Administration of Symantec Data Loss Prevention 12 v6.0

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You want to shrink the volume named payvol to 20 MB and resize the VxFS file system automatically. The volume is in the disk group named hrdg. The volume must be resized on the defined disk group.
What should you do?

  • A. Use vxassist to shrink the volume first, and then shrink the file system.
  • B. Use vxassist to shrink the file system first, and then shrink the volume.
  • C. Use vxresize to shrink the file system first, and then shrink the volume.
  • D. Use vxresize to resize the volume containing the filesystem.

Answer : D

Identify the sequence in which VxVM performs a relayout on a "target" volume.
1. An extent of the target volume is restructured. 2. Data stored in an extent of the target volume is moved to the scratchpad volume. 3. A temporary subdisk is allocated to stage data in the volume undergoing relayout. 4. Data stored in the scratchpad volume is moved to an extent of the target volume.

  • A. 4,3,1,2
  • B. 3,2,1,4
  • C. 1,2,3,4
  • D. 2,4,1,3

Answer : B

Which two operating systems are supported for Symantec Data Loss Prevention 12 servers? (Select two.)

  • A. Windows 2003 Enterprise Edition 64-bit
  • B. Red Hat Linux 5 Enterprise 64-bit
  • C. Windows 2008 Server 32-bit
  • D. Red Hat Linux 6 Enterprise 64-bit
  • E. Windows 2008 R2 Enterprise Edition 64-bit

Answer : B,E

You administer storage for an application "myapp" on server QA1, with a file system dedicated to code and configuration data for that myapp. Part of the testing discipline is to return myapp's file system to a known initial state prior to each test activity, and to run a series of tests beginning with the same initial state. The traditional approach to preparing for each test involves restoring the file system from a backup image prior to each test, which imposes an hour's delay between the end of one test run and the beginning of the next.
A typical testing session lasts only two to three hours, the hour of restore delay between tests reduces the availability of the server for testing by about 30%.
What kind of Storage Foundation mechanism would work best to reduce the delay required between tests?

  • A. Third-mirror breakoff snapshots are the best fit.
  • B. Space-optimized instant snapshots are the best fit.
  • C. File system snapshots are the best fit.
  • D. Storage checkpoints are the best fit.

Answer : D

Which is the correct installation sequence?

  • A. Enforce > Oracle > detection server > Solution pack
  • B. Oracle > Enforce > Solution pack > detection server
  • C. Oracle > Enforce > detection server > Solution pack
  • D. Enforce > Oracle > Solution pack > detection server

Answer : B

What is the correct ratio between sub volumes and a volume that will be used as a disk drive?

  • A. 1:2
  • B. 2:1
  • C. 1:0
  • D. 1:1
  • E. 0:1

Answer : D

You are auditing a current storage environment that is not utilizing storage tiering. The information gained from the audit is to be used in a new storage tiering design that will have 4 tiers (Tiers 1-4). You need to determine the location for archive data which needs to be accessible but is not used heavily.
Where should you store this data?

  • A. Tier 1: High-end storage arrays with fast, reliable network connections.
  • B. Tier 2: High-end arrays, but performance is not a priority.
  • C. Tier 3: Mid-range to low-end storage arrays with fast, reliable network connections.
  • D. Tier 4: low-cost media, such as tape, with little consideration given to performance.

Answer : C

A company needs to secure the content of all Mergers and Acquisitions Agreements.
However, the standard text included in all company literature needs to be excluded.
How should the company ensure that this standard text is excluded from detection?

  • A. create a whitelisted.txt file after creating the Vector Machine Learning (VML) profile
  • B. create a whitelisted.txt file before creating the Exact Data Matching (EDM) profile
  • C. create a whitelisted.txt file after creating the Indexed Document Matching (IDM) profile
  • D. create a whitelisted.txt file before creating the Indexed Document Matching (IDM) profile

Answer : D

You are using the Symantec Storage Foundation Web GUI to manage a tiered storage environment. The Storage Foundation Web GUI provides a mechanism that allows an improved level of data management over mechanisms.
What is this mechanism?

  • A. Hierarchical Storage Management
  • B. Data management API
  • C. Information Lifecycle Management
  • D. File level data management

Answer : D

A policy template called Customer Credit Card Numbers is being imported into the system.
What is the default result for this action?

  • A. the policy template will be listed under US Regulatory Enforcement Templates and be available
  • B. the policy template will be enabled by default
  • C. the policy template will be available after logging off and on to Enforce
  • D. the policy template will be listed under Imported Templates

Answer : D

How does a volume created by VxVM appear in the operating system?

  • A. As remotely-hosted disks
  • B. As simple disks
  • C. As SAN disks
  • D. As physical disks

Answer : D

While working with volume under VxVM control, you discover that a subdisk is detached from a RAID-5 volume. Because of the failure of the disk or an uncorrectable error on the disk, you get the following error messagE. "VxVM vxio WARNING V-5-0-237 object subdisk detached from RAID-5 volume at column column offset offset"
How should you resolve this error?

  • A. Replace the failed disk.
  • B. Reattach the subdisk using vxreattach command.
  • C. Correct the errors on the disk.
  • D. Reboot the system to correct the problem.

Answer : A

You are not able to find a physical device corresponding to the disk ID in the disk media record when one of the subdisks associated with the plex fails. You need to check the plex state to solve the problem. What will be the status of the plex in this situation?


Answer : B

You have installed the Veritas Enterprise Administrator to manage Storage Foundation 5.0.
You want to manage the Veritas Enterprise Administrator from remote system using the
Graphical User Interface (GUI).
What services must be running on the remote system? (Select two.)

  • A. vxconfigd
  • B. vxservice
  • C. vea
  • D. vxsvc
  • E. vxsvcctrl

Answer : A,D

A software company needs to protect its source code including new source code between indexing times.
Which detection method should the company use to meet this requirement?

  • A. Exact Data Matching (EDM)
  • B. Described Content Matching (DCM)
  • C. Indexed Document Matching (IDM)
  • D. Vector Machine Learning (VML)

Answer : D

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Exam contains 300 questions

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