Deploying Citrix XenDesktop 7.6 Solutions v8.0

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Scenario: A Citrix Engineer needs to deploy the Virtual Delivery Agent (VDA) through
Active Directory to Desktop OS machines running a Windows operating system in the HR organizational unit (OU). The engineer has customized the installation to allow ICA/HDX
Audio over UDP.
Which UDP port(s) should the engineer check on the Windows desktops to verify that the
ICA/HDX Audio over UDP will function properly?

  • A. 3003
  • B. 3527
  • C. 6910 - 6930
  • D. 16500 – 16509

Answer : D

Scenario: A Citrix Engineer implemented applications and desktops based on department
(Accounts, Sales and Management) and operating systems (Windows 7 and Windows 8).
The engineer created five scopes, one for each department and one for each operating system. The engineer gave an administrator the Help Desk Administrator role for the
Accounts scope and the Machine Catalog Administrator role for the Windows 7 scope.
As a result, the administrator will be able to __________ and __________. (Choose the two correct phrases to complete the sentence.)

  • A. create new Windows 7 machines in any department scope
  • B. create new Windows 8 machines as long as they are in Accounts scope
  • C. perform session management of Windows 8 machines in Accounts scope
  • D. perform session management of Windows 7 machines only in Accounts scope

Answer : AC

A Citrix Engineer needs to restart the __________ after enabling offline database support in the Provisioning Services Console. (Choose the correct option to complete the sentence.)

  • A. SQL Service
  • B. target devices
  • C. DHCP Service
  • D. Stream Service

Answer : D

Scenario: A Business Unit Manager requests Remote PC Access for a team of offshore developers. The Business Manager's request indicates the need for a silent deployment with Citrix Receiver embedded and shadowing enabled. Desktop OS machines should
NOT be restarted during the installation as a restart will be scheduled when convenient.
The Virtual Delivery Agent (VDA) must register initially with the Delivery Controller on the server named 'Contr01' in the domain 'mydomain,' and audio packets will flow over UDP.
HDX ports should be opened if the Windows Firewall service is detected.
Which command must a Citrix Engineer execute to install the VDA to meet the requirements stated in the scenario?

  • A. XenDesktopVdaSetup.exe /quiet /components vda,plugins /controllers "Contr01.mydomain.local" /noreboot /enable_remote_assistance
  • B. XenDesktopVdaSetup.exe /quiet /components vda /controllers "Contr01.mydomain.local" /enable_hdx_ports /enable_real_time_transport /noreboot
  • C. XenDesktopVdaSetup.exe /quiet /components vda /controllers "Contr01.mydomain.local" /enable_hdx_ports /enable_real_time_transport /noreboot /enable_remote_management
  • D. XenDesktopVdaSetup.exe /quiet /components vda,plugins /controllers "Contr01.mydomain.local" /enable_hdx_ports /enable_real_time_transport /noreboot /enable_remote_assistance

Answer : D

Which statement accurately describes the purpose of StoreFront beacons?

  • A. Determine which servers are up in a highly available StoreFront server group.
  • B. Sent to XenApp and XenDesktop Delivery Controllers to determine which resources a user has access to.
  • C. Allow StoreFront to automatically update receiver clients when a beacon from an old receiver client is received.
  • D. Determine whether a user is connected to a local network or connecting from the Internet so that the appropriate connection details can be passed to Citrix Receiver.

Answer : D

Scenario: A XenDesktop deployment with 200 virtual desktops has a host connection to a single XenServer pool configured for thin provisioning. A Citrix Engineer has been instructed to implement IntelliCache.
Which steps must the engineer take to meet the requirements stated in the scenario?

  • A. Modify the existing host connection and enable IntelliCache.
  • B. Create a new resource using the existing host connection and enable IntelliCache.
  • C. Delete the existing resource, create a new one with the same name and enable IntelliCache.
  • D. Delete the existing host connection, create a new connection to the same pool and enable IntelliCache.

Answer : B

How should a Citrix Engineer configure Citrix Director to support user search in a multi- forest Active Directory environment?

  • A. Create a separate monitoring database.
  • B. Modify the application settings of the Citrix Director website in the IIS console.
  • C. Install at least one Delivery Controller in each forest and use DNS round-robin.
  • D. Install at least one Citrix Director server in each forest and load balance them with NetScaler.

Answer : B

A Citrix Engineer must change the write cache method from 'Cache on device hard drive' to
'Cache in device RAM with overflow on hard disk'.
To assist in determining the appropriate amount of RAM cache required, what would the engineer need to check to determine the current write cache size?

  • A. The size of the local pagefile
  • B. The size of the writecache file in the vDisk store
  • C. The size of the .vdiskcache file on the device hard disk
  • D. The size of the RAM and Pagefile combined in Task Manager

Answer : C

When deploying Provisioning Services without PXE services, which two DHCP scope options must a Citrix Engineer configure? (Choose two.)

  • A. 67: Bootfile Name
  • B. 44: Name Servers
  • C. 61: Client Identifier
  • D. 13: Host Name String
  • E. 66: Boot Server Host Name

Answer : CD

Which built-in XenDesktop administrator role provides the minimum permissions needed to manage Active Directory computer objects in Citrix Studio?

A. Full Administrator -

B. Host Administrator -

C. Delivery Group Administrator -
D. Machine Catalog Administrator

Answer : D Topic 3, Configuring technical components

A Personal vDisk can be __________ and ____________. (Choose the two correct phrases to complete the sentence.)

  • A. used with servers and desktops
  • B. placed on a different storage than the write cache
  • C. used for application installations only and NOT drivers
  • D. used with a third-party user profile management solution
  • E. used with Provisioning Services to stream to physical and virtual machines

Answer : BD

Scenario: The current XenServer pool master needs to be retired. A Citrix Engineer is preparing to transfer the pool master role to another host.
Which command should the engineer run to transition the pool master role to a different host in the resource pool that is in a running state?

  • A. xe pool-recover-slaves
  • B. xe pool-designate-new-master
  • C. xe pool-emergency-reset-master
  • D. xe pool-emergency-transition-to-master

Answer : B

Scenario: NFS is implemented as the storage repository type in a XenServer proof-of- concept. One requirement for the production environment shared storage solution is that it should provide high availability.
Which two storage technologies should a Citrix Engineer consider for production use?
(Choose two.)

  • A. CIFS
  • B. iSCSI
  • C. Local SSD
  • D. Fibre Channel

Answer : AC

Which XenDesktop feature will reduce the likelihood of application or desktop disruption during a database outage?

  • A. Session lingering
  • B. Session Reliability
  • C. Connection leasing
  • D. Session pre-launch

Answer : C

Scenario: A Citrix Engineer needs to configure load balancing for two StoreFront servers.
Traffic must be encrypted between client machines and the StoreFront servers and the health of the stores must be monitored. The StoreFront servers are already configured properly using the default ports for encrypted traffic.
Which two steps does the engineer need to take before creating the load-balancing virtual server to use traffic encryption between client machines and the StoreFront servers?
(Choose two.)

  • A. Create an SSL service group containing the StoreFront servers listening on port 443.
  • B. Create an SSL_TCP service group containing the StoreFront servers listening on port 443.
  • C. Create and configure a new monitor with type=STOREFRONT and select the Secure checkbox.
  • D. Create an SSL_DIAMETER service group containing the StoreFront servers listening on port 443.
  • E. Create and configure a new monitor with type=STOREFRONT and select the IP Tunnel checkbox.
  • F. Create and configure a new monitor with type=CITRIX-AG and select the LRTM (Least Response Time using Monitoring) checkbox.

Answer : AC

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Exam contains 121 questions

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