Introducing Cisco Data Center Technologies v9.0

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Exam contains 106 questions

Which two devices are supported for connecting a server to the Cisco UCS 6248 Fabric
Interconnect? (Choose two.)

  • A. Cisco UCS 5108
  • B. Cisco Nexus 5548P
  • C. Cisco Nexus 2248TP
  • D. Cisco UCS 2208XP
  • E. Cisco Nexus 2232PP

Answer : A,D

Which feature monitors state transitions of components and processes in Cisco Unified
Computing System?

  • A. logical state arbiter
  • B. discovery
  • C. finite state machine
  • D. state monitor

Answer : C

Which two protocols are encapsulated in FCoE? (Choose two.)

  • A. iSCSI
  • B. Fibre Channel
  • C. CIFS
  • D. DNSF
  • E. SCSI

Answer : B,E

Which two standards enable Ethernet to support FCoE? (Choose two.)

  • A. Priority Flow Control
  • B. Virtual1 Extensible LAN
  • C. Enhanced Transmission Selection
  • D. Address Resolution Protocol
  • E. virtual port channel and virtual device context

Answer : AC

A network engineer is configuring a pair of 6248 Fabric Interconnects, each with dual 10G uplinks to a parent switch. One design requirement is to ensure a specific server is able to use 10G of throughput to the LAN without contention from other servers within the 5108 chassis. Which technology will accomplish this?

  • A. LAN Pin Groups
  • B. Port-Channels
  • C. System OoS Policy
  • D. Unified Ports

Answer : A

Cisco Fabric Extender Technology is based on which IEEE standard?

  • A. 802.1BR
  • B. 802.1 AX
  • C. 802.1AB
  • D. 802.1BA

Answer : A

What is an advantage of cloud computing?

  • A. minimal downtime
  • B. limited control
  • C. vendor lock-in
  • D. cast savings

Answer : A

Which three are the names of configuration tabs that appear in the Navigation Pane of the
UCS Manager GUI? (Choose three.)

  • A. VLAN
  • B. LAN
  • C. VSAN
  • D. Policies
  • E. Equipment
  • F. Global
  • G. Admin

Answer : B,E,G

Which two options are control plan protocols? (Choose two)

  • A. BGP
  • B. DARP
  • C. NAT
  • D. SMTP
  • E. CoPP

Answer : A,D

Which model is a deployment model in cloud computing?

  • A. automate cloud
  • B. layered cloud
  • C. private cloud
  • D. collapsed cloud

Answer : C

A network uses one pair of Layer 3 switches for core and distribution purposes. Which design is this network using?

  • A. collapsed Layer 3 core
  • B. collapsed Layer 2-3
  • C. collapsed distribution
  • D. collapsed core

Answer : D

What are the three basic states of an Ethernet interface on a Cisco Unified Computing
System Fabric Interconnect? (Choose three.)

  • A. unconfigured
  • B. enabled
  • C. disabled
  • D. uplink
  • E. server
  • F. errdisabled

Answer : A,D,E

Which option is a benefit of Unified Fabric Delivery to an IT organization?

  • A. lower total cost of ownership
  • B. reduced memory requirements
  • C. increased storage capacity
  • D. improved security

Answer : A

Refer to the exhibit.

Which command on the Cisco Nexus 1000v returns the displayed results?

  • A. show module
  • B. show svs neighbor
  • C. show interface brief
  • D. show module vem map
  • E. pingvem status

Answer : A

Which two chassis discovery policy settings allow far a UCS chassis to be connected to a pair of Fabric Interconnect using only two physical connections' (Choose two)

  • A. 4-link
  • B. 2-link
  • C. 8-link
  • D. 1-link
  • E. Platform-max

Answer : BD

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Exam contains 106 questions

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