Implementing Cisco Data Center Virtualization and Automation v8.0

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Exam contains 60 questions

Which tool can you use to convert XML/JSON REST code to Python code?

  • A. Postman
  • B. Cobra
  • C. Arya
  • D. API Inspector

Answer : B

Which option must be created to allow one EPG to communicate with another EPG within same tenant?

  • A. a filter
  • B. a taboo
  • C. a subject
  • D. a contract

Answer : B

Which two features are supported for configuration synchronization? (Choose two )

  • A. port profile
  • B. GEM pre-provisioning
  • C. configurations rollbacks
  • D. feature sets
  • E. FCoE

Answer : A,B

Explanation: onfig_sync_ops.html

What is the retention period for remotely attached endpoint?

  • A. 3 minutes
  • B. 15 minutes
  • C. 5 minutes
  • D. 10 minutes

Answer : A

Explanation: x/aci-fundamentals/b_ACI-Fundamentals/b_ACI-Fundamentals_chapter_010010.html

You need to create and configure a VRF for IP forwarding on a Cisco Nexus Series Switch running in NX-OS. Drag and drop the configuration steps from the left into the correct order on the right. Not all options are used.

Answer :

Which option must be defined to apply a configuration across a potentially large number of switches in the most scalable way?

  • A. a configuration policy
  • B. a group policy
  • C. an interface policy
  • D. a switch profile

Answer : D

You discover that a VLAN is not enabled on a leaf port even though on EPG is provisioned.
Which cause of the issue is most likely true?

  • A. Cisco Discovery protocol is enabled m the interface policy group
  • B. A VLAN pool is not defined under the associated physical domain
  • C. The VLAN is not specified in a contract
  • D. An interface policy must define the VLAN pool

Answer : B

Explanation: x/basic-config/b_ACI_Config_Guide/b_ACI_Config_Guide_chapter_0101.pdf

At the bash prompt, you run the bash$ source environment-setup-x86_64-wrs-linux command.
Which purpose of running this command is true?

  • A. to set up the source for the plugins added to the shell environment
  • B. to move the build application to the target switch
  • C. to prepare the environment for the SDK installation
  • D. to add SDK-specific paths to the shell environment during environment initialization

Answer : D

Which two HTTP methods are supported by the Cisco Nexus REST API? (Choose two )

  • A. PUT
  • B. POST

Answer : B,C

1_a/REST_API/b_REST_API_Config_Guide_4_2_1_SV2_2_1a/b_REST_API_Config_Gui de_4_2_1_SV2_2_1a_chapter_010.html#d430e82a1635

Refer to the exhibit:
For which option is the L3OUT-1 connection used?

  • A. bridge domain BD2
  • B. private network CIX1
  • C. private network Network-2
  • D. bridge domain BD1

Answer : A

Which type of discovery is used in the Cisco ACI fabric for automatic discovery?

  • A. ACI
  • B. Cisco APIC
  • C. DHCP
  • D. LLDR

Answer : D

Which option are L4-L7 devices registered as on a Cisco APIC?

  • A. one virtual device
  • B. a cluster
  • C. one physical device
  • D. more virtual devices

Answer : B

Which statement about RBAC user roles on a Cisco Nexus switch is true?

  • A. If a user belongs to two roles, a permit access in one role takes priority over a deny access in the other role
  • B. The predefined roles can be changed by the network-admin
  • C. If a user belongs to two roles, the user can execute only the commands that are permuted by both of the roles
  • D. On a Cisco Nexus 7000 Series Switch, roles are shared between VOCs

Answer : A

Refer to the exhibit :
You define the port profiles as shown in the exhibit, and then you assign the P10GIG port profile to interface el" Which option is the result of this configuration?

  • A. The speed of the interface is 10 Gbps
  • B. The speed of the interface is 1 Gbps
  • C. The interface uses the maximum speed available for the physical interface.
  • D. The speed of the interface is 100 GbpS

Answer : A

Which two options are purposes of a device package? (Choose two )

  • A. to identify a set of network or service functions required by the application
  • B. to provide a leaf and spine devices with operating systems and firmware
  • C. to provide a Cisco APIC with information about device specifics
  • D. to render the services required by a graph
  • E. to manage a class of service devices

Answer : C,E

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Exam contains 60 questions

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