Implementing Citrix NetScaler 10.5 for App and Desktop Solutions v6.0

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Scenario: Several users in an environment connect to corporate network resources through
NetScaler Gateway. Sometimes these users only need to connect to the corporate
XenDesktop environment. Some of the users do NOT need a VPN connection.
How could an administrator configure access using NetScaler Gateway for this scenario?

  • A. Enable Client Choices.
  • B. Set Clientless Access to Allow.
  • C. Configure a virtual server in Basic mode.
  • D. Configure the Plug-in Type as Windows/Mac OS X.

Answer : A

Scenario: A Citrix Administrator is implementing a NetScaler appliance for the first time. All clients will connect from a public network and all servers will reside on a private network.
Which deployment mode should the administrator use to implement the NetScaler?

  • A. Layer 2 (L2) mode
  • B. Layer 3 (L3) mode
  • C. Two-arm deployment mode
  • D. MAC-based forwarding mode

Answer : C

A Citrix Administrator is replacing an expired SSL certificate bound to a virtual server.
The established ICA connections to the virtual server will display as _______. (Choose the correct option to complete the sentence.)

  • A. logged off
  • B. terminated
  • C. disconnected
  • D. uninterrupted

Answer : C

An administrator needs to implement a solution to provide users with remote access to applications from tablet devices using Citrix Receiver.
Which component is required to fulfill these requirements?

  • A. Citrix Web Interface
  • B. Citrix Single Sign-on
  • C. Citrix Provisioning Services
  • D. Citrix Merchandising Server

Answer : D

Which two steps must a Citrix Administrator complete to configure the SSL Offloading feature on a NetScaler appliance? (Choose two.)

  • A. Create a DNS virtual server.
  • B. Configure an AAA virtual server.
  • C. Create an SSL VPN virtual server.
  • D. Create a load balancing virtual server.
  • E. Import a valid certification-key pair and bind it to the virtual server.

Answer : D,E

Scenario: An Internal_Web virtual server is configured with two services named wserv1 and wserv2. The services have the default weight settings. A new company policy requires that the weight ratio between wserv1 and wserv2 be 10:1.
Which action could an administrator take to adjust the weight settings?

  • A. Add wserv1 and wserv2 servers in the Servers tab.
  • B. Modify Internal_Web virtual server in the Services tab.
  • C. Modify wserv1 and wserv2 services in the Services tab.
  • D. Add a metric table with wserv1 and wserv2 metrics in the Metric Tables tab.

Answer : B

A company plans to deploy secure LDAP authentication to their existing NetScaler
Gateway implementation.
What should an administrator enable to support secure LDAP?

  • A. SSL security on the virtual server
  • B. Secure LDAP in a pre-authentication policy
  • C. SSL security type in an authentication policy
  • D. Secure LDAP in the NetScaler Gateway Global settings

Answer : C

Scenario: An administrator configured an LDAP authentication policy and bound it globally.
The only system group configured on the Netscaler is NS_Admins. After reviewing the security logs, the administrator notices that users in the External_Contractors LDAP group are able to log on to NetScaler using SSH; however, members of the External_Contractors group are NOT authorized to run any commands.
Which action could the administrator take to prevent the members of the
External_Contractors LDAP Group from logging on to NetScaler using SSH without affecting other users?

  • A. Configure an authorization policy that allows logon only by members of the "External_Contractors" LDAP Group. Bind the new policy globally.
  • B. Specify (memberOf="CN=External_Contractors, CN=Groups, CN=example, CN=com") as a filter in the properties of the configured LDAP server.
  • C. Specify (!(memberOf="CN=External_Contractors, CN=Groups, CN=example, CN=com")) as a filter in the properties of the configured LDAP server.
  • D. Create a new command policy with a DENY action. Create a System Group named "External_Contractors" and assign the new command policy to the External_Contractors group.

Answer : C

Scenario: A Citrix Administrator added an Access Control List (ACL) to restrict access to the management IP address of the NetScaler. The administrator is still able to connect from a disallowed subnet, even though the ACL is enabled.
What is a possible reason why the administrator is still able to connect from a disallowed subnet?

  • A. No VLAN was specified.
  • B. ACLs are only applied to Virtual IPs (VIPs).
  • C. The ACL needs to be activated.
  • D. An established connection was in place.

Answer : C

Scenario: A company is considering using NetScaler appliances to load balance existing secured web servers. The company compliance policy does NOT allow any alterations of the SSL sessions between clients and web servers.
Which option should a Citrix Administrator configure on the NetScaler virtual server to meet the needs of the company?

  • A. SSL VPN
  • B. SSL Bridge
  • C. SSL Offload
  • D. SSL Renegotiation

Answer : B

A Citrix Administrator needs to track load balanced traffic from the NetScaler to separate, individual subnets.
Which IP address should be used to do this?

  • A. Virtual IP (VIP)
  • B. Mapped IP (MIP)
  • C. NetScaler IP (NSIP)
  • D. Subnet IP (SNIP)

Answer : D

Which two NetScaler components are needed to deploy a NetScaler Gateway solution for an existing XenApp environment? (Choose two.)

  • A. Policies
  • B. AppQoE
  • C. Virtual Server
  • D. HTTP Callout
  • E. Content Switching Virtual Server

Answer : AC

An administrator is reviewing the following output:
VIP( Hits(38200495, 18/sec) Mbps(1.02)
Pers(OFF) Err(0)
Pkt(186/sec, 610 bytes) actSvc(4) DefPol(NONE) override(0)
Conn: Clt(253, 1/sec, OE[252\]) Svr(3)
S( Hits(9443063, 4/sec, P[2602342, 0/sec\]) ATr(5)
Mbps(0.23)BWlmt(100 kbits) RspTime(112.58 ms)
Other: Pkt(36/sec, 712 bytes) Wt(10000) RHits(31555)
Conn: CSvr(42, 0/sec) MCSvr(20) OE(16) RP(11) SQ(0)
How much traffic is being passed through the public IP address based on the output displayed above?

  • A. 100 kbits
  • B. 1.02 Mbps
  • C. 0.23 Mbps
  • D. 112.58 ms

Answer : B

Scenario: A NetScaler Gateway virtual server is configured for a XenApp infrastructure.
The Citrix Administrator is asked to configure monitoring on the NetScaler Gateway virtual server to ensure the health and availability of XenApp published applications.
Which monitoring type should the administrator configure?


Answer : D

Which two things occur after adding a Subnet IP (SNIP) to a NetScaler which already has a
Mapped IP (MIP)? (Choose two.)

  • A. The NetScaler IP (NSIP) is no longer required.
  • B. A SNIP will be used in preference to a MIP.
  • C. Adding a SNIP adds an entry to the routing table.
  • D. Client machines can use the MIP instead of the Virtual IP (VIP).

Answer : BC

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Exam contains 186 questions

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