Avaya Modular Messaging with Avaya Message Store Implementation and Maintenance Exam v6.1

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Exam contains 68 questions

When recording voice prompts, which condition would cause the prompts to come out garbled when played?

  • A. The SIP integration with the Avaya Session Manager has been misconfigured
  • B. The G.711 encoding for the switch is incorrect.
  • C. The caller application ion points to the wrong node.
  • D. There is too much crosstalk between adjacent ports.

Answer : B

The customer is not using a vendor for administration, and has administrative responsibilities that need to be completed before and/or during the initial installation of
Avaya Modular Messaging 5.2? Which are two responsibilities that need to be completed?
(Choose two.)

  • A. running the backup verification tool
  • B. a non-Avaya PBX/switch administration
  • C. the Data Collection tool
  • D. corporate LAN administration
  • E. running the Pre-installation tool

Answer : CD

A customer has just finished migrating to Modular Messaging 5.2 on the S8800-family server. A technician is about to restore the data on the migrated Messaging Application
Server (MAS) from the most recent backup. This data includes any customized caller applications, prompts, and tone files. Which statement about restoring this backed up data is true?

  • A. The storage device has to be plugged into the MAS, so the files can be copied and restored.
  • B. From within the MAS, "\\mss1\masbackup" needs to be mapped, so the restore can take place.
  • C. Backed up data stored in the DVD-RAM, as part of regular system backup, must be inserted into the MAS so the files can be copied.
  • D. Data kept within the Message Storage Server (MSS) must be sent from the MSS to the MAS, by the use of the idap_full_upd command.

Answer : B

Which two statements are true about configuring the Web Client user interface for accessing a Modular Messaging mailbox? (Choose two.)

  • A. The Web Client software can run on any Message Application Servers (MAS).
  • B. The Web Client software can run on the same server as the Web Subscriber Options Server.
  • C. The Web Client can run on a customer provided computer.
  • D. The Web Client can run on the supplemental or tracing server that is joined to the voice mail domain.

Answer : BC

A customer reports they see the following error in the Application Event Log:
"Failed to translate number 2003 for switch ASM"
Given the site configuration information, which two statements describe possible causes of this problem? (Choose two.)

  • A. The switch is not sending any CLI to Modular Messaging.
  • B. A translation rule is not configured on the "ASM" PBX to deal with the extension number 2003.
  • C. Mailbox 2003 does not exist.
  • D. A caller has called the pilot number that is not associated with their home site.

Answer : BD

A supervisor is reviewing the overall call statistics for the month to study the effectiveness of the voicemail system. Which report analyzes the percentage of total calls for which a caller left a message?

  • A. System Usage
  • B. Basic Metrics
  • C. Port Statistics
  • D. Login Failures

Answer : B

A customer is running a four Messaging Application Server (MAS) system with a tracing server. The tracing server is not part of the voice mail domain. While researching an issue on call processing, the Operational History Viewer cannot be opened.
Which two actions must be taken to resolve this problem? (Choose two.)

  • A. Open up VMSC and check the configuration for the report/tracing server, then check to see if tracing service is running on the tracing server.
  • B. Navigate to c:\program files\avaya modular messaging\tracing and remove the ophist.mt file.
  • C. Configure the Operation History viewer to use the Operation History database.
  • D. Ensure the tracing server is on the same MAS as the Mailbox Monitor, Message Waiting Indicator (MWI), and the Call Me service.

Answer : AB

When administering an external SIP gateway, a technician wants to enable SIP loaning to validate and troubleshoot the configuration at a SIP level from the Modular Messaging system.
From where would the technician do this?

  • A. Voice Mail System Configuration
  • B. Modular Messaging Audit Log Viewer
  • C. Reporting Tool Window
  • D. Operation History Viewer
  • E. Logging Administration Page

Answer : D

An Installer is implementing a Modular Messaging system with a Message Storage Server
(MSS) placing the servers in a private Windows domain. What must the installer do to ensure the Modular Messaging Fax Sender server is functional?

  • A. Run the Fax Sender service as a domain administrator.
  • B. Establish a one-way trust to the customer Windows domain.
  • C. Create a Fax Sender account in Active Directory.
  • D. Run the dcpromo command on the Windows Domain Controller.

Answer : B

Modular Messaging Caller Applications software enables the Telephone User Interface
(TUI) and system Automated Attendant to be enhanced and extended. Which two can be performed by creating and deploying caller applications? (Choose two.)

  • A. Automate call handling and ionic incoming calls directly to departments within the organization.
  • B. Duplicate user functionality by creating multiple notification options.
  • C. Use the system flexibility to provide more options with respect to personal e mails.
  • D. Use caller applications to create daily "bulletin board" announcements for the callers and subscribers.

Answer : A,D

An installer is manually configuring a Message Storage Server (MSS). Which special mailbox must be configured for message delivery to function?

  • A. Fax Mailbox
  • B. Broadcast Mailbox
  • C. Shadow Mailbox
  • D. Postmaster Mailbox

Answer : D

V customer wants to integrate their Cisco Callmanager 4.1 system to their newly purchased
Situ Server Modular Messaging. Which integration type must they use?

  • A. H.323 directly to Avaya Modular Messaging
  • B. RS-232 serial to Avaya Modular Messaging
  • C. T1 QSIG to Audiocodes Gateway to Avaya Modular Messaging
  • D. SMDI to Session Manager to Avaya Modular Messaging

Answer : C

Which three statements are true about the Enhanced List Application (ELA) lists that can be used? (Choose three.)

  • A. The administrator has to setup up an ELA shadow mailbox before users can send ELA messages.
  • B. An ELA mailbox is like any other mailbox, allowing such operations as recording a name and a greeting for the list, and allowing Call Answer messages to be distributed through ELA.
  • C. Administrators can restrict ELA lists so that users can't reply to messages they receive from the list.
  • D. A Modular Messaging Message Storage Server (MSS) system supports a maximum of 250 ELA list and each ELA list can have a maximum of 250 members.
  • E. ELA members must be local subscribers and cannot be arbitrary e-mail addresses.

Answer : ABC

A subscriber complains that urgent voice messages are not being presented before normal voice messages by the TUI. When talking to the subscriber, what information helps to resolve the problem?

  • A. Upon returning, from travels the subscriber adjusted the mailbox's time zone setting.
  • B. The subscriber used the Subscriber Options to indicate a media type sorting of fax, voice, and then text.
  • C. The subscriber found that new messages arrived in the mailbox more recently than the new urgent messages.
  • D. The subscriber found that the mailbox settings did not affect the order in which messages were displayed in an e-mail application.

Answer : C

A customer has an Avaya Modular Messaging system consisting of a Message Storage
Server (MSS) and a Messaging Application Server (MAS). Depending on configuration needs, an optional Supplementary Server can be ordered. Which two application'- can be installed on a Supplementary Server? (Choose two.)

  • A. Web Subscriber Options
  • B. Client GUI telephony support
  • C. Web Client server
  • D. Offline Access

Answer : AC

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Exam contains 68 questions

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