Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop Administration 7.6 LTSR v7.0

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Exam contains 77 questions

Which two methods can a Citrix Administrator use to configure the Delivery Controller location for Virtual Delivery Agent (VDA) registration? (Choose two.)

  • A. Modify the settings of the Machine Catalog.
  • B. Specify during the VDA installation.
  • C. Modify the registry of the Delivery Controller.
  • D. Create a Group Policy Object (GPO).

Answer : BC

Scenario: A Citrix Administrator updated a master image and wants to update a machine catalog using Citrix Studio. The administrator finds that the option to update one of the
Machine Catalogs is NOT available.
This option is NOT available because this particular Machine Catalog ________. (Choose the correct option to complete the sentence.)

  • A. contains Desktop OS machines
  • B. is a static/persistent desktop without Personal vDisk
  • C. contains Server OS machines
  • D. is a static/persistent desktop with Personal vDisk

Answer : D

A Citrix Administrator needs to restart random/non-persistent desktops based on Machine
Creation Services (MCS).
Which consequence does the administrator need to be aware of when performing this restart?

  • A. The vDisk will be recreated.
  • B. The Personal vDisk will be deleted.
  • C. The differencing disks will be deleted.
  • D. A new copy of the snapshot will be created.

Answer : D

A Citrix Administrator is configuring Citrix Profile Management to migrate user profiles.
Which two valid profile types can the administrator use for migration? (Choose two.)

  • A. Roaming
  • B. Local
  • C. Temporary
  • D. Mandatory

Answer : AC

Which license type is required for XenApp/XenDesktop to use the Citrix SCOM
Management packs?

  • A. VDI
  • B. Enterprise
  • C. Platinum
  • D. Advanced

Answer : C

A Citrix Administrator discovered and fixed an issue with the StoreFront servers that had to do with lack of storage.
What can the administrator do to prevent this issue happening again?

  • A. Change the Recovery settings on the StoreFront service.
  • B. Enable disk space monitoring on the StoreFront server.
  • C. Configure additional Dependencies settings on the StoreFront service.
  • D. Change the StoreFront Privileged Administration service.

Answer : B

Scenario: A Helpdesk team is sometimes confronted with remote XenApp users complaining about poor performance when logging on through NetScaler Gateway.
Microsoft SCOM is installed and configured but NOT used for the Citrix environment.
A Citrix Administrator would like to configure Citrix Director to display more detailed information regarding networking so that the Helpdesk team can quickly identify non-Citrix related issues.
Which two steps can the administrator take to accomplish this? (Choose two.)

  • A. Install and configure the NetScaler HDX Insight appliance.
  • B. Install and configure the XenApp and XenDesktop Management Pack within Microsoft SCOM.
  • C. Run C:\inetpub\wwwroot\Director\tools\DirectorConfig.exe /ddc.
  • D. Install and configure the NetScaler Management Pack within Microsoft SCOM.
  • E. Run C:\inetpub\wwwroot\Director\tools\DirectorConfig.exe /confignetscaler.

Answer : AE

Which component processes the launch file and presents the ticket to NetScaler Gateway in the communication process?

  • A. Delivery Controller
  • B. Citrix Receiver
  • C. Virtual Delivery Agent (VDA)
  • D. StoreFront

Answer : A

Scenario: Branch office users have reported that it takes several minutes for their print jobs to print.
All the virtual desktops are located in the datacenter. All the print servers and printers are located in the branch office.
Which policy will a Citrix Administrator configure to address this issue?

  • A. Direct connections to print servers
  • B. Auto-create generic universal printer
  • C. Auto-create the client default printer only
  • D. Session Printers

Answer : D

Which three features are supported by Receiver for Mac? (Choose three.)

  • A. HDX 3D Pro
  • B. Local app access
  • C. Pass-through authentication
  • D. HDX Insight
  • E. Session Reliability

Answer : A,D,E

Scenario: A Citrix Administrator needs to create a single Fully Qualified Domain Name
(FQDN) to access a store internally and externally for the current StoreFront server. The internal FQDN is and the external FQDN is
Which kind of certificate can the administrator generate to support a wide range of unmanaged devices?

  • A. Self-signed server certificate
  • B. Public certificate with Subject Alternative Name
  • C. Enterprise Root CA signed certificate with Subject Alternative Name
  • D. Intermediate certificate

Answer : C

A Citrix Administrator is using Citrix Studio to run a Logging Report.
Which two configuration changes and administrative activities initiated from Citrix Studio,
Citrix Director and PowerShell scripts are logged? (Choose two.)

  • A. Registry changes made on the Delivery Controller
  • B. Messages sent to users from Citrix Studio or Citrix Director
  • C. Host resources and connections
  • D. Groups Policy Management Console changes

Answer : BC

Scenario: A Citrix Administrator needs to request the required databases to support an upcoming XenApp/XenDesktop deployment.
The administrator plans to separate databases by function to align the deployment with
Citrix leading practices.
Which three databases are required in this scenario to support XenApp/XenDesktop?
(Choose three.)

  • A. Configuration Logging Database
  • B. StoreFront Database
  • C. Authentication Database
  • D. Monitoring Database
  • E. Site Database

Answer : A,D,E

Which role does StoreFront play in the connection flow process in a XenApp/XenDesktop internal environment?

  • A. StoreFront notifies the Virtual Delivery Agent (VDA) about the upcoming connections when the current status of the VD is validated.
  • B. StoreFront establishes the connection with the Virtual Delivery Agent (VDA) and then the VDA notifies the Delivery Controller about the established session.
  • C. Storefront receives the user’s request for an application and it sends the ICA file to Citrix Receiver on the end user’s device.
  • D. StoreFront notifies the Virtual Delivery Agent (VDA) that licensing is qualified.

Answer : C

Scenario: A Citrix Administrator wants to shadow a users application session on a XenApp server but is experiencing an error and CANNOT connect to the user session. However, the administrator can successfully shadow a VDI user session.
What caused this issue?

  • A. User account control (UAC) is blocking the remote assistance executable.
  • B. The remote control port on the machine with Citrix Director is NOT properly configured.
  • C. The Windows Remote Assistance feature is NOT enabled on the master image.
  • D. The user is NOT giving the administrator permission to shadow the session.

Answer : A

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Exam contains 77 questions

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