Citrix XenApp 6.5 Advanced Administration v8.1

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Exam contains 104 questions

Scenario: An administrator for a new Citrix XenApp 6.5 farm is providing a hosted desktop to users. The new EdgeSight implementation will NOT support XenDesktop or endpoints.
Which two default alerts should the administrator delete so that only XenApp relevant alerts are configured? (Choose two.)

  • A. Heartbeat Halted
  • B. VDA Failed to Start
  • C. Desktop Registration Failed
  • D. IMA Service is Unresponsive
  • E. Farm Data Store Connection Failed
  • F. Configuration Logging Database Unavailable

Answer : BC

An administrator can use Microsoft Excel with Citrix EdgeSight to provide __________ report. (Choose the correct option to complete the sentence.)

  • A. a real-time
  • B. a network latency
  • C. the XenApp user summary
  • D. an Online plug-in version list

Answer : A

Scenario: An administrator deployed a new application on all the XenApp servers. The administrator needs to set up an alert to be notified if the application process takes up all the CPU time and RAM on the XenApp servers.
Which alert must the administrator configure?

  • A. Thrashing application
  • B. Application performance
  • C. High application resource usage
  • D. Health Monitoring and Recovery Action Failure

Answer : C

A XenApp Administrator would like to centrally deploy a plug-in using Merchandising
Which two steps should the administrator take to achieve this? (Choose two.)

  • A. Download the plug-in to the client.
  • B. Create deliveries to deploy the plug-in.
  • C. Create an MSI package to deploy the plug-in.
  • D. Download the plug-in to Merchandising Server.

Answer : BD

Scenario: Configuration logging was successfully configured with default values. Recent administrative changes to the XenApp farm have NOT been logged to the configuration database. Technicians determined that the SQL server hosting the database had an issue that has since been resolved. Administrative changes are now being logged again.
What should the administrator modify in the configuration logging properties in order to ensure that administrative changes are only allowed when configuration settings are logged?

  • A. Check "Configure backup database…"
  • B. Check "Log administrative tasks to Configuration Logging database."
  • C. Uncheck "Allow changes to the farm when logging database is disconnected."
  • D. Check "Require administrators to enter database credentials before clearing the log."

Answer : C

Scenario: An administrator has added an additional XenApp server to an existing zone in preparation for an expected period of bad weather disruption. This is to ensure that additional load can be managed. This server has been prepared from an existing clone with changes made in accordance with company policy. Once the new server has been brought online, Edgesight alerts appear indicating "Zone Data Collector Election Triggered." An investigation shows that the new server is now the data collector for the zone.
The administrator has searched in the configuration log file and viewed the history using
Citrix AppCenter.
Which setting needs to be changed to return the data collector to the original server?

  • A. Load evaluator
  • B. Zone default setting
  • C. Load balancing policy
  • D. Worker group membership

Answer : B

Scenario: An administrator deployed Remote Desktop roaming user profiles within an existing XenApp farm. As part of the transition to XenApp 6.5, Citrix Profile Management will replace the existing profile solution for XenApp user sessions.
Which two components must the administrator modify in order to implement this solution?
(Choose two.)

  • A. Web Interface
  • B. XenApp server
  • C. Citrix License Server
  • D. Active Directory GPOs

Answer : BD

Which two features can an administrator configure to reduce user profile load time?
(Choose two.)

  • A. Folder redirection
  • B. Session PreLaunch
  • C. Citrix Profile Management
  • D. Remote Desktop roaming profiles

Answer : AC

Scenario: An existing XenApp 6.5 server farm has two policies.
The first policy is called "Clipboard_On" and has a priority of 1. The Client Clipboard redirection setting is configured to 'Allow' and it is configured in the Unfiltered policy.
The second policy is called "Clipboard_percent" and has a priority of 2. The Clipboard redirection bandwidth limit percent setting is configured to 25% and is applied to all domain users.
The policies are stored in the Citrix data store and no additional Active Directory policies are configured. After some time, the administrator detects that users are sometimes unable to use clipboard mapping.
How can the administrator configure the environment so that users are always able to use clipboard mapping in this environment?

  • A. Change the priority order of the two policies.
  • B. Ensure that all users have an ICA client newer than version 11.2 installed.
  • C. Configure the Web Interface to use Workspace Control for all domain users.
  • D. Ensure that the ICA connection settings are the same between the XenApp 6.5 servers.

Answer : D

Scenario: An administrator needs to provide quick access and a fast experience for a group of users when they access one important application. These users are members of a group called CTX-VIP.
How can the administrator configure the environment to ensure that these users will have the experience that they need when they use the important application?

  • A. Profile and stream the important application for the CTX-VIP group to the XenApp servers.
  • B. Enable the Preferential Load Balancing policy, assign a High session importance for group CTX-VIP and set the application importance for this application.
  • C. Configure the Citrix User policy setting to assign more CPU for this group and configure the Computer policy enabling the fair sharing of CPU between sessions.
  • D. Create a load evaluator with low CPU threshold, assign for the group CTX-VIP and configure a Computer policy with Preferential Load Balancing enabled for this group.

Answer : B

An administrator is configuring a XenApp 6.5 farm that has the default printer settings still in place.
Which configuration would require the administrator to make a change to the default printer settings?

  • A. Auto-create all client printers.
  • B. Auto-install native printer drivers.
  • C. Do not use Universal printing compression.
  • D. Only use Universal printing if the requested driver is unavailable.

Answer : C

Scenario: An administrator is configuring a XenApp 6.5 farm that has the default printer settings still in place. Users at a branch office connect to the Citrix farm with an average bandwidth of 2048 Kbps.
Which configuration can the administrator make to ensure that the maximum bandwidth allowed for accessing client printers does NOT exceed 1024 Kpbs?

  • A. Create a new Citrix User policy with "Multi-stream Connections" enabled.
  • B. Create a new Citrix User policy with "Printer redirection bandwidth limit percent" set to 50.
  • C. Create a new Citrix User policy with "Printer redirection bandwidth limit" set to 1024 Kbps.
  • D. Create a new Citrix User policy with "LPT port redirection bandwidth limit" set to 1024 Kbps.

Answer : C

As part of a migration from XenApp 5 to XenApp 6.5, a company plans to migrate existing published application data to the new farm.
Which tool should an administrator use to complete the migration?

  • A. XenApp Prep Integration Tool
  • B. XenApp Server Role Manager
  • C. Citrix XenApp Migration Center
  • D. Citrix AppCenter in the target farm

Answer : C

Scenario: An administrator needs to increase the number of XenApp 6.5 servers in the current farm to increase capacity for disaster recovery. A number of XenApp 6.5 servers already exist; these were used for a proof of concept (PoC) farm. These servers have the same OS, XenApp version and applications as the production farm.
Which tool should be used to migrate the PoC servers into the production farm?

  • A. Citrix XenApp Migration Center
  • B. Citrix AppCenter in the target farm
  • C. Citrix AppCenter in the source farm
  • D. Citrix XenApp Server Role Manager

Answer : D

Click the Exhibit button to view the attached exhibit.
Which two resources are required to set up a full disaster recovery site to handle Citrix user profiles based on the scenario in the attached exhibit? (Choose two.)

  • A. DFS namespaces
  • B. Referrals to Multiple Folder Targets
  • C. Multiple folder targets and DFS Replication
  • D. Failover clusters for hosting individual folder targets

Answer : AC

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Exam contains 104 questions

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