LPIC-3 Virtualization & High Availability v1.0

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Fill in the blank.
What is the name of the kernel module that is required to be loaded in order to use KVM on an Intel CPU architecture? (Specify ONLY the module name without any path information and with or without the module suffix.)

Answer : kvm-intel.ko -or- kvm-intel -or- kvm_intel.ko -or- kvm_intel

Which of the following is true regarding the CPU of a KVM virtual machine? (Choose TWO correct answers.)

  • A. Each KVM virtual machine can only have one CPU with one core.
  • B. KVM virtual machines support multiple virtual CPUs in order to run SMP systems.
  • C. The CPU architecture of a KVM virtual machine is independent of the host system's architecture.
  • D. For each KVM virtual machine one dedicated physical CPU core must be reserved.
  • E. KVM uses the concept of virtual CPUs to map the virtual machines to physical CPUs.

Answer : BE

Which statement is true regarding the Linux kernel module that must be loaded in order to use KVM?

  • A. It must be loaded into the kernel of each virtual machine to provide paravirtualization which is required by KVM.
  • B. It must be loaded into the kernel of the host system in order to use the virtualization extensions of the host system's CPU.
  • C. It must be loaded into the kernel of the host system only if the console of a virtual machine will be connected to a physical console of the host system.
  • D. It must be loaded into the kernel of each virtual machine that will access files and directories from the host system's file system.
  • E. It must be loaded into the kernel of the first virtual machine as it interacts with the KVM bare metal hypervisor and is required to trigger the start of additional virtual machines.

Answer : B

Which of the following commands boots a KVM virtual machine using Debian GNU/Linux?

  • A. qemu -create -drive file=debian.img -cdrom debian.iso -m 1024 -boot d
  • B. qemu-kvm -drive file=debian.img -cdrom debian.iso -m 1024 -boot d
  • C. kvm -create -drive file=debian.img -cdrom debian.iso -m 1024 -boot d
  • D. kvm -qemu -drive file=debian.img -cdrom debian.iso -m 1024 -boot d

Answer : B

Which of the following products use container-based virtualization? (Choose THREE correct answers.)

  • A. KVM
  • B. Linux VServer
  • C. LXC
  • D. OpenVZ
  • E. Xen

Answer : BCD

What action does the virsh restore command perform?

  • A. It restores a virtual machine that was stopped by a kernel panic.
  • B. It restores a virtual machine from a state file.
  • C. It reverts a virtual machine, including its storage devices, to a previously saved state.
  • D. It wakes up a virtual machine that was hibernated by the operating system running inside the virtual machine.

Answer : B

How can data be shared between several virtual machines running on the same Linux-based host system?

  • A. By mounting other VM's file systems from /dev/virt-disks/remote/.
  • B. By using a network file system or file transfer protocol.
  • C. By default, Linux-based virtualization products provide full access to the host system to all virtual machines.
  • D. By setting up a ramdisk in one virtual machine and mounting it using its UUID in the other VMs.
  • E. By attaching the same virtual hard disk to all virtual machines and activating EXT4 sharing extensions on it.

Answer : B

Which of the following data should be copied to the virtual machine when migrating a physical machine to a virtual machine?

  • A. The block device buffers
  • B. The CPU flags
  • C. The file systems or their content
  • D. The CPU register's content
  • E. The memory

Answer : C

What does IaaS stand for?

  • A. Integration as a Service
  • B. Intelligence as a Service
  • C. Instances as a Service
  • D. Infrastructure as a Service
  • E. Information as a Service

Answer : D

Which of the following types of guest systems does Xen support? (Choose TWO correct answers.)

  • A. Paravirtualized guests (PV)
  • B. Foreign architecture guests (FA)
  • C. Fully virtualized guests (HVM)
  • D. Container virtualized guests (CVM)
  • E. Emulated guests (EMU)

Answer : AC

Fill in the blank.
Which sub-command of xl lists the block devices that are currently attached to a Xen guest domain? (Specify ONLY the sub-command without any path or parameters.)

Answer : block-list -or- xl block-list

What is XAPI?

  • A. An extension of libvirt which adds live migration of virtual servers between arbitrary hypervisors.
  • B. A ReSTful API which is used by xl to communicate with the Xen hypervisor.
  • C. The communication interface between a paravirtualized Linux Kernel and the Xen hypervisor.
  • D. A high level tool chain which provides advanced management tools and interfaces for Xen.
  • E. The internal messaging system within the Xen hypervisor.

Answer : D

In order to use the option dom0_mem to limit the amount of memory assigned to the Xen Domain-0, where must this option be specified?

  • A. In its Makefile, when Xen is built.
  • B. In the configuration file /etc/xen/Domain-0.cfg, when Xen starts.
  • C. In the bootloader configuration, when Xen is booted.
  • D. In its .config file, when the Domain-0 kernel is built.
  • E. In any of Xen's global configuration files.

Answer : C

Fill in the blank.
Which command was used in Xen 3.x as a predecessor of the xl command? (Specify ONLY the command without any path or parameters.)

Answer : xm

Which of the following KVM monitor commands changes the image file in the first IDE CDROM drive of a virtual machine?

  • A. change ide1-cd0 /tmp/linux.iso
  • B. update ide1-cd0 /tmp/linux.iso
  • C. set ide1-cd0=/tmp/linux.iso
  • D. eject --reconnect ide1-cd0 /tmp/linux.iso
  • E. disc file=/tmp/linux.iso,device=/dev/sr0

Answer : A

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Exam contains 133 questions

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