VMware Professional Horizon 7.7 Exam 2019 v1.0

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Exam contains 70 questions

An administrator is unable to use a desktop as the parent for an instant clone desktop pool.
What is the most likely cause?

  • A. When installing the Horizon View Agent, the Client Drive Redirection option was selected
  • B. When installing the Horizon View Agent, the VMware Horizon Instant Clone Agent option was selected
  • C. When installing the Horizon View Agent, the VMware Horizon View Composer Agent option was selected
  • D. When installing the Horizon View Agent, the vRealize Operations Desktop Agent option was selected

Answer : C

What are two required Active Directory permissions for the Instant Clone Domain Admin account? (Choose two.)

  • A. Read all properties
  • B. Write all properties
  • C. Create computer objects
  • D. Full control

Answer : AC


When preparing a master image for a virtual desktop infrastructure environment, how should disk defragmentation be configured?

  • A. Run a disk defragmentation and then schedule automatic defragmentation tasks prior to publishing the desktop
  • B. Do not run a disk defragmentation but schedule automatic defragmentation tasks prior to publishing the desktop
  • C. Run a disk defragmentation and then disable automatic defragmentation tasks prior to publishing the desktop
  • D. Do not run a disk defragmentation but disable automatic defragmentation tasks prior to publishing the desktop

Answer : C


How does User Environment Manager use the Profile Archive file share?

  • A. It stores Flex configuration files
  • B. It stores the FlexEngine executable files for distribution
  • C. It stores the user personalization settings
  • D. It stores backups of the user personalization settings

Answer : C


Review the exhibit.

While investigating slow logins, the logon duration is missing as shown in the exhibit.
What two actions will report logon duration? (Choose two.)

  • A. Restart the Horizon Broker Agent
  • B. Reboot all Horizon Connection Servers
  • C. Enable the logon duration option in the Horizon Broker Agent configuration
  • D. Synchronize time on Horizon Broker Agent, Desktop Agent and Events DB

Answer : AD


Which two databases are supported by App Volumes 2.x? (Choose two.)

  • A. Microsoft SQL Server 2012 SP3
  • B. Microsoft SQL Server Express 2008
  • C. Oracle 11g
  • D. vPostgres

Answer : AB


What task is a prerequisite before installing View Composer?

  • A. Enable TLSv1.0 security protocol
  • B. Create a database and data source name (DSN)
  • C. Configure an SSL Certificate for View Composer that is signed by a Certificate Authority (CA)
  • D. Pair the connection server with the security server

Answer : B


An administrator is configuring a rule for an Access Policy in VMware Identity Manager.
Which three settings can be configured to manage user access to their apps portal as a whole, or to specified Web application? (Choose three.)

  • A. Network Range
  • B. Application category
  • C. Device Type
  • D. Rule Schedule
  • E. Authentication Type

Answer : ACE


When troubleshooting issues with the View Agent, which tool can be used to generate a Data Collection Tool (DCT) bundle?

  • A. mslexec
  • B. vdadmin
  • C. vdmutil
  • D. Imvutil

Answer : B

Reference -

When configuring Horizon in FIPS mode, what security protocol is the default?

  • A. TLSv1.0
  • B. SSLv3
  • C. SSLv1
  • D. TLSv1.2

Answer : D


One of the datastores containing a linked clone desktop pool is running out of disk space and an administrator adds a second datastore.
Which operation should the administrator perform to resolve the issue?

  • A. Refresh
  • B. Storage vMotion
  • C. Recompose
  • D. Rebalance

Answer : B

Within User Environment Manager, which is the correct option to Turn Off the FlexEngine Config File Processing at logon and logoff for a particular application or setting?

  • A. Uncheck the Enable DirectFlex for this config file option in the DirectFlex settings tab
  • B. Disable the DirectFlex "" advanced settings within the VMware UEM GPO
  • C. Disable by right-clicking the application or setting in the tree view
  • D. Uncheck the Process during logon and logoff option in the Advanced settings tab

Answer : D


When integrating a Citrix deployment in VMware Identity Manager, what can be done in the Administration Console with Citrix resources?

  • A. Entitle users to those Citrix resources
  • B. View the Citrix resources and their entitlements
  • C. Modify the settings of the Citrix resources
  • D. Manage Citrix-published applications and Citrix-published desktops

Answer : B

What is the minimum Active Directory functional level supported by App Volumes 2.x?

  • A. Microsoft Windows 2008 functional level or later
  • B. Microsoft Windows 2000 functional level or later
  • C. Microsoft Windows 2012 functional level or later
  • D. Microsoft Windows 2003 functional level or later

Answer : A

Within VMware User Environment Manager management console, which are correct Triggers for Triggered Tasks?

  • A. Lock workstation, Unlock workstation, Disconnect session, and Reconnect session
  • B. Disconnect workstation, Reconnect workstation, Lock session, and Unlock session
  • C. Lock workstation, Unlock workstation, Logoff User, and Login User
  • D. Restart workstation, Shutdown workstation, Disconnect session, and Reconnect session

Answer : A


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Exam contains 70 questions

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