya Aura® Experience Portal (AAEP) systems that do not use the organization feature, what information is displayed on the Audit Log report?

  • A. Information about all call-handling sessions for the AAEP system
  • B. Debug information for a particular AAEP component
  • C. All actions performed by all users logged into the EPM
  • D. A list of generated alarms

Answer : C

Which are the three exit reasons to filter the ICR CCA session detail report? (Choose three.)

  • A. Call Completed
  • B. Call Failed
  • C. Call Completed in SSA
  • D. Call Routed
  • E. Call Transferred

Answer : CDE


A technician has upgraded the Primary Experience Portal Manager (EPM) and finds that the Auxiliary EPM is no longer able to communicate with it.
Which corrective actions must be taken?

  • A. Upgrade the Auxiliary EPM.
  • B. Log into Linux on the Media Processing Platforms (MMPs) and restart the httpd.
  • C. Log into Linux on the Auxiliary EPM (AUX) and restart the httpd.
  • D. Log into Linux on the MPPs and run bash setup_vpms.php <Primary EPM>.

Answer : A


Which EPM web page is used to specify the report data to be collected from an MPP and for how long the data will be stored?

  • A. MPP Servers
  • B. Report Data Configuration
  • C. EPM Servers
  • D. Report DB Settings

Answer : A


Which report displays information starting with the intial inbound or outbound call and ending with the termination of the CCXML page?

  • A. Data Report
  • B. Session Detail Report
  • C. Application Detail Report
  • D. Contact Detail Report

Answer : B


Which report provides information about resource utilization and operational measurements on the specified Media Processing (MPP) servers?

  • A. Performance
  • B. Application Detail
  • C. Contact Detail
  • D. Session Detail
  • E. Data Export

Answer : A


Which ICR page displays the real-time information about the call summary of the local and remote Experience Portal Manager systems?

  • A. Call Center
  • B. ICR Manager
  • C. ICR Monitor
  • D. Standard Report

Answer : C


When performing a backup of the Avaya Aura® Experience Portal (AAEP), which two operating systems are supported for the backup server? (Choose two.)

  • A. IBM AIX
  • B. Unix
  • C. Oracle Solaris
  • D. Red Hat Enterprise Linux
  • E. Microsoft Windows

Answer : BD

Which three roles are "templated" roles in Avaya Aura® Experience Portal (AAEP)? (Choose three.)

  • A. Auditor
  • B. Security Manager
  • C. Supervisor
  • D. User Manager
  • E. Privacy Manager

Answer : ABD

In a multiple server deployment of Intelligent Customer Routing (ICR), which two ICR components can "install" on an Auxiliary EPM? (Choose two.)

  • A. ICR PDC
  • B. ICR Core
  • C. ICR Admin
  • D. ICR CCA

Answer : BD

In addition to the standard date and time filters, the ICR CCA Session Detail Report offers optional filters for what information? (Choose two.)

  • A. Re-queue Reason
  • B. Exit Reason
  • C. Failure Reason
  • D. Abandon Reason

Answer : AB


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Exam contains 66 questions

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