VMware vSphere 6.7 Foundations Exam 2019 v1.0

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Exam contains 65 questions

Which two statements are true using Resource Pools? (Choose two.)

  • A. Resource Pools require vSphere DRS to be enabled.
  • B. Resource Pools compartmentalize all resource in a cluster.
  • C. Resource Pools compartmentalize all resources in a datacenter.
  • D. Resource Pools require vSphere HA to be enabled.

Answer : AB


Which type of network traffic is used for vSphere High Availability (HA) by default?

  • A. Management network traffic
  • B. iSCSI Port Binding network traffic
  • C. vMotion network traffic
  • D. VM Network traffic

Answer : A


Which is a valid requirement for deploying the vCenter Server Appliance 6.x to a DRS cluster?

  • A. At least one host in the cluster must be in maintenance mode or lockdown mode.
  • B. One ESXi host in the cluster must not be in maintenance mode or lockdown mode.
  • C. All ESXi hosts in the cluster must not be in maintenance mode.
  • D. One ESXi host in the cluster must not be in lockdown mode.

Answer : D

Which are two steps that a vSphere administrator must take to increase the capacity of an existing VMFS datastore that is participating in a Storage DRS cluster?
(Choose two.)

  • A. In the vSphere Web Client navigator, select Global Inventory Lists > Datastore Clusters.
  • B. Select the target datastore to grow and click the Increase Datastore Capacity icon.
  • C. Select the target datastore cluster and click the Add Datastore icon.
  • D. In the vSphere Web Client navigator, select Global Inventory Lists > Datastores.

Answer : BD


Which two network failure detection options are available when using a vSphere Standard Switch? (Choose two.)

  • A. Fixed with preferred path
  • B. Dynamic
  • C. Link status with Beacon probing
  • D. Link status only

Answer : CD


A vSphere administrator wants to ensure standardization of any new deployments of Widows VMs. In order to accomplish this, the administrator creates a new
Windows VM with all of the required settings.
What vSphere feature can the administrator leverage to ensure that each new Windows VM receives a unique name and is automatically joined to the domain after creation?

  • A. Guest Operating System Customization
  • B. vRealize Orchestrator
  • C. Host Profiles
  • D. Sysprep

Answer : A

https://pubs.vmware.com/vsphere-4-esx-vcenter/index.jsp?topic=/com.vmware.vsphere.vmadmin.doc_41/vsp_vm_guide/ deploy_vms_from_templates_and_clones/t_create_a_customization_specification_for_windows.html

What three steps must be taken when removing a host from a vSAN-enabled cluster? (Choose three.)

  • A. Remove VMkernel port with vSAN traffic checkbox checked.
  • B. Remove the host from vSAN cluster.
  • C. Remove disks from diskgroups, remove disk groups.
  • D. Place the host into maintenance mode with Full Migration option selected.
  • E. Create at least one vSphere Standard Switch.

Answer : BCD


What three tools or products can be used for monitoring a vSphere 6.x deployment? (Choose three.)

  • A. vCenter Alarms
  • B. vCenter Events
  • C. vRealize Automation
  • D. vRealize Operations Manager
  • E. vRealize Orchestrator

Answer : ADE

Which two resource types can be limited on the vApp level? (Choose two.)

  • A. Network
  • B. CPU
  • C. Storage
  • D. Memory

Answer : BD


Which three virtual hardware configurations will allow snapshots? (Choose three.)

  • A. 16+ vCPU
  • B. full memory reservation
  • C. Physical Mode RDMs
  • D. Virtual Mode RDMs
  • E. bus sharing

Answer : ABD


A vSphere administrator is required to apply security hardening policies following the VMware vSphere Hardening Guide recommendations.
Which tool enables native compliance reporting for these guidelines?

  • A. VMware vCenter Server
  • B. VMware vRealize Operations Manager
  • C. VMware vSphere Update Manager
  • D. VMware AirWatch

Answer : B


When specifying a trigger action for an Alarm Definition, what two alarm state changes are available to be triggered on? (Choose two.)

  • A. From normal to critical
  • B. From critical to warning
  • C. From critical to normal
  • D. From normal to warning

Answer : BD

A vSphere administrator takes a snapshot before logging into a VM to preserve the current state in case of a problem.
Assuming this process is repeated every day for over 30 days, what two results will happen? (Choose two.)

  • A. The virtual machine"™s performance will decrease.
  • B. The virtual machine can end up consuming more space on the datastore than assigned.
  • C. The administrator will have backups for the entire month.
  • D. The administrator has successfully cloned the VM 30 times.

Answer : AB


Which three options are available when applying a customization Specification to an existing virtual machine? (Choose three.)

  • A. Create a specification
  • B. Import a specification
  • C. Modify a specification
  • D. Select an existing specification.
  • E. Create a specification from an existing specification.

Answer : ABD

https://docs.vmware.com/en/VMware-vSphere/6.5/com.vmware.vsphere.vm_admin.doc/GUID-EB5F090E-723C-4470 B640-50B35D1EC016.html

Which state does VMware recommend an ESXi host be in before removing the ESXi host from a DRS cluster?

  • A. Powered off
  • B. Quarantine mode
  • C. Disconnected
  • D. Maintenance mode

Answer : D

https://pubs.vmware.com/vsphere-4-esx-vcenter/index.jsp?topic=/com.vmware.vsphere.bsa.doc_40/vc_admin_guide/ managing_hosts_in_vcenter_server/t_remove_a_host_from_a_cluster.html

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Exam contains 65 questions

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