Avaya Scopia® Solution Implementation and Maintenance Exam v6.0

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Exam contains 66 questions

What is the purpose of creating a new service?

  • A. To allow different attributes to be applied to the new service
  • B. To change the Maximum Call Rate of all the conferences
  • C. To create an audio only conference type
  • D. To allow multiple conferences to be created at one time

Answer : D

An organization is expanding and would like to add video conferencing to all the 10 meeting rooms they have.
Which is the most cost effective conferencing solution for the organization, if concurrent meetings are required?

  • A. a SCOPIA EIite MCU
  • B. an XT1000 Internal MCU
  • C. a Full Centralized Deployment
  • D. a Large Distributed Deployment

Answer : B

What entity performs network-wide setup of devices and locations in Scopia Management with multi-tenant support?

  • A. moderator
  • B. meeting operator
  • C. organization administrator
  • D. service provider administrator

Answer : C

Reference: 5)

What is the default port used by the PathFinder client to register to the Pathfinder server?

  • A. 443
  • B. 3089
  • C. 8080
  • D. 8443

Answer : B

A516E1D2244E/0/%5C%5Cwww.adobe.com(p.9, first bulleted point)

How do you configure an Audio-only service in the MCU?

  • A. By selecting a service type and deselecting the multimedia option
  • B. By removing all video codecs from the video codecs table
  • C. By selecting all audio codecs from the audio codecs table
  • D. By selecting a service type and checking the "audio only" checkbox

Answer : D


Scopia Management includes Gatekeeper software that allows:

  • A. voicemail
  • B. SIP registration
  • C. endpoint registration
  • D. small message service registration

Answer : C

Which activity cannot be performed by an MCU operator?

  • A. Managing another conference
  • B. Viewing the conference list
  • C. MCU configuration
  • D. Disconnecting a conference

Answer : C

Which two statements regarding the configuration of the gatekeeper on an Elite MCU are correct? (Choose two.)

  • A. It is configured by navigating to Configuration --> Protocols.
  • B. It is configured by navigating to Configuration --> Conferences.
  • C. The port used is typically 1719.
  • D. The port used is typically 8080.

Answer : BD

When performing the initial configuration of the MCU, what terminal emulation is required?

  • A. 4800 baud rate, 8 Data bits, no parity, 1 stop bit, and flow control none
  • B. 9600 baud rate, 1 Data bits, 1 parity bit, 1 stop bit, and flow control none
  • C. 9600 baud rate, 8 Data bits, no parity, 1 stop bit, and flow control none
  • D. Default Putty emulation

Answer : C

20Elite%205100%20Series%20MCU%20V7.7.pdf(page 34)

Which two statements about a gatekeeper are correct? (Choose two.)

  • A. A gatekeeper enables the auto-attendant feature.
  • B. The gatekeeper is an H.323 entity.
  • C. A gatekeeper provides address translation.
  • D. A gatekeeper provides service prefixes to the MCU.

Answer : A

From which two types of LDAP server can users be imported into Scopia Management?
(Choose two.)

  • A. LDAP type F Server
  • B. OpenLDAP Server
  • C. Lotus Domino Server
  • D. Active directory Server

Answer : CD

Which statement regarding the resolution supported by MCU is correct?

  • A. Using Continuous Presence Service, the Elite MCU supports either HD endpoints only or SD endpoints only in the same conference.
  • B. In Switched Video Service, the Elite MCU supports only SD end-points in a voice- activated conference.
  • C. Using Continuous Presence Service, the Elite MCU supports both SD and HD endpoints in the same conference.
  • D. In Switched Video Service, the Elite MCU supports only HD endpoints in a voice- activated conference.

Answer : C

Through which operation can you create new meeting types for Scopia Management?

  • A. Manually create a new meeting type through Scopia Management.
  • B. Scopia Management has a fixed list of meeting types and they cannot be changed at all.
  • C. Set new meeting types on the MCU.
  • D. Download new meeting types from one of the configured MCUs.

Answer : A

After using the system for more than a year a company decides to add support for scheduling. Which Scopia solution component needs to be added?

  • A. Another Scopia® Elite MCU
  • B. Scopia® Management Suite
  • C. PathFinder
  • D. Standalone ECS

Answer : B

When logging into a system that was installed with multi-tenant support, what extra field is on the log in screen?

  • A. password
  • B. login
  • C. multi-tenant
  • D. organization

Answer : D

Reference:http://www.radvision.jp/support/documentation/iVIEW%20Suite%20v5.7%20Ad ministrator%20Guide.pdf(p.26)

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Exam contains 66 questions

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