Implementing Cisco Video Network Devices (VIVND) v7.1

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Exam contains 78 questions

Refer to the exhibit.

Which tab can be used in order to check the call statistics for the Cisco TelePresence
Codec C60?

  • A. Diagnostics
  • B. Configuration
  • C. Call Control
  • D. Maintenance
  • E. The GUI cannot be used to view call statistics.

Answer : C

Which CLI command can be used to reset the Cisco TelePresence System 500-32 personal video system to a factory condition?

  • A. utils factory reset 2
  • B. utils system factory init
  • C. xcommand defaultvalues set level: 2
  • D. xconfiguration default factory
  • E. utils reset factory
  • F. xcommand SystemUnit FactoryReset

Answer : B

Which of these devices require configuration in order for an endpoint to initiate a Multiway conference?

  • A. endpoint only
  • B. Cisco TelePresence Video Communications Server only
  • C. multipoint control unit only
  • D. endpoint and multipoint control unit only
  • E. endpoint and Cisco TelePresence Video Communications Server only
  • F. endpoint, Cisco TelePresence Video Communications Server, and multipoint control unit

Answer : F

Which Cisco TelePresence multipoint platform utilizes only Cisco Unified Communications
Manager for call control?

  • A. Cisco TelePresence Multipoint Control Unit
  • B. Cisco TelePresence Multipoint Switch
  • C. Cisco TelePresence Server
  • D. Cisco TelePresence Media Bridge Server
  • E. Cisco TelePresence System 500-32
  • F. Cisco TelePresence SX20

Answer : B

Which two of these are required in order to complete the password recovery of a Cisco
TelePresence System endpoint? (Choose two.)

  • A. must have FTP enabled on the endpoint
  • B. must have SSH enabled on the endpoint
  • C. must have the security question answer for the endpoint
  • D. must be in the same room as the main display
  • E. must have SFTP enabled on the endpoint
  • F. must call Cisco TAC for the security code

Answer : B,D

Refer to the exhibit.

You have just finished installing a 65-inch dual profile system in a multipurpose room. After powering up the entire system, only one display is used. Using the information in the exhibit, why is the second display not displaying anything from the system?

  • A. The Cisco TelePresence profile systems do not support dual display.
  • B. The display is not powered on.
  • C. The dual display option key has not been input into the codec.
  • D. The codec has the appropriate option keys installed, so either the display is not cabled correctly, the codec is configured incorrectly, or there is no input being sent to the display.

Answer : C

Refer to the exhibit.

You must dial the interactive response system of the multipoint control unit. What are the appropriate dual-tone multi-frequency digits to create an ad-hoc conference with an identifier of 2345?

  • A. 2345
  • B. 2345#
  • C. 5919*2345
  • D. 5919*2345#

Answer : D

Which Cisco TelePresence Multipoint Control Unit Layout view mode gives prominence to one conference participant over the other conference participants while still allowing conference participants to view multiple participants at the same time?

  • A. enhanced continuous presence
  • B. active speaker
  • C. continuous presence
  • D. room switching
  • E. speaker switching

Answer : A

Which Cisco Video Surveillance device is responsible for providing video streams to monitors after the respective layouts and views are received by the monitors?

  • A. Cisco IP Video Surveillance Operations Manager
  • B. Cisco IP Video Surveillance Virtual Matrix Viewer
  • C. Cisco Video Surveillance Manager
  • D. Cisco Video Surveillance Media Server

Answer : D

Which two of these are considered to be provisioning and scheduling management tools in a Cisco TelePresence environment? (Choose two.)

  • A. Cisco TelePresence Manager
  • B. Cisco Video Surveillance Operations Manager
  • C. Cisco TelePresence Management Suite
  • D. Cisco TelePresence Multipoint Control Unit
  • E. Cisco Video Surveillance Management Server

Answer : A,C

What are the best practices for maintaining a high-quality video call regarding latency, jitter, and packet loss?

  • A. 20-ms one-way delay, no jitter, no packet loss
  • B. less than 150-ms one-way delay, 30-ms jitter, less than 3 percent packet loss
  • C. 150- to 400-ms one-way delay, 50-ms jitter, 5 percent packet loss
  • D. 500-ms one-way delay, 50-ms jitter, 5 percent packet loss

Answer : B

Refer to the exhibits. An administrator needs to perform a factory reset on a C-Series endpoint. What are two valid ways to accomplish this task? (Choose two.)

  • A. Exhibit A
  • B. Exhibit B
  • C. Exhibit C
  • D. Exhibit D
  • E. Exhibit E

Answer : A,D

You have been informed from the field that a new Cisco TelePresence video endpoint has been deployed with an IPv4 address of You need to check for connectivity from the Cisco Unified Communications Manager server. Which command should be entered to check for network connectivity?

  • A. utils network traceroute newsystem.domain254.local
  • B. utils network ping
  • C. ping
  • D. traceroute
  • E. utils network host cucm.osl147.local

Answer : B

An important Cisco TelePresence video multipoint call is in progress and you are getting complaints of pixilation of the video and poor audio quality on one of the involved systems.
Which page would be a good place to start for troubleshooting the issue on the affected endpoint?




  • A. Option A
  • B. Option B
  • C. Option C
  • D. Option D

Answer : A

When connecting to a pan-tilt-zoom camera to a C-Series codec, what type of cable must be used for camera control?

  • A. an Ethernet crossover cable (RJ45-to-RJ45)
  • B. an Ethernet cable (RJ45-to-RJ45)
  • C. a serial cable (DB25-to-DB9)
  • D. a VISCA cable (DB9-to-RJ45)

Answer : D

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Exam contains 78 questions

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