VMware Certified Professional 7 - Cloud Management and Automation v1.0

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Exam contains 132 questions

Which messaging system does the vRealize Automation Event Broker System use?

  • A. JBoss Messaging
  • B. OpenJMS
  • C. RabbitMQ
  • D. ActiveMQ

Answer : C

A fabric administrator has assigned three resource reservations to the same business group where two reservations belong to the same reservation policy.
How does this configuration impact the environment?

  • A. Business group managers can only add items to the catalog that are assigned to the reservation policy.
  • B. Users will be able to choose the reservation policy when requesting to provision a machine.
  • C. Fabric administrators can use the reservation policy to restrict the resources used by the business group.
  • D. Blueprint authors can use the reservation policy to restrict the provisioning of machines to a subset of resources.

Answer : D

The machine prefix infra_server_ was created for the IT business group. The machines being provisioned are named IT0001, IT0002, etc.
Which option could account for this behavior?

  • A. The requestor was NOT a member of the Group Manager Role.
  • B. The IT business group does NOT have a Default Machine Prefix defined.
  • C. Another machine prefix was assigned to the endpoint.
  • D. The machine prefix was NOT enabled.

Answer : B

What is the vRealize Orchestrator Plug-In installer file extension?

  • A. .vro
  • B. .exe
  • C. .dat
  • D. .vmoapp

Answer : D


Which vCloud Air authorization level is required to add vCloud Air as an Endpoint in vRealize Automation?

  • A. VPC User
  • B. End User Role
  • C. Read-only Administrator
  • D. Virtual Infrastructure Administrator

Answer : D


Which three roles are available to assign when configuring user access to the Business Management tab in vRealize Automation? (Choose three.)

  • A. Business Management Controller
  • B. Business Management Cloud Comparison
  • C. Business Management Administrator
  • D. Business Management Pricing Manager
  • E. Business Management Read Only

Answer : ACE


A vRealize Automation Tenant Administrator has identified a virtual machine with low resource utilization. The owner has been given 5 days to respond to the reclamation request. The blueprint used to build the virtual machine has an archive period of 10 days and there are 21 days left in the original machine lease.
If the owner responds today confirming the virtual machine is no longer needed, how many days will elapse before the virtual machine is destroyed?

  • A. 10 days
  • B. 31 days
  • C. 21 days
  • D. Today

Answer : A

What is one reason why a resource mapping would need to be created?

  • A. To map a vRealize Orchestrator inventory type to a custom machine type
  • B. To map an XaaS blueprint to a resource action
  • C. To map a vRealize Automation catalog resource type to a resource action
  • D. To map a vRealize Automation catalog resource type to a vRealize Orchestrator inventory type

Answer : D


What construct is used to organize the catalog into discrete categories?

  • A. Blueprints
  • B. Entitlements
  • C. Services
  • D. Resources

Answer : C


The errors shown appeared in the logs immediately after a change to a service account password.
Which option is most likely to resolve the issue?

  • A. In vRealize Automation, adjust the credentials under Infrastructure > Endpoints > Credentials.
  • B. Delete and recreate the vSphere endpoint in vRealize Automation under Infrastructure > Endpoints > Endpoints.
  • C. Reinstall the vSphere Proxy Agent.
  • D. Log into the vShpere Web Client and remap the account.

Answer : A

A business group has been assigned a 10 TB storage reservation.
Which option best describes the effect on virtual machines provisioned from this business group?

  • A. 10 TB of storage has been pre-allocated for each virtual machine in the business group.
  • B. The virtual machines will be provisioned up to 10 TB total for the group, provided there is free storage capacity.
  • C. 10 TB of storage has been pre-allocated for the virtual machines in the business group to share.
  • D. Virtual machines provisioned from other business groups will NOT be able use the 10 TB in this reservation.

Answer : B

A blueprint architect needs to create an XaaS blueprint to add a user to Activate Directory.
Which action should the architect complete beforehand?

  • A. Create a resource action of the vRealize Orchestrator object type AD:User
  • B. Create a custom property of the vRealize Orchestrator object type AD:User
  • C. Create a custom resource and map it to the vRealize Orchestrator object type AD:User
  • D. Create a custom workflow in vRealize Orchestrator object type AD:User

Answer : C


C5569F8DEBE1.html -

Which approval level deploys a resource but withholds access until approval is granted?

  • A. The pre-request level
  • B. The pre-approval level
  • C. The post-approval level
  • D. The post-request level

Answer : C

https://docs.vmware.com/en/vRealize-Automation/index.html#com.vmware.vrealize.automation.doc/GUID-4463B302-4365-4374-8954-7B582D34D41A.html? resultof=%2522%2570%2572%2565%2522%2520%%202522%2561%2570%2570%2572%256f%2576%2561%256c%2522%2520%2522%2561%2570%2570%

Which vRealize Automation role has permissions to create Custom Groups?

  • A. Fabric Administrator
  • B. Business Group Manager
  • C. Tenant Administrator
  • D. Catalog Administrator

Answer : C


What is one of the steps that must be taken before the Business Management tab will appear in the vRealize Automation UI?

  • A. Update the reference database via a link in the Administration tab of vRA.
  • B. Update the reference database by executing a one-time script in the shell.
  • C. Install additional components on the IaaS server.
  • D. Deploy and configure another virtual appliance.

Answer : D


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Exam contains 132 questions

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