LPI Level 3 Exam 304, Senior Level Linux Certification, Virtualization & High Availability v5.0

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Exam contains 104 questions

Which of the the following cluster infrastructure services are provided by heartbeat
(versions 3 and post 2.1)? (Specify TWO correct answers)

  • A. membership
  • B. communication
  • C. advanced resource management
  • E. service migration

Answer : A,B

Which kernel boot option should be used to reserve 512 MB of system memory for the Xen hypervisor?

  • A. xen_mem=512M
  • B. memory=512M
  • C. dom0_mem=512M
  • D. mem=512M

Answer : C

With HAProxy, which one of the following ACLs can match requests made to the domain example.org?

  • A. acl acl_example hdr_sub(Host) example.org
  • B. acl acl_example url_domain example.org
  • C. acl acl_example hdr_sub(Domain) example.org
  • D. acl acl_example url_host example.org

Answer : A

Which of the following statements are TRUE regarding KVM virtualization? (Select THREE correct answers)

  • A. Qemu is needed to create virtual machines on top of the KVM kernel module.
  • B. There is no support for Windows virtual machines.
  • C. The /proc/cpuinfo file can be checked to determine if the CPU is able to handle the KVM virtual machines.
  • D. For paravirtualized virtual machines, there is no special CPU support required.
  • E. Any tool that works with libvirt can be used to manage the KVM environment.

Answer : A,C,E

What command in Red Hat Cluster Suite is used to display the status of the cluster; such as membership information, quorum view, and the state of all configured user services?

  • A. clustat
  • B. cman
  • C. rhcs
  • D. ccs_status

Answer : A

What is the correct configuration stanza for a Xen virtual machine?

  • A. kernel "/boot/vmlinuz2.6.18.8xwnU"; ramdisk "/boot/initrd.img2.6.18.8xwnU"; memory "256"; name"Centos"; disk['phy:/dev/sdb1,xvda1,w']; root"/dev/xvda1";
  • B. kernel "/boot/vmlinuz2.6.18.8xwnU" ramdisk "/boot/initrd.img2.6.18.8xwnU" memory "256" name"Centos" disk['phy:/dev/sdb1,xvda1,w'] root"/dev/xvda1"
  • C. kernel = "/boot/vmlinuz2.6.18.8xwnU" ramdisk = "/boot/initrd.img2.6.18.8xwnU" memory = "256" name= "Centos" disk= ['phy:/dev/sdb1,xvda1,w'] root= "/dev/xvda1"
  • D. kernel ['/boot/vmlinuz2.6.18.8xwnU'] ramdisk ['/boot/initrd.img2.6.18.8xwnU'] memory ['256'] name['Centos'] disk['phy:/dev/sdb1,xvda1,w'] root['/dev/xvda1']

Answer : C

What is the name of the heartbeat configuration file?

  • A. ha.cf
  • B. heartbeat.cf
  • C. heartbeat.conf
  • D. hb.conf

Answer : A

When setting up a KVM virtualization host, which one of the following components is NOT required?

  • A. libvirt
  • B. kvm kernel modules
  • C. bridgeutils
  • D. virsh
  • E. qemu

Answer : D

Which function is not supported in a GFS2 file system?

  • A. repair
  • B. grow
  • C. shrink
  • D. withdraw

Answer : C

Which option is missing in the command below to perform a Xen migration of a domain without pausing the virtual machine? (Please specify only the option in short or long form) xm migrate vm1 ____ Your Response

Answer : -l --live l live

In heartbeat (versions 3 and post 2.1), what should the crm directive be set to?

  • A. on
  • B. no
  • C. respawn
  • D. pacemaker
  • E. off

Answer : C

Which command would start IPVS connection synchronization for the primary load balancer?

  • A. ipvsadm startdaemon=eth0,master
  • B. ipvsadm startdaemon=primary mcastinterface=eth0
  • C. ipvsadm startdaemon=master mcastinterface=eth0
  • D. ipvsadm startdaemon=eth0,primary
  • E. ipvsadm startdaemon=1 mcastinterface=eth0

Answer : C

DRBD is equivalent to a networked version of what RAID level?

  • A. 0
  • B. 1
  • C. 2
  • D. 5

Answer : B

Which of the following statements are true of full virtualization? (Select THREE correct answers)

  • A. Full virtualization has superior I/O performance through the emulated device drivers.
  • B. Full virtualization is faster than paravirtualization.
  • C. Full virtualization requires time and system resources for emulation.
  • D. Full virtualization requires no modification to the Guest OS kernel.
  • E. Full virtualization works through CPU emulation.

Answer : C,D,E

Which command should be used to convert a GFS filesystem to GFS2?

  • A. gfs_update
  • B. gfs2_convert
  • C. gfs2_migrate
  • D. ccs_migrate

Answer : B

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Exam contains 104 questions

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