Designing and Implementing Cisco Network Programmability v7.0

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Exam contains 74 questions

An organization leverages a multivendor network to sell connectivity services using Layer 3
VPN and VPLS. Where possible, the organization wants to use common APIs across vendors, in order to automate the configuration of network services. Which technology should the organization consider for the southbound interface?

  • A. BGP-LS
  • B. OpFlex
  • C. OpenFlow
  • E. PCEP

Answer : D

Which field in Visore can you use to find a unique instance of a managed object?

  • A. IcOwn
  • B. dn
  • C. class name
  • D. classld

Answer : B

Drag and drop the protocol on the loft to its correct description on the right.

Answer :

Drag and drop the network automation protocol on the left to the transport protocol that it supports on the right. Some options are used more than once.

Answer :

Which two protocols can the Cisco ARC I M use to communicate with supported platforms?
(Choose two.)

  • A. OpFlex
  • B. SNMPv2c
  • C. SSH
  • D. HTTPS
  • E. RPC
  • F. OpenFlow

Answer : A,B

Which two initial actions should you take when exploring automation for ACI? (Choose two.)

  • A. Develop an open-source package or SDK.
  • B. Look for an open-source package or SDK.
  • C. Write scripts that leverage the Python standard library.
  • D. Use the API Inspector and test API calls.
  • E. Use the ncclient command to explore the NETCONF capabilities of the Cisco APIC.

Answer : D,E

Refer to the exhibit.

Based on the YANG data model snippet, which RESTCONF URI should you use to retrieve data from the interfaces container?

  • A. /restconf/data/my-interfaces:interfaces
  • B. /restconf/data/my-interfaces:container:interfaces
  • C. /restconf/operations/my-interfaces:interfaces
  • D. /restconf/data/

Answer : A

Which statement indicates that an element in a YANG data model contains data that describes operational state information about the device or service?

  • A. state true
  • B. config false
  • C. mode state
  • D. state enabled

Answer : B

Which concept should you use when trying to improve a frequently repealed and predictable manual process?

  • A. scalability
  • B. lifecycle management
  • C. deployment
  • D. orchestration
  • E. automation

Answer : A

Which two queries are supported to access objects within the ACI Management Information
Tree? (Choose two.)

  • A. DN query
  • B. fabric query
  • C. RN query
  • D. class query
  • E. property query

Answer : A,B

Which two tools help you to program against Nexus APIs? (Choose two.)

  • A. Jenkins
  • B. Cisco Nexus 1000v
  • C. VIRL
  • D. DevNet sandboxes
  • E. Cisco Open SDN Controller

Answer : A,C

Which two data representation formats are used in RESTCONF? (Choose two.)

  • A. HTML
  • B. YAML
  • C. XML
  • D. GML
  • E. ASN.1
  • F. JSON

Answer : A,B

You are developing a YANG data model to represent the functionality of a new network application. Which two YANG statements do you use la organize the model into a hierarchy? (Choose two.)

  • A. module
  • B. grouping
  • C. submodule
  • D. augment
  • E. container

Answer : B,E

Which authentication method can be used to access the ACIAPIC controller?

  • A. REST API using HTTP and header-based authentication
  • B. REST API using HTTPS and JSON-formatted username/password payload
  • C. SOAP API using header-based authentication
  • D. SOAP API using SSL and header-based authentication

Answer : C

What is the top-level object for the MIT in ACI?

  • A. home
  • B. root
  • C. uni
  • D. top

Answer : A

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Exam contains 74 questions

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