VCE Vblock Systems Deployment and Implementation - Core Exam v6.0

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Exam contains 131 questions

Your company wants to deploy a new Vblock System mini Advanced Management Pod
Which two hardware components are required? (Choose two.)

  • A. Cisco Catalyst 3560
  • B. Cisco MDS 9148
  • C. EMC VNX
  • D. Cisco UCS C220

Answer : A,D

A customer would like to add a new production VLAN to their Vblock System with UIM/P.
The VLAN was added to the UIM/P service profile, and the connected Cisco Nexus 5000.
The customer is still not able to use the new VLAN with a virtual machine.
Which step must the customer complete?

  • A. Create a new VSAN.
  • B. Add the VLAN to Cisco Nexus 1000V.
  • C. Add the VLAN to Cisco Catalyst 3560.
  • D. Disable spanning tree on UCS.

Answer : B

Which tool in the Advanced Management Pod (AMP) would a customer use to determine if their Vblock System is compliant with a specific Release Certification Matrix (RCM)?

  • A. VMware Update Manager
  • B. VCE Vision Intelligent Operations
  • C. array management server
  • D. VMware vCenter Server Inventory Service

Answer : B

A Vblock System is deployed by VCE using Unified Infrastructure Manager (UIM). During implementation, a problem is encountered that requires the configuration to be changed in the underlying element managers.
Which utility will allow the UIM database to resynchronize with the underlying element manager's changed configuration?

  • A. Service Adoption Utility
  • B. VMware Migration Manager
  • C. Configuration Center
  • D. VCE Vision Compliance Checker

Answer : A

VCE Vision Intelligent Operations has been installed on a customer's Vblock System.
Which two parameters would be selected within the configureSNMP command? (Choose two.)

  • A. delete trap target
  • B. sysContact
  • C. add v1/v2c trap target
  • D. sysLocation

Answer : AC

You are required to log in to a Cisco UCS C220 CIMC to validate the firmware.
What are two ways to launch and obtain the login prompt? (Choose two.)

  • A. http://ipaddress
  • B. http://ipaddress/cimc
  • C. https://hostname
  • D. https://ipaddress/cimc

Answer : AC

On which operating system is the EMC Ionix UIM/P virtual appliance based?

  • A. Red Hat Linux
  • B. SUSE Linux
  • C. CentOS Linux
  • D. Debian Linux

Answer : B

Which two virtual machines are deployed as part of the Advanced Management Pod
(AMP)? (Choose two.)

  • A. VMware View Connection server
  • B. VMware Update Manager server
  • C. Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance
  • D. VMware vCenter server

Answer : BD

Using VCE Vision Intelligent Operations, a system administrator accesses information about a Vblock System with which two methods? (Choose two.)

  • A. UIM/P discovery view
  • B. vCenter Performance Charts
  • C. VCE Vision Plug-in for vCenter
  • D. SNMP GETs from a MIB browser

Answer : CD

You must validate the management software for the Cisco MDS 9148 switch deployed with the Advanced Management Pod (AMP).
To which server would you log in?

  • A. ESRS server
  • B. array management server
  • C. vCenter server
  • D. VMware VUM server

Answer : B

EMC Ionix UIM/P services are managed through service profiles comprised of server, network, and storage profiles.
Before managing a service offering, which two actions must be completed? (Choose two.)

  • A. Discover the Vblock System.
  • B. Install ESXi onto blades for discovery preparation.
  • C. Mark graded storage pool as available.
  • D. Configure the auto deploy server with IP pool.

Answer : AC

EMC Secure Remote Support (ESRS) is deployed in the Advanced Management Pod
Which three hardware components are monitored by this call home software? (Choose three.)

  • A. EMC VNXe
  • B. Cisco MDS 9148 switch
  • C. Cisco Nexus 1000V switch
  • E. Cisco Catalyst 3650 switch

Answer : ABD

As a system administrator, which actions are performed using VCE Vision Intelligent
Operations software? (Choose two.)

  • A. Monitor the health of (and events related to) Vblock System components.
  • B. Validate that the Vblock System components comply with a release certification matrix.
  • C. Perform initial configuration and initialization of Vblock System element managers.
  • D. Deploy Advanced Management Pod (AMP) images from Virtual Center.

Answer : AB

Connectivity is required to manage the Vblock System 720 storage array in the Advanced
Management Pod (AMP).
Which two types of switches would be used? (Choose two.)

  • A. Cisco Catalyst 3750
  • B. Cisco Nexus 5596UP
  • C. Cisco MDS 9148
  • D. Cisco Catalyst 3560

Answer : BC

You deploy EMC Ionix UIM/P in a Vblock System.
Which two prerequisites must be met before proceeding with deployment of the appliance?
(Choose two.)

  • A. vCenter Host Profiles configured
  • B. static IP from the logical configuration survey
  • C. EMC Ionix UIM/P OVF
  • D. DHCP server

Answer : BC

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Exam contains 131 questions

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